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  1. WORLD FAMOUS INDIAN MAFIA CARS FOR SALE (Cognoscenti 55 and Warrener)

    WARRENER SOLD FOR $45,000 TO ERIKSEN We are also selling an Ocelot F620 with a fully upgraded engine and a little bit of other upgrades. what about 25k
  2. The Indian Mafia is selling 2 beautiful, historic, semi upgraded vehicles. The Cognoscenti 55 is a luxury 4 door sedan, this car has taken Lil Rajj to countless live performances and has seated many important people and business negotiations in the back seat. The regular price for this is about $38k but you can give us any offer. This historic Warrener is where it all started! Everyone in Los Santos has probably seen or heard of this car, it is the very first car of the Indian Mafia and was Lil Rajj's very first car when he moved to America. It has outran the police in hundreds of chases, including the legendary LS river escape after the assassination of Mike Rich. This car is pretty much priceless and if you have to ask how much it is you probably cannot afford it, please place your offers.
  3. Account name: Carrick#7076 Character name(s): Vishal Sikyhar Admin who issued punishment: ? Date of punishment: 6+ months ago Reason given for punishment: ? Your explanation of what happened: my cousin Rajj was banned for some reason, and i joked about sending some of my homies in the indian mafia to take care of the admins if they did not unban my cousin rajj. Why should your appeal be accepted?: it was just a joke in poor taste and i was permenately banned immediately after. after over half a year of being banned i have learned my lesson and will never joke about such things ever again on the discord Post any evidence or further details:
  4. [Suggestion] Official Gang Turf System + Hideouts

    very good homie, the indian mafia claims el burro heights
  5. Indian Mafia (Recruiting Open Homie!)

    WE NOW HAVE OFFICIAL DISCORD https://discord.gg/jJMJ72x