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Los Santos Customs

"If LSC Can't Fix It, It's Probably At Mors!"




Founded in 1987, Los Santos Customs was the first ever mechanic shop established into the city of Los Santos. Los Santos Customs introduced a level of professionalism which transpires into the work that is happening on a day to day basis in "Central Los Santos". Los Santos Customs strives to exceed expectations and maintain the highest standard of service while exuding a high level of comfort and familiarity to Employees and Customers alike.












Los Santos Customs has evolved through new changes starting with the Management Team and Training Procedures.
Los Santos Customs focuses on high quality service, with the best possible customer experience.
This means our mechanics take their time to ensure your motorvehicles are fully serviced and always safe to drive whenever you leave the shop.
In the upcoming months LSC will further establish ourselves as a second home to many who wish to partake in any future endeavors.


Los Santos Customs is a healthy and friendly environment where often people arrive to have their car serviced and stay a while to talk to our lovely employees. Never feel afraid to stop back a while and introduce yourself to the team over at LSC!




Los Santos Customs is a quality garage in Central Los Santos. We understand that in society today people depend a lot on their vehicles, and if they breakdown, you need a high quality team of Mechanics to tend to your vehicle for an affordable price. Servicing via Los Santos Customs will protect your manufacturer's warranty and keep it valid, ensuring that your service book is stamped. Have one of our experienced mechanics change your oil, filters and spark plugs on top of servicing the engine, we will also provide a full check over and provide suggestions for future replacements or modifications.


Our fully equipped workshop and trained members of the team are are able to tackle any type of repair including; Routine Servicing, Timing Belts, Brakes, Steering, Exhausts, Clutches, Welding, Suspension, engine re-builds and much more! We are experienced in diagnosing and resolving a wide range of electrical faults. The engine management system is a high tech piece of equipment that allows us to generally diagnose most issues.





The CEO of the company who speaks directly for Los Santos Customs. Maintains contact with the Government as well as settling contracts and negotiations. Organises the entire staff team and ensures a constant flow of well trained and supervised Mechanics.



The Owner's most trusted guide, in-charge of day-to-day operations. Put in place to aid the Owner whenever possible as well as having an immense impact in decision making. Co-Owners must consult the Owner before making decisions for the Company.

General Manager

General Managers are very experienced members of management who have progressed through the ranks to a point where they can oversee the day to day operations of the different branches. They are the final link between the management team and the owner and co-owner.


Managers are usually heads of divisions and are responsible for overseeing their specific divisions, ensuring they remain populated and run smoothly. They ensure their respective divisions remain up-to-date regarding procotols, procedures and operation standards.

Assistant Manager

Assistant Managers are the Manager's right hands. Usually appointed as assistant head of divisions, they assist in day-to-day operations of their respective divisions and help with the Managers wherever necessary.


Internal Consultant

Internal Consultants are members of management whose role is more advisory. These are often old operational management members who have retired from their management activities but wish to remain involved in LSC.
Some Internal Consultants are hired for very specific things, such as advice on certain mechanic divisions or administrative standards.



Supervisors are Low Command of Los Santos Customs and are put in place to maintain order within the Mechanic Shop as well as taking part in Management Meetings to help relay ideas and provide information of how our Mechanics progress. Supervisors are direct contact and should be consulted if issues arise.


Assistant Supervisor

Assistant Supervisors are responsible for overseeing all everyday operations of the three branches and trainees, answering any and all questions that their branches may have and bringing these to the chain of command should they not be able to answer it. 


Master Mechanic

Master Mechanics have proven to be a master at mechanic work and are highly experienced. They have shown constant loyalty and dedication towards LSC. This rank is saved for the best of the best mechanics who have consistently shown good attitude and pride in their work.

Expert Mechanic

Is someone who has rank authority over lower ranks, acts as a mentor and can be involved in paperwork, interviews and acceptance denials of applicants but still does the normal Mechanic Duty. You can only get this rank if you are certified as a trainer.


Senior Mechanic

Senior Mechanics are well received members of Los Santos Customs who aid with common issues found on the shop floor, they are an example to aspiring mechanics and do not require any additional training when it comes to Mechanic work, Roadside or In-house.


Advanced Mechanic

Advanced Mechanics are employees who have become fully a mechanic and knows how the work is to be done in the best way.



