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Black Widow Mafia

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Black Widow Mafia

Who are we?

You hear about the gangs that run the city, right? The ones who rob, steal and murder. Why do they do this? Money, power, and fame. This is what the city of Los Santos sees on the surface, but what about those of us hiding below? We've been patient, and we've seen groups rise and fall, all for the same things; Money. Power. Fame. We are the few who seek neither of these things. With a smile on our faces, and tools at hand, we are happy to do the dirty work for the gangs and people who wish to stay clean. This is a lifestyle, not a job.

Now you probably ask. Why do we do these things?

Because we can. No one is safe.


What to expect:

  • Heavy Role Playing
  • Dark Criminal RP
  • More than just robbing and looting
  • Torture & Kidnapping RP


How to join:

The direct approach - Send a text to the Mistress herself, Lita Dawson, via #3198189

Or text Dario Maccabe (EU players) via #5874155


Indirect approach - We find you. We like to go "shopping" for new pets to join us. We will determine if you're worthy or not.

Either way, be prepared. If we want you to join, and you say no, god help you. Prove yourself to climb the ranks and embrace the lifestyle of the Mafia.




Oh and...








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