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  1. TheGamingN8tive

    [Appeal] Jacob Baker

    Account name: GamingN8tive Character name: Jacob Baker Reason of Punishment: Teleporting (Cheating) Administrator: Eriksen Why should this appeal be accepted? On 11-03-2017 at about 20:10 I was banned by Eriksen. I'm not going to lie or beat around the bush. Yes I teleported yes I knew it was wrong. Theres no reason or excuse that I can give that makes what I did okay. The Eclipse RP community really meant a lot to me and it still does and I have really come to miss everyone. I mean after all I do have hours and hours on the server I think over 37 days played in total. I know 99.9% of these reports always get denied but I'm hoping that maybe I could get one more chance. Yes I know what I did was wrong but I can promise nothing like this will never happen again. I ask that you guys please keep an open mind towards this report. If I do not get unbanned I just want to thank the community for everything you guys have done. You all have done alot more then what you think. Even though some people may have had problems with me and people may have done me wrong I forgive and will miss you all. Thank you again GamingN8tive
  2. TheGamingN8tive

    [APPEAL] Andy, McCarty

  3. TheGamingN8tive

    Vera Winchester Report

    Your player name: Jacob Baker Player you are reporting: Vera Winchester Rule broken: FearRP FailRP Meta and power gaming avoiding rp and trying to pause an RP without admin approval and bug exploiting Explanation of events/why you are reporting: Video explains it all. Time and date: Late at night 10/25/2017 Evidence:
  4. TheGamingN8tive

    Alex Crail RDM report

    Alissa Sweets and Luis Langly
  5. TheGamingN8tive

    Alex Crail RDM report

    To me seems like a case of RDM. In real life if theres a huge group of people and a fight breaks out your not just gonna take that time to just randomly shoot someone.
  6. TheGamingN8tive

    Alex Crail RDM report

  7. TheGamingN8tive

    Alex Crail RDM report

    Your player name: Jacob Baker Player you are reporting: Alex Rule broken: RDM Explanation of events/why you are reporting: I was talking about someone to who trespassing at LSC and then I just get randomly RDM. Time and date: Not sure time but date was 10/21/2017 Evidence:
  8. TheGamingN8tive

    Carter_Navaja 2 times VDM

    Your player name: Jacob Baker Player you are reporting: Carter_Navaja Rule broken: VDM Explanation of events/why you are reporting: The first clip was when we got info that Carter had an AK on him as you can see in the video I said nothing at all thats clear as day in the video. Then when I go up to Carter he says that I sent these people after him which in the video you can see I said nothing to no one about going after him. Now Chuck accidentally ran into me. That I know he didnt mean however you can see in the clip Carter just turn his wheels towards me and try to run me over. He gets stopped by Chucks car. Due to the impact Chucks car gets pushed back and Carter runs me over. In the second clip you can just see Carter straight drive right into my fellow mechanics. Time and date: 8PM-1AM EST 10-21-2017 Evidence:
  9. TheGamingN8tive

    James Hughes

    Whats wrong @OsamaBigLag
  10. TheGamingN8tive

    James Hughes

    You win haha.
  11. TheGamingN8tive

    James Hughes

    /do Would not succeed as the 'HISS' from the lighter would alert me you are behind me. Nice try Sir.
  12. TheGamingN8tive

    James Hughes

    Hello people of Los Santos. My names James Hughes. Little backstory about my self. Currently I am 34 years old and just moved here from Northern Michigan. I had 12 years in the Military as a Sergeant, went in as soon as I turned 18. After 12 years I decided to retire as the Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (Or also called PTSD) and Depression was really starting to get to me. After retirement home was never the same the things I saw as I went through my time in the military you never believe it if you never saw it. I was able to get proper help and advice and I feel alot better. In getting better I decided I needed to move somewhere new, so I picked Los Santos. I plan to continue to do what I love and that is to serve my country so in the future I plan to apply for the Los Santos Police Department. Anyways enough about me time to continue doing what I love. See you guys on the road.
  13. TheGamingN8tive

    Another newbie

    @kewlkiera Hey welcome to the server!! I was the guy who pulled you over trucking with the stolen cop car haha.
  14. TheGamingN8tive

    24/7 emergency room

  15. TheGamingN8tive


    Actually sad to see you go. You were always an amazing person and it was awesome to hang out with you IG and on Discord. Im really gonna miss you being around. I hope that someone you decide that you wanna come back and when you do we will ALL be here with open arms and be more then happy to take you back in. IRL you seem like an amazing person and seems like you have a good future ahead of you. Take care of yourself and good luck where ever you end up. If you ever need anything feel free to message me. Wow im actually IRL tearing up haha....Take care Sarah and stay safe.