Mechanics who perform their tasks well and show great courage to the cause of Los Santos Customs. Mechanics are well aware of all policies and can advise others when necessary. Mechanics do not need any extra training for common duties.


Junior Mechanic

The first step into the company beyond the Training Programme. Junior Mechanics have passed the Training period of Los Santos Customs and can conduct day-to-day responsibilities  comfortably. Knows the basic ruling and procedures of Los Santos Customs.



The rank received after a successful application and interview. Trainees are to be trained on the Ledge and on Roadside before being able to progress. Trainees will need to prove their worth and dedication before their Trainee period is concluded. Trainees must show a good work ethic and ability to handle high intensity situations well.



"Thank-you for visiting us and EL ES SEE you later!"


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9 Teams

4 racers per team

1 Qualifying Session

4 Races

1 Winner






















2nd Place - Team Atomic

3rd Place - Sheriff's Department

4th Place - Police Department

5th Place - Medical Department

6th Place - Los Santos Customs/Department of Corrections

7th - Bayview Auto Repairs

8th - Burnout Nation









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Image result for Los Santos Customs Icon


Last Saturday, Conrad and I had an Event Team meeting regarding the planning for an LSC event taking place the next weekend. We came up with a SeaShark race between LSC employees and started organising the event, arranging rentals, planning the route, logistics, etc.


Two days later, we picked up the delivery of 2 SeaSharks from the Los Santos International Airport for us to take to the track and test out the waters, ensuring everything was set to go for the actual event.


We made our day our way towards LSC to do some checks  before we try it 


We loaded the SeaSharks onto the flatbeds and made our way towards the track so we could put the equipment to the test.
As these SeaSharks were rentals, we put extra care towards keeping them in pristine condition during transportation, which all Los Santos Customs mechanics are well trained for. 
Arriving at the Alamo Sea beach, we released the SeaSharks into the water and got down to business.


We start to drive the sea sharks around the tracks and we made sure that everything is ready for the up coming event 


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After the team clocked off from a busy day of work, we all headed for this weeks event at the Alamo sea . This weeks event  was a jets ski point to point race. After having the jet ski delivered and a few safety checks it was straight to the water for a practice run guided by the safety boat.



Once everyone had there practice we started the event off with a 4 jet ski race and safety boat following behind. It was a very intense race with Adam Scotts taking the first W of the day after some questionable driving.


Meanwhile those who were not racing sat around a nice camp fire listening to Bailey play some Guitar and relaxing with some good friends.


After a few more races it began to get dark so the team started to head in and chill on the beach having some fun, food and couple of drinks whilst watching the sunset set over the horizon .





The event was a huge success with the winner taking home the prize and the events winner badge. We look forward to the next company event and public ones in the works.

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LSC x DCC Rally Event Preparations


At the end of April LSC’s Hayden Snow came up with the idea for a type of treasure hunt rally with several checkpoints. The original idea had the participating teams complete challenges and riddles to reveal the location of the next checkpoint. Excited about the idea, Hayden elaborated further on it while she was hanging out with Conrad McMount and Jay Jacobson.
DCC and LSC had a rocky contract negotiation after having no contract in place for about half a year, so both felt that it was important to try to work on that relationship between the companies. As Conrad’s in charge of the events as LSC’s Head of Events and Jay on DCC’s side as Public Relations Director, the idea quickly came forth to turn this into a joint event between the two companies. By having each team consist of 1 employee of each company, they created ample opportunity for new friendships to be made during the event.


A couple days later Hayden had a rough idea of the checkpoint locations and the route of the event, so the three of them decided to go on a scouting trip, together with DCC’s PR team member and manager of the month Tom Solar.
Initially the idea was to have 7 different checkpoints where a variety of tasks would have to be completed. Throughout the scouting trip, the team managed to work out some details and got a clear picture of what the event would eventually look like.


Next step: figuring out which tasks the teams are doing at the several checkpoints. Together as well as separately, both DCC’s and LSC’s people further brainstormed about these tasks. 


Checkpoint 1 - The Quarry
Car Pushing Challenge

Tom’s idea for the challenge was to push a car from one point to the next. Setting up the challenge therefore required a long and relatively straight stretch of road on which the participants would have to push two cars, one DCC and one LSC vehicle in both directions.


