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  1. 850K first come first serve. NEED IT SOLD ASAP Close to many things, nice area,
  2. Current bid: 900K Closing soon!
  3. Selling a very nice 3G House in Vinewood Starting Price - $650,000 Buyout Price - $920,000 Close to Tequilala Close to Bank In a very nice area of vinewood hills Close to a ATM Short drive to the General Store Comment below your offers, with contact numbers or contact my email Reece#[email protected]
  4. House has been sold to a upfront offer of 235K, Sorry
  5. You pulled out completely?, or want it for 250 instead for 285?
  6. SOLD <<<<<< This house is more like a starter house, nothing special. Although a few bits of furniture have been added. Starting Price - 210K Buyout Price - 310K Very close to High end Very close to clothing store Next to the beach Close to General Store & ATM Reply HERE or contact #3255433 IN GAME
  7. Name: Toni Bugati Bid: 245K via Game
  8. SOLD**** Selling 1G House Near Grove Street. Near General Store Close to Impound Close to Low End Starting Price - 240,000K Buyout Price - 300,000K Contact Reece#9232 or #3255433
  9. This is Andrew from Weazel. Im selling right now
  10. Higgest bidder right now is @Rodey this will end at 8PM UK tonight... highest bidder gets the house! Good luck!
  11. I will only accept offers i am happy with as this is my personal car and i need to buy a new one. Elegy Retro Custom - Starting Price 300K Brakes - 4/4 Engine - 4/4 Suspension 5/5 Transmission 4/4 Turbo - 2/2
  12. So as of now, You can break out of DOC... but it is very hard to do so through RP and you have to wait for admin permission. By the time, its been approved you normally end up back in jail because the DOC officers have caught you. I think it would be a great idea to develop the prison, so that convicts can break out. For example, having a black market dealer in prison, where you can either find or purchase lock picks and bobby pins. This could be done by having a store in the prison, but you can get contacts in prison to allow you to get hold of the contraband. The store could be very expensive, so for example a bobby pin ends up being like $7000. Because you can do a lot with them. This item would allow you to Unlock cells and doors. Then, when you get out of the prison you end up in the courtyard. (With non of the placed walls that are there now) then there should be 3-4 little flaws in the security which allows prisoners to escape but at a high risk. Not only, would this give prisoner things to do while in jail but it also would benefit DOC officers because their job becomes more important, this would mean the courtyard, cells and doors in between would all need guarding. Meaning that a DOC officer would have a lot more pressure than currently. IF a prisoner manages to get beyond the fences, a script should be implemented to allow the prisoner to be free, but on the run. So what i mean, is when a player gets so far from the prison grounds, they get a prompt at the top of the page which says something along the lines of [SUCCESS] You have escaped from Jail, and are now WANTED. This script would now allow the player to run free, and not teleport them back to jail. Jail time should be set to 0 and a warrant should be issued to the escaping player. Finally, for all of this to work correctly, the teleport markers in jail should place a player inside of the grounds, instead of outside of reception. Unless, a player manages to escape via the prison reception but this way should be made more difficult as you would exit the prison on the outside of the fence. I think this would be a great addition to Eclipse Roleplay. It gives a huge opportunity for jobs in Los Santos as more DOC officers would need to be acquired to secure the prisoners and it would also make the DOC officers job more fit for purpose. If you agree with me, and would like to see this please +1 This Thread.
  13. The Santos cartel had originated from our founders, who have immigrated into America. The main man is Andrew Nelson. He runs the show. Beside him, his partner in crime. Oily Kale. Back in the year of 2000, the two met outside of Los Santos, in Vice City. They became good friends which lead them to their illegal ways. In 2006, both moved to Los Santos, with the ambition of creating a gang. Many people flooded in and it became very popular for two young men with a wild dream. Since 2006, the gang has grown… and they look to be the best in the business, these traits from the founders had been heavily influenced by their fathers. Who very much had themselves associated with mobs. Both Andrew and Oily have followed in the footsteps and will not back down for anyone. Right now, the cartel are currently building themselves a strong base in Los Santos. And we are currently very much associated with drug gathering and selling. We sell both to the public and to off shore international businesses. The cartel are also very highly associated with Cars. And we currently run “Car Chopping Operations” which means that we send our men out into the city, and we mass chop vehicles, we do this through various chop shops around San Andreas. As of now, the cartel owners are looking into expanding their illegal activities to Weapon importing and smuggling. This means that we will soon be strongly associated with the selling of illegal weapons and firearms. Anything from pistols to the public, to shotguns for the supers! We will hope to have them in stock and ready to sell. This would create a huge income for the cartel and the owners are looking deeply into getting this process in motion. We are a wealthy and high-class gang. We want our members to look discreet but rich. We do not want to draw unnecessary attention to our high risks operations that we perform on a weekly basis, We ask that members of our cartel wear formal suits, our higher ranking members wear trench coats and we promote the look of danger in a normal citizens eye. We ask members of Assassin ranking to wear all black suits, Fighters and associates to wear Navy formal suits. We use a few ranges of vehicles in our gang. Our founders and members of higher ranking can use any vehicle they desire. Our founder, Andrew. Drives a Purple Elegy Retro. We have recently ensured all our members vehicles are uniformed with either a slight bit of purple, or the majority of the vehicle to be purple. We take massive pride in what we have created and want people to notice us when we are on the streets of Los Santos. Cartel Boss Deputy Boss Assassin Fighter Associate We always look for more people to join our cartel. We are a family here, and we want to expand massively. If you want to join, you meet us in person, when we are available. If you gain our trust you can be expecting to join the cartel rather quickly. XP Requirements You MUST have the minimum of 2500XP to be eligible to join our cartel. Acknowledgement of rules Members must abide by all server rules and must have no or maximum or 4 Admin logs to their name. (Subject to review depending on the dating of incidents) OOC Respect You must respect everyone on the server, admins, staff and your fellow gang members. Hatred has no place in our gang and will be dealt with very seriously. - Establish a Illegal firearm business within our cartel. - Recruit new comers to the city into our cartel. - Claim Vespucci as our area of the city. - Purchase Gang Property.
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