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  1. DM should be changed and it will be the reason I decide to leave the server. Whether people believe it or not gangs and people abuse the Fear Rp rule and DM rule greatly for their advantage. Especially in gangs it provides the bubble hey i got my sick car which you can't touch cya. It provides bad RP and is super boring and causes ooc conflict for rule breaks.
  2. It would be interesting if the server introduce soft skills in which the more you do these actions it slowly and progressively get's a little bit faster for you to do them. For drug dealers if you were to make drugs for long periods of time maybe you gain skills which make you just a tad faster to complete these processes. Same goes for hunting or any other job, skill, or action that takes a bit of time to do.
  3. - Just a friend of Neo's (cough cough like to point out) Difference from that report and this one is that video contains two individuals who gave each other demands in which you didn't in this circumstance. You ran him over before giving demands and also proceeded to then rob him on top of your VDM. They both chased someone down who stole another persons vehicle "in retaliation of his action" where is his previous action in this case? Nothing, just you running him over without said demands or retaliation. Good luck with both of you on this issue. Sorry if I wasn't supposed to comment here, simply pointing out the big difference between the two as he's comparing two completely different scenarios as his evidence to it being okay he vdm'd.
  4. Dreamz

    ID 108 (Deathmatch)

    I'm saying from my perspective I don't see it to be reasonably DM. You put your hands up by your own means and shot as we took our guns out. Rules like this should be tweaked to explain more in depth on how things such as this should not occur. From now on I want the admins input on the situation and won't reply to petty comments. (Also who are you in this report anyway? let the reporter talk not you.) (Wasn't "my video" also learn some english man, I can barely understand you like Cmon Bruh.)
  5. Dreamz

    ID 108 (Deathmatch)

    Like I said realistically no one would reasonably let some dude go after his obvious gang connection started firing. We took our guns out as he had his hands up by his own means they then started shooting I do not think because one person says his hands are up should it make it DM to shoot at you as you all clearly once again planned for an ambush... Rules like this should be tweaked to gangs who say "yo my hands are up" yet you well damn know on the other end you will be firing at us and initiating. I could see how these rules could apply but not to gang activity such as this. You knew what you were in for and reasonably could care less what happened to you when you got multiple cars who pulled up with guns to your head but on the other end you letting your gang do your dirty work. (Once again to add what demands did we make? You openly put them up and we radiod confused what you were doing so we took weapons out.)
  6. Dreamz

    ID 108 (Deathmatch)

    Hello, ID 101 here currently I'm quite confused on the situation and it really looks valid to me... If they set up an ambush we have this guy openly putting his hands up on the ground and then you have his friends start firing but because he has his hands up and we take our guns out (and he can put them down and grab his gun in less than 5 seconds) somehow makes this dm. Just because he put his hands up for an ambush doesn't make him so invulnerable and be like "yeah don't shoot me my friends will do it first". I feel this is a pretty justified move as I shoot so he cannot attempt to kill me as his friends already start to do so. I simply disabled the ability for him to then shoot me in the back as I return fire. As soon as something like this comes up they should all be prone to being shot as its clear they're all a threat at that point. This seem's like a extremely weird rule as NO ONE and I mean NO ONE will be like oh your allies are shooting? okay well your good man don't worry about it. Like to anyone this is kinda obvious he then becomes a threat as this was all a set up ambush and openly put his hands up. He had intent to hurt me regardless of his hands being up and that's exactly what his friends did and he didn't do because I took him out. 1. Also I find it really funny that you put yourself in the middle of what you know will be a gunfight. If you so weren't going to shoot then why would you even put yourself between two gangs that will end up firing at a each other. Seems like really bad RP or Fear RP to sit in the middle of gun fire and expect not to be shot in a situation like this... 2. How do you know F1Fuzion is streaming? Considering you didn't show your POV you seem fishy as is I'm sure this was considerably planned from when Nile was streaming as you completely baited us to the drug lab and you had yourself on your knees before we said anything... 3. You put your hands up yourself saying "wanna rob me man? Go for it." as soon as we take our guns out in our hands you all start firing "in compliance with demands" what demands we never made... Even in the clip your just sitting their I have my gun out radioing my friends. We didn't rob you, you simply gave yourself up with the thought our intentions were to rob you. (So wait does this flip the interaction? i didn't give demands and neither did you... But you shot right? Does a gun out count as demands? Maybe a threat but no one said lets fucking rob this dude or kill him. )
  7. Yeah I'd say I definitely agree with most of you. Since their isnt any real Prison Rp due to lack of activities at the least remove the AFK timer, or even add some new activities. I think personally I'd still like a 3h or less cap but still most of these opinions accurately would improve what it currently is.
  8. +1 Totally agree... Just because some are terrible at RP especially Criminal RP it shouldn't limit these types of options. Everyone likes to relate their reports and in game suggestions to real life yet when it comes to this its all "No this improves criminal RP". Nothing on this server will be relatable to real life for some many reasons but we can all get close to it so it still kinda feels like Real Life RP. I feel other options should be made to improve RP rather than saying "oh this can't be a option like real life because people do criminal things". As soon as this server added gangs it made it a Cops and Robbers server whether they agree or not.
  9. I feel a ton of people have wide opinions on this topic but I find maybe if theirs a lot to support maybe it could be tweaked or changed. I find that some and even me in some cases get 3+ hour prison sentences based on all the crimes they do. Sure this is all reasonable but I just find it crazy that 10 minutes of RP can be a 3+ hour wait time in jail. Some may say don't be stupid don't do this don't do that but what fun is Jail RP if you wait inside for hours with a couple activity's to do. I feel the time you can be put in jail is just kinda outrageous, BUT I'd like to hear everyone's thoughts and point of views. I'd find that maybe a hour and a half max would be so much better and get people back into so RP rather than sit in a jail. I love the concept of what the server has now but I just don't see me personally being able to play on a server that requires 3+ hours of 10 minutes of crime RP. I do realize I'm one person and got no clue what you all think so that's kinda why I just wanna hear some thoughts. The issues I can possibly see though is people going on with well this would make Crime RP way faster and more common. I really don't see how this would make it more common as its already extremely common and a 1 hour sentence is way more reasonable than 3 in my own opinion. Love to hear all thoughts and do still enjoy the server regardless! Possible changes: 1. New prison sentences 2. Better activity's in prison (Although its GTA 5 RP and I got zero idea on how this can be improved)
  10. UPDATE: I will be deleting this forum so I can update a new one give it way better photos and reserve for a good story rather than the sloppiness that it is now.
  11. +1 This rule should of been placed a long time ago as its always abused and also PD fail all the time to follow this rule. They shoot at me countless amount of times when my engine is on, but regardless the rule is kinda lame and this new one should be added.
  12. The Rooks and The Outcast coming together for a meeting.
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