Two reference points had to be set and marked to determine the zone in which the vehicles would need to be pushed from start to finish and back. The Davis Quartz Quarry had the perfect spot to do this at, as Hayden and Jay suggested. 



Checkpoint 2 - The Lighthouse
Jetski Loop Challenge

It was initially planned to have the participants loop around the lighthouse one by one, however, Conrad and Jay decided to change the challenge by extending the loop around the islands behind the lighthouse, and to have both team members loop around at the same time, but in opposite directions, ideally crossing each other at the furthest point.
The time was recorded from the moment they both left from the starting point, until both team members were off the jetski’s, standing on the docks with both legs.

Initial Loop
Final Loop

As Jay and Conrad were awaiting the delivery of the rental jetski’s to test out the track, they decided to enjoy the solitude and sound of the waves gently washing up against the rocks.


Checkpoint 3 - Mount Chiliad

Coming up with the riddle proved to be a rather difficult task, as it took 4 individuals about 30 minutes of brainstorming to come up with appropriate hints during the joint meeting. They wanted the clues to be very specific, without revealing too much about the answer. As Conrad walked around the meeting room, himself, Ophelia Panes, Jay and Bailey Snow came up with separate sentences, which were then forged together by Jay into one riddle.


To make the rally a bit more exciting, it was decided that this checkpoint would be right on top of Mount Chiliad near the viewpoint.



Checkpoint 4 - Stab City Triangle
Nesting Dolls

The Nesting Dolls challenge prep was a rather lengthy one, as quite a lot of bags had to be gathered and stacked into each other, with either a written note or a radio in the final bag. After two trips to the store, as Conrad not so surprisingly forgot to buy enough bags the first time, Jay and Conrad started stacking the bags into each other. Both Conrad and Jay had to restart preparing the notes, radio’s and bags for the event as they lost count too many times due to several distractions. As they decided to have 2 sets of 2 bags it became quite the struggle.
When they were finally done stuffing their bags after quite some time they were completely chilled out and zen.





Checkpoint 5 - Vespucci Beach Guardtower
Trivia Time

At the joint meeting it was decided to present the contestants with 2 DCC and 2 LSC themed questions. The questions would have to be specific enough so that they could only be answered by either the DCC or the LSC employee but common enough to be easily known by the employees. 




Afterparty - La Spada Nightclub

Setup of the afterparty was relatively straight forward. Jay organised a DJ to play music at the party and the two shoved a ton of liquor in the refrigerators. Music and Liquor are the basic ingredients for a good party. All that was missing was the people.




Finishing Touches

A couple days before the event, Jay worked on a sheet for the entire event with a scorecard, explanations about the checkpoints for the helpers and the answers and scoring sheet for all the checkpoints. She found out that a couple things still needed to be handled.

On the day the event would take place, Jay and Conrad did a final testrun with everything in place, timing each drive between the checkpoints to get an idea of how long the entire event would take, and how much time should be between each team taking off from the starting point.


It was also at that point that they realised the map that was supposed to be drawn up had not been drawn up yet.
As they didn’t want anything left to chance, Conrad sat at his computer and drew up a map with all the checkpoints, as it would be essential to the teams’ ability to find the checkpoints and complete the rally.

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Heavily Modded Vehicle Event

By Los Santos Customs.

8th July 2022


On the 8th of July 2022, LSC held a public event with a Maxed Elegy Retro Custom up for grabs and 50% off of Repairs and Labour while the event was taking place. We chose a Maxed Elegy Retro Custom due to it being one of the most Customisable vehicles in Los Santos and a perfect match for this event, I mean who wouldn't want to own this beautiful car?!



While the raffle was going on we had the insanely talented @Asbo DJ from a party bus in the parking lot of LSC, with customers' heavily modded vehicles around the outside of the parking lot lighting up all the people in the middle dancing and having a great time. Honestly, this was such an awesome sight to see I think everyone can agree. 





This event was well-timed with Conrad Mcmount being announced as the new owner of Los Santos Customs and Jeff Marley doing announced as the Co-Owner. We all at LSC agree we can't think of a more perfect fit for the positions and we will carry on supporting each other and making LSC on top. 



We're hoping to do more public events which will get even more exciting for everyone who takes part.

Thank you to everyone who turned up to the event and helped welcome our new owners and celebrate with us all!


