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Expanded Backpacking

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You've been in town for 2 years and realize that they reduced your pocket size out of the blue? F!@$ING GOVERNMENT AMIRITE?
With the 4th row of player inventory being gone I think It's time we talk about this. Introducing expanded backpacking!

Why are bags the only option of expanding your inventory, even more so when you have to drop it every time you want to use it? 

Here's how to tackle this if possible - get 3 different sizes of luggage and a map a key to this shiznugget.

Fanny pack - 1 row of of inventory, always accessible no need to drop it or zip/unzip it. $500 - cannot fit any big guns
Messenger bag - 2 rows of inventory, always accessible no need to drop it or zip/unzip it. $1000 - can fit an smg, micro smg.
Bag - 4 rows of inventory, you need a bind sort of like K unlocks a car/house that flips the bag to the side or to the front and is accessible. If you don't you're unable to run. $2000 - all rounder, can fit anything.

Thoughts? Critique? Anything to add?

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So if you invest money into that you can do whatever it is you use bags for more efficiently, sure 3 rows are usually enough, but once you dabble into drug synthesis, running weapons, you're the last survivor of a shootout and you need to clean up stuff like this would come in handy, plus RPly i don't like the idea of having only one option for inventory expansion on foot.

If you think your character has fun carrying 3 rows of inventory in their pockets you're not completely in it.

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