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    Shotguns in Ammunations

  2. Jon jackson


    this is not about if we are gonna let supercars and bulletproof vests be a part of the server, but the discord. And while you answer everything else than «Why you are treating everyone by different rules» you don’t give good answers if I was to respons in the same way. So please respons to only this question that have been asked multiple times: Why do you treat people with different rules? [email protected]
  3. Jon jackson


    I dont see how this discord can be used for metagaming if there is no voice or text chat? The only thing this discord will be used for is to se how much the guns and drugs cost and what number to call to place a order. The staff team on ECLIPESERP should give the community more trust and dont treat us as players that just want to to breake the server rules. NoewUH
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    Interactive Phone

  6. Jon jackson

    John Obama Metagaming

    i know it is easy to think that, but i swear on my life that i dindt watch that video before today, i dindt even know it existed. I dont have any proof of me driving around an looking for the house with the name Leron Davis on the door, so the only thing i can do is hope you believe me.
  7. Jon jackson

    John Obama Metagaming

    1.It was Deshawn who robbed you of your drugs not Leron so why would you look for lerons house? To be real i dindt know Leron and Deshawn are to different people, i thought Deshawn was just a nick name for Leron haha. 2.Why did you choose mirror park only? wasn't mirror park only, i drove all over the city. i started with grove street and the area around and then i drove up to mirror park because i new Lewis Smith used to have a house there, so i thought maybe more people from the Gut Pushers live there. 3. At what date did you inform everyone of the meta gaming and over what medium? i dont remember the time, but it was the second you guys talked to tavi near the fuel station
  8. Jon jackson

    John Obama Metagaming

    I dindt know that the name tags on the houses are occ infomasjon, so after Leron Davis robbed me for over 150k worth of drugs and guns i was sure that he needed to stash it some place. So i drove around 20-40 mins from hous to hous until i found it at Mirror Park. i dindt know that this video where you have a room tour from that hous existed. And after you told me that the names on the houses are OOC informasjon i informed everyone in discord about that i got the location from the hous by looking at the names on the door and that this is OOC informasjon. So yes i Metagame but it was not on purpose, i thougt the names on the houses are like in Real life where you can go up to houses and find a little tag right next to the door bell with the names of who lives in that hous.
  9. Jon jackson

    Player report Billy Wright FEARRP

  10. Jon jackson

    Mark Brookes and Stranger 2521_8360 (VDM)

    I am the one in the 9F Cabrio, i i saw that charlie haymitch was shooting at jessica brawler so i decided to hit him with my car to knock him out so that he inst able to shoot at my freand anymore.
  11. Jon jackson

    Gun Damage

  12. Jon jackson

    Player report Billy Wright FEARRP

    Player(s) being reported: Billy Wright Date of rule breach:03,04,18 Time of rule breach:22:55 Your characters name: John Obama Other players involved: Mike White, Mike Jensen, Mark Brooks, Valerio Vinziati and scott Specific rule broken: 6,7 FEAR RP https://gyazo.com/f9a677cf7cfe06f945447e06591b2c37 6,7 paragraf 2,1 https://gyazo.com/84d0cfc972d81894e37e32c21b0150fd How did the player break the rule?: Billy Wright jumped on an random bike in the hope that the keys wil be plugged in and drove off, while there was 4 armed guys behind him and pointing guns at him. This was no random robbery. we had been chasing him for 2 days for many diffrent reasons. We got an call from a freand that Billy was at mors, so me, Mike White, Mike Jensen and Mark Brooks drove from lsc to mors to rob and kill him. When we pulled up we started screaming WILLY HANDS UP, but Billy dindt se us and one or to of us dindt se him, so we asked him to relog so that we could resum this rp properly. Evidence of rule breach:
  13. Jon jackson

    Free Insurance

    wasted 11k today on mors 1+
  14. Jon jackson

    Bail Bonds/Set Bails

    1+ 1+ 1+