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  1. +1, “/do would he be able to?” them in normal voice chat: what do i do
  2. Looking for a nice house to host the MD team in weekly hangouts and parties. Looking for a large driveway that can hold plenty of vehicles and an operating gate. A large backyard would also be nice.
  3. That's because its fail rp if you try to get a painkiller after being shot from a shootout or if you would without a doubt have extending injuries. If you call for a medic via 911, then you'll get your mobile treatment you alluded to. If you want to make everything in the game robotic and AI driven, then I wouldn't have a job in the game - adding this mechanic would only prohibit all the medics in what we can do and who we can treat.
  4. -1 on the proposal of illegal medics as it seems quite unrealistic and drawn out. This just sounds like a way to get out of rp with a legitimate medic. As a medic myself, I find the chaos of a GSW scene very interesting - not only would this take out the rp and job purpose for me, it would also take out the opportunity for yourself to rp the injury. If you get shot up on a gang meeting gone wrong and you only have to drive him to an illegal medic who will do it without any rp, I feel like that destroys rp sense. Please note that im against the hospital drop offs solely because a lot of people do bring their buddies there to drop off and further skip the rp however I do see it as a way for people to get treatment if me and my fellow medics are swamped with calls or no medics are online. HOWEVER, I do see the upside to incorporating a drop off at Pillbox and Sandy MD so the drive is not as risky or strenuous if youre not directly in the city.
  5. We've all seen the bank being a gathering of the masses where everyone just sits and hangs out. What should be built or brought up is a nice large coffee shop where people can hangout inside and outside. This place can sell drinks and snacks while also offering a nice place for people to go on dates, meetings, and for people to just casually hangout with each other. Personally I feel like this would be a nice alternative to the bank where parking is always cluttered and is faced on a huge busy roadway - having a large shop with actual parking could offer organization and offer a safe place for people to gather.
  6. Hey Ludovic, not sure if youre still searching for a job with LSEMS; however, ICU from what I hear is always looking for people. Let me know if I can help.
  7. BUMP, this idea sounds amazing. Especially for newer players or for a group of friends who want to buy a house. Definitely would be used a lot and can be a huge resource for everyone. +1
  8. Not to mention that fear rp is often the only reinforcement for a lot of robberies because the victim is optionless. Admins please consider.
  9. HUGE + 1, I always bring up the idea that if you are a gang banger, you will die for your brothers in arms, you will put your life in danger to fight back even if the odd is your life is put into danger. Reality is that not everyone is fearful for death, especially when you have the mindset of a brotherhood or a group. Look into real life, a crip and a blood will fight to the death even if it mean death, their goal is traction on an on going war. If we want to keep eclipse as one of the most realistic servers, I feel it is 100 percent necessary to restrict the fear rp drastically. Someone has already commented saying it’s nearly powergaming which I agree, restricting the other parties options to only being a coward under a rule where it then will put them at a stage of paying for all their stuff because they had no other option to fight back.
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