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  1. If you bleed out up north you dead , adding this would really help. +1
  2. Name: Hakim iskendria Phone: 3885687 Location: JamesTown Garage: 1 Starting bid: 220k Buy out price: 280k Email: 3aser-g#[email protected]
  3. With the war going on, my brother and I took off to the place where we can see the sunset just like the old times but with the recent promotion to Caporegime it only meant that now I have more responsibilities toward the family and this may be the last time I can hang out with my brother with no thought on my mind. So as there is a war brewing on, we had to think of new strategies to recruit more people to the family to withstand the tolls of the war. So one of my responsibility as a Caporegime is to recruit more people to the family, which I did and to do so I interviewed the new fish separately, asked them a few questions. We gathered all the new recruits, it was our time to answer the questions that concerned them about the family and the future goals of the family. One of the questions would always be related to the use of the radio and frequency , so one of my duties is to show the new recruits what we do with the radios and they showed a good representations to the techniques. After some time we all head inside the winery to taste some of the good wine made by the Marcello family and had a small meeting that allows the new members to introduce themselves to each other’s. After some good talk about the family we decided it’s time for dinner, so we all sat while Grey Quinn the best cook in the Marcello’s prepared the best lasagna using our famous red sauce recipe, give the new fellas a taste of what it is being a Marcello. Every new recruit must at least know who his leader is which means it was time for the new recruits to introduce themselves to Luca Marcello so they know who they are working with. So it was time to arrange meeting for the people who stuck around to finally meet Luca Marcello. As we are currently at war we will be in need for more ammunition which only means that we have to import more guns and ammunitions not only for the Marcello’s but also for the alliances so that we can be able to withstand this war. You always have to be checking and counting the import you receive to make sure that the order came correct , so my responsibility was to count each and every crate. We didn't have a problem getting the imports as we were scouting for locations regularly but once we are done with a location it only meant we have to move on and get into the next location.
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