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  1. Hello! Please make sure you follow this template for Refund requests and read through the requirements for a refund request here!
  2. +1 It is too small, awkward and the amount of times in 12 hours i've accidentally pulled my gun out and a cop just stops and stares at me is too frequent. I don't know why it clashing with the weapon wheel wasn't thought about before implementation.
  3. +1 unnecessary step and slows down/stalls RP more than the previous system.
  4. +1 i think at this moment in time JailRP is next to none. DOC process you and thats all you see of them, there is already little interaction you can do with other players as they are AFK and they tab into the game every 5 minutes to move a little.
  5. I had a very efficient and friendly experience with the company when purchasing a property in Los Santos, the exchange in money for assets was a very quick turnover and the staff were very talkative and relaxing, a very good experience from my part, and would recommend anyone to use this service!
  6. Hello! I have messaged you privately to sort out the sale of this property! Many Thanks, Reece.
  7. Hello & Welcome To Eclipse RP! Your application will be reviewed as quick as possible, there is no real timeframe as it varies massively depending on the amount of outstanding apps.
  8. Addition Of Poker Timer This is going to be a very simple thread, when playing poker, there should be a 30 second timer for each person when sat at the table during a round. Many times, people will AFK, or tab out of the game, this causes everyone to be sat there, waiting on this one player. A 30 Second timer will stop people from AFKing at the table, and should Raise (Minimum Amount) automatically to punish the player who is stalling the game of poker. I think it will benefit the community and the server hugely, as it keeps the RP efficient and calms the tempers of players in OOC chat. If you want this, LIKE the post, and i would love to hear everyone's opinions on the matter.
  9. Do you need a graphic designer @kenichis? Here is a example of my work.
  10. +1, although i think it should only be functional when no weazel are on duty. Similar to how the citybee rents work with taxis.
  11. Can second this! Many more addresses, are the same, i have had at certain houses many guns, melee weapons and things that seem to have IC sense, deliver to the wrong house.
  12. Hello! Make sure if you are paying directly through your bank, you are not required to complete verification from your bank handlers, as that will fail the payment. Mine did this, and i had to accept the payment on my banking app and then it worked fine.
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