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  1. I played pretty much all day yesterday. There were cops parked on the side of the road EVERYWHERE in Los Santos as well as SD near the farms. There were cop cars literally just going up and down streets because they had nothing to do. When I got pulled over, while waiting for my documents to be processed 2 other cop cars showed up and were just chilling there in addition to the cops that pulled me over. It's ridiculous. But this topic is not about changig that but increasing the rewards for criminals. When cooking drugs solo you can maybe make 20-30k an hour tops. Sounds great right? No. If you think the farmers have it bad, think again. While cooking solo you will get robbed at least every 10 minutes if you are VERY lucky. I have been robbed over 10 times in an hour. And you can bet that while the first robber mightve been cool and just took your drugs, others will take the drugs,gps,map, the battery from your phone AND your 20k$ bike just for the lols. And if you go there with a group you have to split that money X ways so you still get less money than a farmer with a WAY higher risk.
  2. +1 Farmers make more money than criminals.
  3. +1 I would make it last like 1-2 ingame hours(15-30 minutes)
  4. Issue Being Reported: As of today I can't join the server anymore. Everything worked fine 8 hours ago. Date and Time of Issue (provide timezone): 12. July 2019 1:30 AM UTC+2 Your characters name: Leonardo Beretti Other player(s) involved: / Evidence and/or notes worth mentioning: It says my ping to Eclipse is 120, then almost immediately switches to 999 in the RageMP Launcher. When I try to connect its says: "RAGE MP: Can't join server. Trying again..." RageMP Launcher: Ingame:
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