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  1. AUCTION CONCLUDED WINNER - @awazki - 275K Bid Please Contact me on email Reece#[email protected] for confirmation! CONGRATS!
  2. It doesn't actually show which one you've clicked if i remember correctly, i believe once you click on the text with the answer that just selects that answer for you. Dont quote me on that, but i'm sure thats the case
  3. 45 mins remaining. Final bids now.
  4. Try hitting F2 to prompt the cursor to appear on your interface.
  5. This is sadly just a error that can not be fixed. If you are having persistent crashes like this (Like once a day) you should attempt reinstalling as you may have a corrupt file in your directory. However, if its once a week or every 5-7 days, sadly its just a fault with the framework that cant be fixed by us 😞
  6. Under 24 hours remaining.
  7. @alexalex303 How much can you store in these warehouses?
  8. Looking for a house in mirror park, preferably near the lake. No budget.
  9. Are you aware of the binds for these said features? I'll put them below in case you are not. Open Inventory - I Map - Esc Phone - F2 to bring up cursor, then click the top of the phone in the bottom right.
  10. +1 could give the server a chance to introduce a coastguard faction.
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