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  1. so you guys were using OOC information against us you were watching my friend stream all the time and keep waiting for the exact time to raid our apartement to take our things nice, and i never meet them before this is the first time meeting them they know all our safes passwords and they know that we have tables and stuff so thats why they are sure that we had drug lab and thats why you rob sakaii because you knew that he had the keys of our apartement , because as I can see in your video ID 79 was sure that sakaii had the keys he whisper that to you. so how ID 79 know that sakaii had the keys and he never met with them ? and thats why you know that zach remove the tables before he call the cops :).
  2. I just got another evidence about me using the radio and looking for sakaii ic so there is no MG here. Zach POV of me using radio : https://streamable.com/wtv4e9
  3. Hi ID 180 (Othman_Alonso) here. sadly i don't have a footage since no one asked me to save it. first of all those guys was trying to raid our apartment and my friend zach id 64 was there so he decided to call the cops , and when they came i was outside the appartement with ID 166 josh i was asking him what happen here and stuff like that (you can see everything on logs). he said that they found a drug dealer he lied to me and i know that and then he ran away to the place where they was robbing sakaii ID 128 i saw everything i wasn't sure that the roof is the exact place so i decided to type on radio as you can see here : https://imgur.com/glh0QL0 and this is harley POV : https://imgur.com/J3S0IS9 so when he saw my calls he start screaming so they shoot him down , me and the cops heard gun shoot so we pulled out our guns and we chase them because we saw harley jumped from the roof. and after all that i got injured(i didn't died so i can remember what happen) and the medic took me to hospital when i was coming from the hospital id 166 saw me and he chased me with he's bike. he thought that i didn't saw him so i took the chance to pulled out my gun when he get off the bike and kept following me on he's foot so I lifted up my gun and call my friend zach on radio and as you can see on the evidence i asked him why are you chasing me and i asked my friend is this guy was with them and he said no just let him go so after that he pulled out the gun and gave me demands that I completly complied with despite he shoot me breaking DM rules and he shoot my friend without demands and thats another DM. why i held someone up in the entrance of the apartment block ? so he's a member of a gang that were trying to raid our apartment so when I saw him after the police left i pulled out my gun and I was about to call the cops again since we are not a member of any gang we're just few friends .. so I was gonna call the cops but zach convainced me that its not him and he was wrong anyways because my thoughts were right and they were really attempting to raid our apartment after the police left . and I insure you there was no metagaming the only way we were communication is radio.
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