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Property, Business, Interior, and Pricing Suggestions

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Now, in my opinion, and I'm sure lots of others agree with me as well, the interiors of businesses, or lack of interior, is a little bit of an issue. Below are some new suggestions that I think would be awesome for interiors with price ranges. 


1 car garage - $50,000-$75,000:


2 car garage - $100,000-$175,000:


3 car garage - $200,000-$325,000:


4 car garage - $350,000-$600,000:


5 car garage - $625,000-$1,000,000: (I know their isn't already a five car garage home, would be nice though. Either that or choose between the interior of the five bed and four bed interior.)


Apartment Buildings:

I personally think that players should be able to buy condos or apartments and the U.I that comes with said apartment comes with a scripted renting feature rather than just adding keys. A script that will automatically take rent from the bank and/or give an option for the player to pay rent when they please. This could be one of those things that they choose at the very beginning of renting the house. All apartments should only have no-more than one car space. Interiors of the apartment(s) could be some of the following along with the provided pricing:



Pricing: $5,000/$12,500 per week (can be set by condo owner).

Vehicle Dealerships:

ALL VEHICLE DEALERSHIPS SHOULD HAVE A INTERIOR. Players would be able to go in and fill out a form (form could be coded in a way that is similar to the quiz) if they wish to order a vehicle that is not in stock. The form would contain very minor details such as character name, phone number, and requested vehicle. Another cool feature with this is to check if the player would have enough money in their bank account to cover the order and if they didn't, the order shouldn't/wouldn't go through. 

An interior could be: 


I think the above would work because there is sort-of an office and a computer where players could fill out the form. Maybe have just some of the vehicles that are in stock being visually shown on the showroom floor would be pretty sweet too. That brings me to my next suggestion:

Each house to have their own garage interior:

Each home owner should enjoy the luxury of being able to enter and leave their own garage as they please. Cars, motorcycles, or bicycles should be visually shown in these interiors as well. There are multiple garage interiors that could be used.

21-8.jpg.c45c1c0c079a4f205bd3f9526d3abb06.jpg - Could be used for one-two car garages.

GTAOnline_Apartment_Medium_Garage_1-496-1080.jpg.08f31d1ba999fa639af5f71d07793ef9.jpg - Could be used for three-five car garages. 

Financial Companies: 

Financial company interiors are already good as they are in my opinion.

Fuel Stations:

Not really sure what a fuel station interior would be used for other than for the owner to service the stations. Maybe just add general store interiors to all the fuel stations so that general stores could be functional at all fuel stations as in-real-life, almost always there is a convenient store associated with the fuel station.

Properties around the state: (Few suggestions listed below)

  • Allow ALL properties around San Andreas to be purchasable and player operated. This includes homes, fuel stations, dealerships, general stores, locations like Mors Mutual Insurance, stuff like that.
  • Create minimum and maximum sale prices of homes and businesses. We shouldn't be seeing a two-car-garage home for sale for $1+ million dollars.
  • I will be adding more as I think of them and as I read your feedback!
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