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  1. i do have deathmatch rights since its just 5-10 minutes, you were at the shootout and i did put you under fearRP but you decided to ran me over instead of complying with demands. after the situation happens we killed your friends, you decided to follow my mate, you followed him for a reason, when I saw you taking out the gun I start shooting because you will not talk or just say hello to us.
  2. Hi again, as I stated before we had a situation going on before this chase when we killed all his friends , the only reason why I shot him right away instead of giving him demands one more time in this case ( knowing that I already gave demands before ) is because we had a situation before and he pulled out his gun with the intention of resuming the shootout. plus everything he take the gun out, he will not wave and say hi to my mate
  3. Hi, this is Othman Alonso (ID 72). I'm gonna ask the reporting party to provide the longer footage since he didn't send me a pm or inform me that I'm getting reported or save pov, if you did can you please show me a ss with unixtime that you inform me or my friends to save pov. -Attempt to inform the reported player(s) of the report through tagging or screenshots of telling them via PM they have been reported. -All video and screenshot evidence may not be edited or tampered with in any way. Posting tampered or manufactured evidence may result in a ban from the game.
  4. i dont have evidence of the full situation i have just the clip after VDM because as i said i cant keep shadowplay on for long time he causes me crashes, and the second clip i just cut the seen when i respawned at the hospital because its unnecessary and my network is bad as well can't upload large files. I already deleted everything when I upload it for the space I turned shadowplay on after the VDM because i saw you robbing milo and i was sure that you gonna loot me and finish me after, and i turned it off after. and what i mean by game crash is the frameskip or game freeze an
  5. Hi Othman_Alonso here, about my pov i didn't record that as I said here : https://imgur.com/ZAvRcE4 and why I drove off because I was talking with the guy on drag(ID 15) I didn't even saw you or hear your demands because my camera was on the guy on drag i asked him saying is this more blood, and when he talks on the radio (I'm not sure but I think he said on the radio give one of them demands) so I drove off because I need to get a good position in the fight. but i don't have pov to confirm what I said.
  6. Hi again @Timmaayy we were not just looking for them , we were doing our activities and my friends kept an eye looking for them its 2 hours between the situations we can't stop doing everything and just look arround for them all this time. and I didn't even discuss the situation with any of them whenever they talked about it after I died.
  7. Hi its Othman_Alonso, between the 2 situations there is 2 hours diffrence we didn't know that we'll find them there we were actually going to check labs untill we found them there. I didn't interact with any of them I left my friends deal with the situation to not break NLR rule as i kept waiting far away from the place they were fighting so I believe no rules was broken from my part as I did not go back to the place where I died before 30 min nor I interacted with them according to the same situation that caused me death before. as you can see here i was at the road waiting for my f
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