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  1. bump offering 1m+ can buy asap
  2. Bump ready to buy asap Offering 1m +
  3. Send me a text with your price.
  4. If the offer is reasonable I'll take it off your hands.
  5. Looking to buy a Hakuchou Drag as soon as possible, will be willing to take it off your hands instantly for a good price, you won't have to wait or fuck around. Contact me at 5521183
  6. Take 150k you're retarded to think it's going to sell.
  7. TRANSFER REQUEST Character to Transfer From: Jacob Smith Character to Transfer To: Mufasa Samuels Requested Transfer: Asset # Dubsta 6x6 (Credit Car) Asset # Sultan RS (Credit Car) Asset # Comet (Credit Car) Reason for Transfer: Jacob Smith is leaving the town due to unforeseen circumstances, he does not plan on returning. He is giving his valuables to Mufasa to keep, as it would be to expensive to take with him. Mufasa is a mechanic and plans on working with them as his hobby. ((I do not see myself using Jacob Smith ever again.)) How would you transfer the asset(s) if approved? Via an admin, as they are credit vehicles.
  8. hey mate, bought the property just now
  9. thanks for the car mate, love it already
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