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  1. This is why i am appealing, yes you are right it is a note for the future, But i know i wasn't editing anything to benefit myself and i find this warning nonsense for a action i haven't done after i even told you my recordings are capped at 1:30 duration on instant replay? Do you have proof of me deleting the videos from what i know the videos were up the whole time? like i said look at the dates of the uploads they are before the report so i don't know what you are talking about? I was talking in-game (mic muted on discord) and yet get warned for MGing there is no evidence what so ever in the video that is a result of ME MGing. Raiding chop was discussed in-game as well so i know i didn't do anything that would make me MG. and i would like to see evidence of the other warnings?
  2. i didn't try to delete anything, check the dates of the videos that have been uploaded? they are before the report?.. i dont understand why i would get a jail time for this, and there is no evidence of me metagaming over discord you stated we were talking about player id's but it was not me who was i just dont understand why i would get a punishment over others actions in this video its just not fair?
  3. Account name: ogbrock Character name(s): Tony Capone Admin who issued punishment: Zemaitc Date of punishment: 23/Mar/2019 Punishment received: Warning/Jail Reason given for punishment: Tempering/Editing Evidence in a forum report Metagaming #1 NLR | NonRP #1 Asking to be mercy killed | NonRP #2 FR: MG#1 | NonRP#2 (Combined prison time) Your explanation of what happened: We raided chopshop told a guy to step out of the vehicle and put his hands up and he just Fleed the scene without fearing RP and then circling around VDMing us. Killed me twice and killed multiple others. We had i believe 6 people report about this situation in game. Why should your appeal be accepted?: I have gotten multiple warnings + jailtime.. Metagaming = i wasn't the one metagaming i made sure i was not saying anything that would make me metagame and got a warning + a jailtime for someone else's action? Tempering/Editing Evidence in a forum report = i clearly stated my duration is set to 1:30 minutes i was not cutting anything to make the evidence benefit myself. I can even show a admin all my recordings are 1:30 minutes long Asking to be mercy killed, NonRP #2 = I don't completely remember but i believe i have reported to a admin stating him what had happened and asked for permission to go back to the scene to get my vehicle and leave Due to it being a nonrp situation NLR | NonRP #1 = i dont think i said End me i dont completely know if i did can a admin check? i believe i didn't.. someone probably did shoot me because he knew it was a nonrp thing the other guy had done but i dont think i said end me I just want a admin to review this please! Thank you for taking your time to read this :)! Post any evidence or further details:
  4. I was thinking there should be a option to lower/raise the radio volume so you don't have to close the radio to hear people around you.. also maybe add like radio sound effects to make it seem realistic like the voices are actually coming from the radio?
  5. 200k is tooo much for this... my offer is still there.
  6. Buying a house my budget is 100k!
  7. Brock

    ID 26 ( VDM )

    What, it's still up? You can watch it again but We didn't meta game. Everything that was suppose to happen in-game we made sure we did/said in-game.
  8. Brock

    ID 26 ( VDM )

    We squash beef IC and OOC, Sorry for the inconvenience.. Can you dismiss the report thank you 🙂 .
  9. Brock

    ID 26 ( VDM )

    Bro what are you saying, i had to read this to try to understand what you are saying like 5 times o_o and still dont understand you at the beginning you can obviously tell the 2nd guy did not have a gun aiming at you, at 0:50 you VDM me for no reason and kill me. 2:03 you circle back and fourth trying to VDM us all. 3:10 you VDM me after i got into a accident and kill me the 2nd time. and it's not just me that got killed by your VDM a couple of others did get killed from you as well.
  10. Brock

    ID 26 ( VDM )

    We didn't meta game. Everything that was suppose to happen in-game we made sure we did/said in-game.
  11. Brock

    ID 26 ( VDM )

    Yes, I had instant replay on duration set to 1:30 minutes But here is everything put together ...
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