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    Shotguns in Ammunations

  2. Jon jackson


    this is not about if we are gonna let supercars and bulletproof vests be a part of the server, but the discord. And while you answer everything else than «Why you are treating everyone by different rules» you don’t give good answers if I was to respons in the same way. So please respons to only this question that have been asked multiple times: Why do you treat people with different rules? [email protected]
  3. Jon jackson


    I dont see how this discord can be used for metagaming if there is no voice or text chat? The only thing this discord will be used for is to se how much the guns and drugs cost and what number to call to place a order. The staff team on ECLIPESERP should give the community more trust and dont treat us as players that just want to to breake the server rules. NoewUH
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    Interactive Phone

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    Gun Damage

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    Free Insurance

    wasted 11k today on mors 1+
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    Bail Bonds/Set Bails

    1+ 1+ 1+
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    Problem about PD with chases

    1+ 1+ 1+
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    Bureacracy kills this server