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New Robbing Rule: Robberies only during night time

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The server in its current state, is a robber fest and everyone tries to rob anyone on sight, at least to my point of view, being a paramedic and also having off duty (civilian) roleplay.

Players should feel more safe and shouldn't feel threatened at every time being, just for going outside of their house (for example) at any time given.

It is highly unrealistic, that there are even so many robberies at day light and it should stop.

When the next criminal update goes live, the following rule could be added:

6.3.[X] Robberies are only allowed during night time, from 22 o'clock until 6 o'clock.


	- A faction is at war with another faction
	- After self defense, taking away the attackers gun and other valuables.
	- Player is arrested by the police and valuables are taken in custody
	- Revenge Robbing: Your character has been robbed and is allowed to get his belongings back and other belongings from the robber, when NLR has not been triggered.
	- Night time is over but the robbing situation is still on going.
    - Major hostage situation with 5 kidnapper or more (see rule 6.5)


This would change the current state of the server massively and in a more positive direction, especially for newcomers and civilian roleplayers, making the server feel more realistic as well.


You may discuss and upvote/downvote!


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Robberies during daylight are very possible, but I wouldn't mind if it was prohibited to do them out in the street in front of places like Mors, not to say it should be an NCZ, very much shouldn't be, but robbers should be smarter and do it in alleyways and other "hidden" places. Sadly, as it stands, too many criminals only think about shooting and "winning" situations instead of realistic RP

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-1 Robberies happen all the time in real life, robberies in public ass places dont...Soo maybe instead of no daytime robberies make it like, if there more than 10 people or 5 people in an area, a player is not allowed to rob in said area unless your robbing everyone or something like that. You get my drift lol or if it was a hella premeditated robbery at certain place involving plenty of assailants lol idk...But then again people can pickpocket you without anyone knowing soo idk thats a hard one...Or even people who gets shaked down in public and doesnt yell or scream and nobody beeds an eye...You all know its happened before lol dont you dare lie

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