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  1. hey , i know a guy called alex
  2. Great posts I've been seeing from you guys!
  3. Do you not see the false equivalence? Genuinely unsure as to whether you were trying to engage in honest discussion rather posting a "gotcha" reply - there's a huge difference in resources between a man that literally made 25-30 billion from drug sales or your average felony evader - are you unable to see this? You know, RP is super interesting, and in fact gangs do this, it's a very ripe tactic to avoid PD by planning Drags to evade - and continuously, PD "accidentally" ram you or the drag, or both.
  4. Hello, it is I, Mufasa Kong. As our lovely Blue Lantern Hina has previously stated and clarified on all the necessary context, I'll just answer the necessary questions. Why did you ignore the reporting party once they said that their passenger got desynced out of the car? As stated in the rulebook (which I hope you've read) only administrators are allowed to pause RP, or unless a person has code 0'd - you should of taken initiative and /report 4'd if you thought a wrongdoing has occurred instead of sobbing in /b. Why did you decide to conduct a robbery on a public road?
  5. Are we members of any of the gangs I mentioned in that post? Please read my reply before quoting it. Whilst we were not at the shootout, we were aware of Irish being killed at Ocean by LFM/Aztecas, and were acting on behalf of them. I'm not trying to start beef however it almost seems like you're reaching at this point. The concept of NLR doesn't spread wholly across the entire faction, just the people who were killed during the event. Yes, the parties that died in that scene WOULD be subject to NLR, these people were not apart of that scene (and if they were, it wasn't on our side)
  6. Mostly everything has been correctly detailed by my fellow gangsters however I have one thing to add. I thought it was appropriate and realistic to conduct a robbery at their HQ, as previously (around 10-30 minutes before) there was a fight between Irish and LFM/Aztecas, and afterwards we were unable to find any other Azteca (Apart from Apol driving his Kamacho around the map) - due to this, we could say with almost certainty that we could conduct this without repercussion, thus being a realistic action, as there was no large force to counter us doing such an action that would be considered un
  7. Hello, After a long meeting and discussion between our Factions command (Triads and Aztecas) we have came to an agreement that we would like to resolve this and future reports between our Factions. This is to assist each other understand mistakes, along with ensuring that further "forum wars" are prevented. After talking with the people involved with this I'd like to withdraw my player report, given that staff are willing to accept this resolution. I'd also like to apologise for bringing this report to an unrequired scale and involving those where it could have been avoided.
  8. Player(s) being reported: ID 221, ID 161, ID 158, ID 15, ID 198, ID 90, ID 172, ID 143, ID 81, ID 334, ID 167, ID 61, ID 143, ID 74, ID 253, ID 38 (Trying not to make this a mass faction report like we've been seeing recently, there's definitely more ID's included but I was unable to name them from the clips) Date of interaction reported: 03/10/2020 Unix time stamp from HUD: 1601753891 Your characters name: Mufasa Kong Other player(s) involved: Lewis Miller Specific rule(s) broken: 9. Non-Roleplay (NRP) Actions that are unrealistic or promote poor qualit
  9. A brilliant suggestion a +1 from me
  10. I've got someone in mind, he's really friendly and also looking for friends @Bagr39 Give him a message man! (Also has a goofy side to him )
  11. Hi, my name is Mufasa Kong! Like Lewis Miller and others have said, a radio call was made and I joined onto the pursuit. It was unbeknownst to me that we had such a large presence of force. I do not believe it is realistic, however like I said I was unaware of our presence and in the future will make a conscious effort to make sure my actions are realistic.
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