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  1. eclipse quiz answers

    read the rules then you know the answers to the quiz
  2. Player report Billy Wright FEARRP

  3. Mark Brookes and Stranger 2521_8360 (VDM)

    I am the one in the 9F Cabrio, i i saw that charlie haymitch was shooting at jessica brawler so i decided to hit him with my car to knock him out so that he inst able to shoot at my freand anymore.
  4. Gun Damage

  5. Player(s) being reported: Billy Wright Date of rule breach:03,04,18 Time of rule breach:22:55 Your characters name: John Obama Other players involved: Mike White, Mike Jensen, Mark Brooks, Valerio Vinziati and scott Specific rule broken: 6,7 FEAR RP https://gyazo.com/f9a677cf7cfe06f945447e06591b2c37 6,7 paragraf 2,1 https://gyazo.com/84d0cfc972d81894e37e32c21b0150fd How did the player break the rule?: Billy Wright jumped on an random bike in the hope that the keys wil be plugged in and drove off, while there was 4 armed guys behind him and pointing guns at him. This was no random robbery. we had been chasing him for 2 days for many diffrent reasons. We got an call from a freand that Billy was at mors, so me, Mike White, Mike Jensen and Mark Brooks drove from lsc to mors to rob and kill him. When we pulled up we started screaming WILLY HANDS UP, but Billy dindt se us and one or to of us dindt se him, so we asked him to relog so that we could resum this rp properly. Evidence of rule breach:
  6. Character to be refunded: Jonn Obama Date and time of incident: 2 aprill Requested refund (what and how much): SMG 13000$ and 100 bullets 7000$ Description of incident resulting in loss: i bought a smg and 100 bullets from a guy in game, after i equipped the gun and the bullets i scrolled my mous weel and then the gun was gone Evidence of loss: https://gyazo.com/463f97bd14bfb80910e0ab546f9f38f7 https://gyazo.com/cc421850655902455f3568c4f8c3231a https://gyazo.com/97f9dca8dca833094ec8ae4efa7f3ee9 Comments:
  7. Shotgun refund JonnObama

    Character to be refunded: Jonn Obama Date and time of incident: 1 april. Requested refund (what and how much): shotgun 9000$ 13 bullets 1300$ Description of incident resulting in loss: after the change to rage my shotgun disapeard from my inventory. Evidence of loss: https://gyazo.com/a148f48aad6f8cf616056f355cc14bf6 https://gyazo.com/10df730d8f1bec8318365e3e15263f5a Comments: i am 100% sure that my hous was locked. i alsow lost 100 smg bullets but i dont have any screeenshot of that :(
  8. Free Insurance

    wasted 11k today on mors 1+
  9. Bail Bonds/Set Bails

    1+ 1+ 1+
  10. Problem about PD with chases

    1+ 1+ 1+
  11. I was the one that sendt a pm to Lewis Smith with the MSG "Lewis i think you are a pice of shit, can you pleas dont act like one for this time. for real" https://prnt.sc/imbcf7 This is my opinion about Lewis Smith, i still think he is a pice of shit in the way he is OOC and IC, this is my opinion and that wil not change until he change. And i have the right to think what i want about him. And for you Lewis Smith just think about the fact that 99% of the server dont like or hate you, maybe you should take a brake from GTRP and think about why so many peopel dont like/hate you. I really hope you wil change some day. You dont get "bullyed" without a reason, pleas try to think about why you are getting "bullyed".
  12. Mask 4884_7308 and Mask 2521_8360 (Metagaming)

    there is no radio msg in the chat when you use the radio to speak
  13. Mask 4884_7308 and Mask 2521_8360 (Metagaming)

    Hey i am John Obama the guy that vent in the car. i told my friend to get him to unlock the car for me over the radio hvile i was selling my corpses. when i was driving back i drived right to the car and opened it. i sadly dont have any video proff of that :(
  14. Bureacracy kills this server