Meghan Koharu ~ Supervisor 


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Los Santos Customs
Job Fair Event at Legion Square.


On Saturday 27th of August, Los Santos Customs held a Job Fair Event at Legion Square. We ended up having a crowd turn up and many people were looking for interviews and very interested in joining Los Santos Customs. We held on-site interviews and background checks which gave us new trainees and many other people looking to put in applications after the Job Fair was over. 



(The poster was done by Ace Pearson.)

We have had this idea pending for a while and thought now with the new changes finally settling down would be a great time to show off the new  Los Santos Customs and invite even more people to join us.  We have come up with many new ideas and events this just being one of them that were looking to host soon.







A little appreciation post;

A massive thank you to all our Human Resources employees who helped out with background checks and interviews, everyone did incredible work and Los Santos Customs is lucky to have you all, and I'm looking forward to the next event.


Meghan Koharu - Manager - Head of Public Relations

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On Sunday 25th of September, we at Los Santos Customs held a Private Parachusting Event at North Chumash. Meghan was lucky enough to meet a flight instructor that was willing to help us set up this private event and put this on for all employees. The idea for a parachuting event was by Dima Assistant Supervisor at Los Santos Customs then the PR/Event team went to work with setting this all up.


🪂Los Santos Customs lil family photo🪂


Just a few photos we all took from this event!





We were lucky enough that MD showed up as a few people did end up needing some medical support, but still, the event turned out to be a massive success that hopefully, we can do again with even more people!




A big thank you to the flight instructor that helped set this up and supporting Los Santos Customs.

Hope everyone enjoyed the event and on to the next one!


Meghan Koharu - Manager - Head of Public Relations

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It was a chilly January morning when LSC's Conrad McMount - Cool Beans coffee in hand - opened up his emails and found a mysterious message addressed to himself and DCC's Lilymay Bryd. The email was from Santiago Davis of Flight And Freight, Inc in regards to a scheduled delivery contracted by San Andreas Governor Lewis Langley.


A time and date was scheduled between LSC, DCC, and F&F and LSC's command team was filled in. Conrad, Riley, Tim, and Ryan hopped in their flatbeds and made their way to the Sandy Shores Airstrip to await the mysterious package.



Upon rendezvousing with DCC at the airfield, Conrad received a phone call from the pilot (distracted driving laws apparently don't apply to giant commercial aircraft) stating that they were entering the airspace and were preparing to land.


After the engines stopped turning and it was safe to approach, everyone made their way to the gigantic cargo plane giddy with excitement as to what could wait inside. They were greeted by the pilots, Santiago Davis and Tina. However, there was an issue. Governor Langley seemingly forgot to mention that he had promised them gifts and that they would not unload the plane without them! In a panic the members of LSC and DCC scrounged through their cars and pockets for anything worth trading. Many gifts were offered including a water bottle, a spoiled donut, a wrench, a phone charger, a bottle of local craft beer, and a random piece of clothing, but Santiago knew what he wanted and those weren't it. Santiago and Tina were promised a football shirt each, a pink hat and a chocolate bar. They were very adamant about getting those exact items so it was time for some last-minute shopping.



The items were acquired with haste and given to the pilots. Santiago and Tina seemed pleased with their newly acquired football shirts and stylish pink hat. They quickly got changed in them inside the cargo plane and safe to say they came out looking drippy.



The mission was seemingly a success as everyone was asked to leave the area for their own safety while the cargo was unloaded. After a short amount of time Conrad received another phone call and everyone returned to the plane. Upon arriving everyone saw a shiny new fleet of uniquely branded vehicles. Santiago gave very clear instructions regarding their usage and storage before handing out the keys.




After taking a few photos and saying their goodbyes, Santiago and Tina returned to the skies in their massive cargo plane. With the sun slowly setting over the horizon LSC and DCC waved them off as they disappeared into the distance. Everyone breathed a sigh of relief as a disaster was narrowly avoided and a stressful day of work was nearly at an end. 


DCC drove their cars back into the city while LSC loaded theirs onto the flatbeds they had brought. making sure to take care not to damage the lovely LSC livery. The new vehicles will be the perfect way to drum up excitement and intrigue at future events and recruitment drives, as well as showing that LSC on Top!


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10F Widebody Raffle & Car Show!


