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  1. James Hughes

    Whats wrong @OsamaBigLag
  2. James Hughes

    You win haha.
  3. James Hughes

    /do Would not succeed as the 'HISS' from the lighter would alert me you are behind me. Nice try Sir.
  4. James Hughes

    Hello people of Los Santos. My names James Hughes. Little backstory about my self. Currently I am 34 years old and just moved here from Northern Michigan. I had 12 years in the Military as a Sergeant, went in as soon as I turned 18. After 12 years I decided to retire as the Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (Or also called PTSD) and Depression was really starting to get to me. After retirement home was never the same the things I saw as I went through my time in the military you never believe it if you never saw it. I was able to get proper help and advice and I feel alot better. In getting better I decided I needed to move somewhere new, so I picked Los Santos. I plan to continue to do what I love and that is to serve my country so in the future I plan to apply for the Los Santos Police Department. Anyways enough about me time to continue doing what I love. See you guys on the road.
  5. Now if you get into a car as a passenger and there's somebody in the driver seat you are not able to turn off the radio however if you are in a taxi as a passenger you can control the radio from any seat while there's a driver you should let anybody in a car be able to turn off the radio.
  6. Another newbie

    @kewlkiera Hey welcome to the server!! I was the guy who pulled you over trucking with the stolen cop car haha.
  7. 24/7 emergency room

  8. Fake Licenses

  9. The fall of OsamaBigLag

    Actually sad to see you go. You were always an amazing person and it was awesome to hang out with you IG and on Discord. Im really gonna miss you being around. I hope that someone you decide that you wanna come back and when you do we will ALL be here with open arms and be more then happy to take you back in. IRL you seem like an amazing person and seems like you have a good future ahead of you. Take care of yourself and good luck where ever you end up. If you ever need anything feel free to message me. Wow im actually IRL tearing up haha....Take care Sarah and stay safe.
  10. Firefighters

  11. Car Packs

    Well then if anyone gets an advantage its the police haha. Well in that case can I install the car pack and keep the old handling line?
  12. Car Packs

    But this is a simple car pack. No advantage at all. All it does is change the police car from the default to the ones shown in that link. No advantage at all.
  13. Car Packs

    So its getting kinda old seeing the same old cars in game like the police cars for example. I play a lot of LSPDFR and I have custom car packs installed and to go from a game directory with custom games to a game directory with the default cars is just getting old. I wanna install a custom car pack and I heard some people use this: I installed this pack into my directory using OpenIV and started my game and then noticed that it didn't work I then open my directory and saw that everything got auto moved to a disabled folder. That was probably done as a security measure to avoid hacking/modders which I can totally understand but all I wanna do is install the custom car pack. However I was playing last night and I saw someone got perma banned for having visual mods in his game that were client sided. So are we not allowed client sided visual mods anymore? And also if we are allowed client sided visual mods does anyone know how I can install the car pack above?
  14. Cruise Control