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  1. @zooke1 Stop trying getting away. You've started the shootout in first of all, others didn't shoot at the time you started. You got ran overed then they opened fire . Simple . Stop changing your deffence as you no logner have arguements. Let Chuck review this fully. btw this is my phone account , since I cannot log in into my main on my phone.
  2. Don't know if they are 3 garage. If they are i am paying 350k. Would buy 2 of those. If 2 garage paying 260k each. If you have the house there please contact me we will speak about it just ignore the beggining prices. #2848793 Please inform me if you have a house there.
  3. Photo will be coming today about 15:00 ((GMT +2)). I currently have 190k offer so make decisions. The house is small, no pool.
  4. Just a regular 2g house. Current offer is 190k . #2848793 [email protected]_#8685.com Comment with your offer, name and contacts
  5. Character to be refunded: Ben Kane (was Ben Wild) Date and time of incident: Don't remember but there is report which willl prove everything. Requested refund (what and how much) : Pump Shotgun 22ammo 2 Radios (1600$) Heavy Pistol .50 Cal pistol Description of incident resulting in loss: Basically they metagamed and and VDM'ed us Evidence of loss: https://plays.tv/video/5b7367116cdffe3c73/please-give-me-my-pump-combat-pistol-with-radio-back- https://plays.tv/video/5b736aaab5c4225f9f/nice Comments: Was looking over reports and saw that I can r
  6. I really don't know if the black markets share same info about drug prices, but people who had thousands of marijuana sold em and flipped the markets up. So it could be made that over time prices goes up. I don't know if this is in one of your ideas because my friend spoke about it to Osvaldon, but just remindning. Have a nice day ^^
  7. Well you cannot KOS even if you are in gang war buds.
  8. Player(s) being reported: Mask 5300_2995, Mask 2473_2577, Mask 5049_283, Mask 144_2492 Date of rule breach: 8/20/2018 Time of rule breach: 6:45 PM Your characters name: Ben_Wild Other players involved: Valentin_Marshall Specific rule broken: 5.3.1. Deathmatch is the act of killing or hurting another player or damaging their property intentionally without having a valid in-character reason to do that. Breaking this rule repeatedly will end in a permanent ban. How did the player break the rule?: I was going to chopshop to take my friend which chopped a car, and suddenly I see these guys, I do
  9. It has 1 mod | ENINGE : 2/5 | It is white | Stock is 52k | -----> 2848793 <----- NUMBER CONTACT
  10. Player(s) being reported: Mask 1611_2219 , Mask 7947_8303 Date of rule breach: 8/15/2018 Time of rule breach: 2:30 GMT+3 Your characters name: Ben_Wild Other players involved: Kyrylo_Marshall Specific rule broken: 5.1.2. You may tell a player to come online OOC, or ask what time OOC they are coming online, but you may not tell them things like your location or tell them you’re being robbed through OOC means as this is IC information. 5.3.4. Vehicle deathmatch is the act of killing or hurting another player or damaging their property intentionally by using a vehicle without having a valid in
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