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  1. This is my final response. I was only requesting the footage so that the mods can see the entire scenario in effect.
  2. If you have the entire thing recorded, please provide the whole footage from before entering DOC to when you stopped PMing me. Thank you.
  3. Hey. I'll go through the points above in order. I do not have any recording or evidence my end but most of the information in regards to my case can be seen in his screenshots/video. When it comes to putting him inside the cellblock, if you were to look through our chat logs, he had previously said that he would be unable to stop anything I did anyway due to the fact he was unconscious. In fact, there is no official RP to start a prison sentence. I had gone through the act of searching and changing him so all that was needed was to /prison him. If the video carried on a further five seconds, and even another twenty seconds, you would see me PMing him at least three times saying "Come back to the medbay to continue medic RP" to which he didn't answer. I saw no reason that I could not start his sentence as 1. The RP had been completed in regards to his processing and 2. he was unconscious and there was no reason we could not continue the RP after he was sentenced, letting him serve his sentence. Just because he's in medbay does not mean his sentence cannot start, there have been many times where I have used /prison inside the medbay and then got the person to come back for RP purposes. As far as my corruption status goes, nothing I did was corrupt. If he was mentioning my medical skills, I informed him twice before it even started both in /b and in /do that I was not medically trained (this can be seen in the screenshots above). I also said I was not comfortable with removing an item from his anus but he kept commenting he would report me if I did not do the RP so I felt pressured into doing it. After I had removed the item from his anus he suddenly RPly freaked out and hit his head on the wall behind him, apparently creating a large hole in the back of his head, worsening his injuries. At this point I RPly removed my phone to google how to fix his injuries as even OOCly I have no clue how I'd deal with it. It was an oversight of mine, I should have called MD at this point but as the man had not provided any good RP I was reluctant to do so at this point, he had been spamming OOC about me being corrupt from the start. Both an SD and PD officer can atest to him being trouble from the start and I did not want to get other people involved as it seemed his sole intent was to report someone or get deathrp to skip his jail time. At one point during the medical RP, I left the medbay to deal with two inmates fighting, as I was the only officer on duty for the majority of this. When I did exit, I heard him ragdoll into a wall in an attempt to possibly injure himself properly. The "ghost medics" are a thing that I have seen MD and DOC do before. When my throat was slit, no one at MD was able to perform the surgery to save me so they used the "gohst medics" to deal with it. I thought it was a very clever idea as although they were not able to RP the surgery, they let me continue the RP aftermath. Since then, myself and a few other DOC employees have done this at the DOC during both busy times and times when they were unsure how to deal with a situation medically, such as stomach injuries. After the situation was over and he said he'd report me for the twentieth time, I began to do other things around the prison and he kept harassing me over /pm so I relogged so my ID would change and he would stop messaging me. To be quite frank, the whole RP should have been voided to begin with. The reporter said he had an item hidden up his anus and when I asked OOCly, he was unable to provide screenshots and said that "he had done it half a week ago". After /report 1ing, I found out that RP would only last 2 days or less if he had died in that time. He was already threatening me at this point so I felt obliged to do the RP. I realise this is now a mistake and I should have denied it due to insufficient evidence. EDIT: I realised I did some have screenshots. This one shows me telling him I'll OOCly bring him back to the medbay to continue the RP and he isn't interested in doing it, as well as he's OOCly insulting me with "gtfo". This one shows me engaged with the roleplay just before he jumped back his hit his head after seeing my gloves with poop and blood on them.
  4. Date and time (provide timezone): 12/13/19. Happening all the time. Character name: Herbert Butler Issue/bug you are reporting: When the new system was added to the DOC vehicles that let them have lights on but no sirens. I found out that if a vehicle is doing this and you make distance between yourself and the vehicle, you can start to hear the sirens. Expected behavior: When you get far enough away you will be able to hear the sirens. Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate: Pretty simple to replicate, get a DOC vehicle and move away from it and you will hear the sirens. Vehicle license plate number: Any DOC vehicle.
  5. Anyone with access, DOC employees included, can add charges but RPly they shouldn't be able to. All government faction employees are able to do this but only PD and SD employees should.
  6. Selling a 1g apartment on Route 58 near CandyPayne for 200k. There are locked doors and a safe inside. Able to buy at the door. Contact me at: #3544515 or Chunder#[email protected]
  7. I'm interested in the house. Are you firm on the 3.25 million or is there anyway we could bring it down to 3 million?
  8. The stacking charges is an IC issue and I'd recommend just IA reporting if you feel that's unfair. When it comes to DM in the prison, we advise just reporting people as there's not much the guards can do if they repeatedly do it. We can solitary them but ten minutes later they'll just be back at it again. When it comes to inmate interaction, we're attempting to implement a few things to promote the RP there but we still need to do other jobs around the prison, such as patrols or processing and if we have the manpower to be able to send officers inside the cellblock to interact then we do. If the inmates are DMing each other then we usually don't try to interact as it's ruining our experience as much as it is the inmates. What sort of things would people suggest that would help prison RP that we would not need admins to add (like we're already trying to get a way to lower a sentence for good RP.)
  9. I'm interested, are you firm at 30k or is there room to negotiate?
  10. I'm interested, are you sold on 15k a month or can we negotiate?
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