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  1. I have no idea what 'scalp the car means', and as soon as the guns start firing, I got off the motorcycle and ran away, which can be proven by my POV upon staff request. I had no intentions of even responding to this report until you called me out specifically. As a response to your statements, I am not sure how you would have even been able to hear Molly calling for the police as your car was clearly ahead of us when the call was placed - I can barely hear Nathan over the sound of the motorcycle and I was sitting right behind him. The police officer that pulled up had not been called by me, because again, I didn't know what was going on to even make a call. When I saw Ace pull up, I didn't see a need to finish the 911 call... until you shot him as well. Which again, the phone was already dialed and next to Molly's face.
  2. Hello, Molly Devil here! I was not aware that Sanjay had gotten into a gunfight. Molly had just clocked in at Weazel, ran down to the parking lot, and saw Nathan getting on his motorcycle. I heard him talking about going to Sanjay, and I asked him if I could get a ride with him. I was under the assumption that Sanjay was on duty and Nathan was just going to go meet him - which is pretty typical. I didn’t want to pull out a vehicle if I could just jump in Sanjay’s since we usually drive together. Once we took a turn, a purple car passed us and Nathan and Sanjay started talking on the radio, asking for the police to be called. This was when I realized something was wrong. This was also when I pulled out my cell phone. I still didn’t know what was going on, so while I called for the police, I never said what the problem was because again, I didn’t know what was happening. I kept the cell phone out, and we came up to Sanjay’s car where Nathan parked. That’s when I also saw the purple car pulled over under a bridge. When Nathan parked, we started getting shot at. I tried getting away but Molly was injured. Because Molly still had her phone in her hand, laying on the ground with her hand next to her face - I believe it's extremely realistic that she would use whatever strength she had left to say a few words to try and help her coworkers and husband. I have POV of the situation that I can provide to staff - my mic picked up background noise so I would rather not upload a video with me talking and singing to myself for everyone to hear. However, the POV does show that I didn’t know what was happening and that I already had the phone out.
  3. Elri

    Disable Idle Camera

    +1 Nothing is more annoying when you are standing in place recording something when all of a sudden your camera decides to have a mind of its own!
  4. +1 and new options would be amazing!
  5. Elri

    Forum Name Change

    Hello! If it's not too much trouble, I would like to request a forum name change from Molly_Caldwell to Elri, or if that's not available, ElriBelri. Thank you!
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