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  1. here is leaked footage of enzo volkov crossing the river in his village
  2. lol thats fkn epic holy shit im look forward to this so much lol . good luck guys ! /aha alo lxX
  3. If we're being genuine, inflation comes from bugs in the server that creates short-lived opportunities to make a lot of money (for example the F620), when people leave the server, and when people RWT. This won't have an affect at all
  4. This post has strong pro-capitalist bourgeoisie undertones throughout your suggestion, people are victims of their circumstances and not all have the availability or opportunity as you once did, Shen.
  5. Solomun

    Screwface Capital

  6. free da mandem a thousand times, shoutout my bro and rip bis you know how it is
  7. Big brother complains about the play-to-win mentality and yet manipulate gas usage on certain cars, further limiting the meta of cars being allowed to in criminal RP, nice stuff guys.
  8. Hopefully this version of Clowns will be consistent with their lore and not switch sides
  9. the face of the opposing factions when they see the creation of TRCC, they are a force to be reckoned with!
  10. This point of contention regarding to Faction Management hasn't been surrounding it's function, what it has been in fact, has been the extent to which they can enforce power & the disconnect between Faction Management members and their own experience, or lack thereof in criminal roleplay. I appreciate the clarity to the purpose your group serves - however it'd probably be better use of your time to respond to individual or collective concerns regarding FM. As you've said, before we make complaints or suggestions we should gain insight into how FM functions, perhaps you could contribute a r
  11. Sure, there's certainly utility to having conversations about rules - but people preaching about script updates as the end all saviour to the current state lack the brain capacity to engage in productive conversation. In regards to Management, I think this is probably the best suggestion, however "Gang Management" being comprised of those staff members with criminal experience, I don't think there is any people that can fill that position There seems to be a huge disconnect between Management/Staff & Criminals. Removing FM from the position of big brother seems like a likely argum
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