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  1. I also like to show that me and the reported party tried to resolve the problem but couldn't come to a conclusion. He also attempted to bribe 100k from me to close this report.
  2. I don't have any video but in your video you can hear me around 20 second asking brian to come pick me up which is ID 127. If it was the Shift + 2 it could of been me panicking to put my hands up because I could of mistakenly press the wrong button when not looking at my keyboard. If you don't believe me it's fine. We can just wait for admins to give their verdict.
  3. ID 127 here. I told ID 80 to come pick me up on radio. I told him location and where about where it was at. Secondly, the radiofreq change I didn't mean to change the freq. I was trying to Crtl + 1 to put my hands up but I mistakenly hit shift + 1 which is a bind freq that changes the freq when you press shift + 1. It was an honest mistake. I should had inform you in a /b but I was just continuing on the rp at hand.
  4. Me and Id 218 (Vince Scufious) know each other Ic'ly and Ooc'ly and that's how interact with each other by arguing with each other. When he was walking away I tried to catch up to him and say something back when he walked away but when I tried to get close to him, I hit him by mistake and apologize right away from the spot that it was my bad.
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