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  1. Also, 'looting' other players in general using that terminology just screams NonRP.
  2. Character to Transfer From: Evelyn Stryker Character to Transfer To: Danica Mercer Requested Transfer: 1 x Seven70 vehicle Reason for Transfer: Evelyn had heard that her sister had come back to the city after being absent for a few months. She then found out that Danica had nearly died from contracting Malaria while she was out of the country. Never being able to find out where her sister is aside from knowing she's 'in the city', she relies on the people that know her for information. Finding out that Danica got married and was welcomed into a new family, Evelyn felt proud that her younger sister is finally making something of herself and has left her bad ways behind her. Feeling incredibly guilty that she wasn't there to help her when she was sick and also feeling sad she couldn't see her sister get married, Evelyn wanted to give something to Dani to make up for it. She knows Dani likes cars and has made the offer to her 'middle-man' (Danica's husband) to gift a vehicle to her. (( I'm not playing Evelyn these days and would like to make the most of Danica )) How would you transfer the asset(s) if approved? Via a very trusted third party
  3. +1 Mostly because I've seen people's infractions from 6-12 months ago used against them in punishments. I feel that using that information against someone who made a mistake, maybe the same one was 9 months ago isn't fair. Therefore, having a record voided after a period of time based on the amount of gameplay to me, is a good idea.
  4. So only even letters center? I got unlucky with my choices
  5. Is this why some custom plates are off center? Both of mine are moved to the left with a space on the end whereas a lot of people's (long and short plates) are perfectly centered. It super bugs me
  6. Or don't leave your car at the bank without paying the parking fee? The bank may seem like ECRP HQ which is why they tow vehicles that are there for a long time to stop players congregating and congesting the area with vrhicles. Don't want it towed, park it in the parking lot. Poor RP is thinking you should get a car out of impound for free after parking it illegally (not paying parking) outside of a busy public building.
  7. But then you'd die and spawn back at Pillbox anyway, also not realistic. There is Death RP but it is granted as a reward for exceptional RP during the entire scenario. Just 'dying' means you get out of a prison sentence hence why Death RP is a reward.
  8. When you can earn 50k a day mining/hunting, $125 for water and $325 for food isn't that bad. If you work for a legal faction you earn upwards of 5k an hour. I get some stores are overpriced but they're convenient if you don't want to travel.
  9. -1 Shooting will never be realistic while we have crosshairs. Adding in 1 shot mechanics would just invite unfair desync with people being unrealistically accurate.
  10. -1 Heavy pistols are scriptly hidden but with the handicap of not being as powerful as the .50 The .50 is basically a Desert Eagle which is impossible to conceal even IRL due to its size but is more powerful. One does not simply hide a DE in a jacket or under a shirt. It's already been stated by admins that if you can see it, you can see it. I don't take mine with me when I go to the bank or PD when I'm on my crim because they all know I don't have a license. If I get robbed, they're going to find the gun whether I RP concealing it or not. You can't RP dropping it somewhere without actually dropping it either so if it's on you it's on you. Just gotta play it smart. There's no need to carry a weapon or valuables on you 24/7.
  11. +1 Should be able to buy painkillers like Methadone from MD, although I don't think it should add an addiction. Or at least be able to buy bandages or something of the like from stores to be used to heal instead of going to annoy medics every time we clap ourselves falling off of our bikes. As a retired medic, having people call me down like a taxi while I'm code3 to a call just to ask for a painkiller was very annoying. It doesn't give the best RP experience, especially with we TRY to RP looking at injuries as people usually just want /me gives painkiller /do do they take? /do yes /heal ID and be on their way.
  12. I want to say +1 for convenience but I also want to say - 1 for rEAlisM, mostly due to being a tattoo artist myself lol Lasering off an entire sleeve isn't even possible and most of the time, Lasering only removes enough to have a decent coverup. Which is why changing tattoos makes more sense to me. So ill be an ass and say - 1. People want realism when it suits them, tattoos are for life.
  13. -1 Official is a privilege earned, not bought.
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