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  1. Even the ammunation guns feels like inflation now.. Went quickly from about 3k to 6k minimum? wtf
  2. Character to be refunded: Oliver_Andersen Date and time of incident: About 14:50 GMT+2 Timestamp = 116|1564492632 Requested refund (what and how much): x13 .50 Pistols x1. Pump shotgun(x20) And x10 Bobby pins Description of incident resulting in loss: So I was putting a bag from my inventory into a stash, then the bag ON me suddenly vanished, and lost the bag containing all of its items. I had a bag in inventory, and a bag carried on me. The other one vanished here. Evidence of loss: https://streamable.com/jwikr Comments: No matter what I tried, relogging, having people frisk me. Spamming drop bag etc. It was completely gone. I hope you can help, thanks!
  3. Which is why it doesnt necessarily have to be THE bank of LOS Santos. There are many others around
  4. A month is def. too steep. It says here application time can take up to 72hrs btw
  5. Dont really get what youre saying
  6. What about blocking PMs? Not sure if thats even a feature yet.
  7. All those cars in one spot will cause severe performance issues I believe
  8. Well it seems possible on fiveM in plethora of ways. Hope it is possible here as well. And it shouldn't just have to be LSB.
  9. Isn't this kind of line with this thread?
  10. Yeah overall it would be cool to have each types of criminal factions to be more distinct in terms of what they can provide and how they do it.
  11. Nice, what car are you driving? (:
  12. You could also make a minimum payment to enter so people won't spam it as much perhaps either?
  13. Or gamble for money this way with wager matches? :) But if implemented it should maybe have unique personalised cooldown to prevent spamming it. Or a global one for the entire arena perhaps?
  14. Account name: killerder Character name(s): Oliver_Andersen Admin who issued punishment: Chrisy Date of punishment: 16-07-2019 Punishment received: Permanent ban Reason given for punishment: Deathmatch #2 Your explanation of what happened: So I made a report yesterday about some lazy and potentially powergaming situation of a roleplay betweeen me and a mechanic. It started with him stealing/taking the car away And then I RPly try and get the hook/wires away from my car attached to the tow truck. However he was not willing to roleplay it properly, and shut me out of any RP of getting the car back. So he basically didn't leave many options left to roleplay. The LSC also agreed to give him a warning for it with his lazy "/do no" RP. However Chrisy, the admin clearly thought that's acceptable roleplay from his side. And then immediately permanently ban me thereafter for DM. Why should your appeal be accepted?: last time I got a DM report was over a year ago, so I think this is pretty steep and seems out of control. And this was not even a report against me. I made the report. If I was really into DM'ing i wouldn't even have bother roleplaying getting the car book with how I did it earier. And just immediately go hostile on the person with robbery etc. And just like when you rob a person, if they fail or RP or don't comply you are allowed to shoot instead. It looks to me like this was about an equal situation with him not really wanting to roleplay properly, so. And the shooting was not really to directly get a kill. But more to scare him and cooperate/letting go off the car. I've also heard from admins and players alike that I should have been able to get the hook/wire off the car here, but the mechanic himself didn't bother responding properly at all what so ever. Hence again how it all happened. But regardless if I was heavily wrong with the situation at hand, I would like to improve as a player. And I hope you'll let me able do so. HoweverI'm not able to do so now anymore. Nobody's perfect. Whether it'd be me, the mechanic or anyone else. And next time when I see or experience "lazy rp" I'll make sure to keep my cool about it, and not overreact in anyway possible. That's a promise. And I'm striving to join another faction again, where I was close to join one again a few days ago. Post any evidence or further details:
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