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  1. I used to strongly agree with what you're saying 1-2 months ago, until I realised that most of the time that I was getting arrested for my illegal firearm was because I was being careless and was always equipped with one, so it was always visible. I got arrested enough times until I eventually had to be more tactical and careful with when I decided to have a gun equipped, which I think is how crims should approach every situation anyway. Nowadays, I agree more with @alexalex303, especially now that the server's made it easier to hide weapons by putting it into the vehicle inventory. +1 on less
  2. lovely stories, as always. keep it up
  3. we'll miss u mark. knew you since the dojin days! hopefully you will get to come back onto the server somehow.
  4. best of luck, boys!
  5. Probably the best group I've had the chance to RP with. The impression made by Triads is massive, and I knew this quickly when I first joined the server. Even during my time fighting against them them in-game, the RP was still enjoyable - which I think is hard to find nowadays. I'll miss it
  6. christopher kellermann illegal?! nice recent forum posts and always enjoy the rp w this faction at the noodle house!
  7. good rp interactions so far! & they also prepare the best rigatoni
  8. have yet to rp with you guys, but i look forward to it. best of luck.
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