In November, the management team and Public Relations team for Los Santos Customs came up with an idea to raffle off a 10F Widebody to the public. This idea was thrown around for a while before the team decided to put a solid plan in place. The first step was to ask our friends over at Motorsports for a sponsor for this huge raffle and they were more than happy to help us, we've worked closely with Motorsports for a while now and they are a massive help to Los Santos Customs!


(Poster made by Meghan Koharu)

Once we got the go-ahead from Motorsports we finally got the ball rolling with setting up this month-long raffle ( 11/12/2022 - 07/01/2023) first we had to come up with a system that would work for our employees and we decided the best incentive to encourage ticket sales was a chance to win a vehicle. It was December so we thought one of the best vehicles to giveaway would be a Caracara 4x4, previously owned by Riley Kilgore, who's in high command at Los Santos Customs and Head of Human Resources. This MAXED Caracara would go to the person who sold the most tickets during the time of the raffle, and on that note, I'd like to announce who sold the most tickets... Margot Celeste sold 955 tickets! The second person who sold the most was Teairra Collins who sold 748! Third place was Lynn Foster who sold 332 tickets, you all are insane! We quickly saw the ticket sales go past our predictions thanks to our employees working hard on the ticket sales and also the work of the management team with advertising the raffle. 

Not only did we give away a Caracara but also a MAXED Schlagen GT again sponsored by Motorsports all our employees would need to do to enter this giveaway was sell at least one ticket during the period of the event. The reason we wanted more sort-after vehicle for the general giveaway for just selling at least one ticket was to promote more sales of tickets and to bring even more fun to this event/raffle! 



As you can see from our posters the main goal for this raffle and car show was to advertise Los Santos Customs and bring more people into our ranks and just have fun with a BIG raffle which we haven't done at LSC before. We managed to get a lot of new people into our ranks thanks to this raffle and a lot of them show big promise within LSC, personally, it's great to see so many people on the shop floor! 

Altogether we sold 4413 tickets in the month we did the raffle, we are all so shocked and happy with the outcome overall.




(Big thank you to Jay Jacobson for the photos and help with the raffle.)


The lucky winners of all the vehicles picked them up and the staff at Los Santos Customs helped with the customizations they would like.


We are lucky to have a good relationship with many people and companies throughout the city, and one of those people is the incredible @Asbo whos always down to help us at Los Santos Customs by providing us with a unique DJ experience. We can't thank everyone who was involved with setting up and supporting this raffle, here are some photographs taken by Kerr Campbell who's part of the management team.



Photo of the setup.













We decided the best way to announce the winner of the 10F Widebody Raffle was to roll out the massive greenscreen and stream it to everyone! Everyone was so excited to see who would win this awesome prize when the winner was being announced I'd never seen a big group of people be so quiet. 





I'd like to say a massive thank you to everyone who took part in this Raffle, this was the first time Los Santos Customs has done a raffle for such an expensive vehicle and none of this could have been possible without all the employees helping with advertising and selling tickets.

This includes again Motorsports James Eriksen who's helped with this Raffle by supporting Los Santos Customs! 

Another group of people I'd like to thank is the management team at Los Santos Customs for supporting the Public Relations team.

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It all started on Friday night when Conrad reached out to the team. He sent a company-wide email informing the employees of the event and his request to show the city that LSC still is the amazing mechanic shop it has always been.






The time and date of their meeting was set. The management team had pushed their meeting to be earlier in the day in preparation for the event. All roads were leading towards success. 6.30pm comes around, and the team arrives, showing the great work force that they are known for. They all get their Hi-Vis vests on and begin to head to fort Zancudo.





Once there, the team got lined up and talked to the event organizers to find out where they were needed. They were told they would be operating two of the lifts, with Bayview operating the other two. A mechanic was stationed at each corner of the four post lift, ready for their first pit stop.





Both lifts were being operated at peak efficiency with both teams not only wanting to be faster than the opposing teams but wanting to be faster than their colleagues for the bragging rights of being the fastest pit crew in Los Santos. This healthy competition followed through the whole event, which showcased just how amazing both mechanic shops are and why they are renowned for their mechanical ability. 





From myself and the rest of the LSC family, I would like to thank the admin team for putting on an amazing event and including ourselves in the RP. They gave us a spotlight in which we were able to showcase the amazing RP done by our team.

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