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The story of Joe Roberts

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Early Life

- Joe was born on the 8th of October 1996 in the suburbs of Glasgow where he lived just with his mum Anna. He started primary school where he got bullied for not knowing who his dad is, that's where he found his passion for martial arts where he could escape the bullies and release the slowly building up anger...

3 years later

- Joe is now a intermediate in kick boxing, he's able to defend himself and stand against the bullies, he's now 10 years old at gets into his first proper fight after a classmate through his small milk carton out the window saying "Your dad is searching 10 years for that". That's when something inside Joe snaps and using his kick boxing skills and he goes straight at the bully delivering a single punch straight in the nose. 

High School

- Joe continued with his passion for martial arts throughout primary school and high school which was leading him to get into a lot of fights. During his 2nd year in high school he got himself involved in "the underground fight club" where he placed 3rd during his first years and then winning on the second, saving every single pound he made from fighting. At the age of 15 Joe was already excluded from school 5 times for fighting however he managed to quiet down to finish his school exams and at 16 he officially left school. 

Post school life

- Joe left school to seek his future career in martial arts and dreaming of fighting in the UFC, this however never happened and during his 18th birthday he met a American man at the bar, he told Joe that if he wants to seek future he should move to the city of Los Santos in the USA. That's when he made the quick decision to use all his winnings to go and move to the city leaving everything behind and seeking future in the city of dreams. After 6 years he finally moved to Los Santos to start a new life. 

September 2021 - Arrival at Los Santos

- After arriving in Los Santos he quickly got himself in trouble with the law, got himself into the illegal firearms trade, drug trafficking and drug distribution as well as cooking cocaine. 


He landed himself into prison on multiple occasions where he started making a lot of new friends


And during that time he started to rethink his life choices trying to turn his life around, that's when he got offered to join the Felon Reformation Program. 


After joining the program he started making progress, got a place to live, a car and a lot of new friends. Sadly he got himself into prison again which caused him to fail the program and getting a lot of people disappointed that believed in him.. 

Reunion with dad (Pier meeting)

- It was a warm Friday evening at the pier, Joe was fishing with his new friends when he suddenly got a phone call, he answers the phone and hears a voice he recognizes but isn't sure, the man said "Turn around, you'll see a black SUV, get in it" and hung up. Scared but reassured by the familiar voice Joe went to the car and got in, that's when he realised who the man was.. It was his dad! 


That's when Joe found out about his dad's criminal organization and got involved wanting to find out more about what happened. 


- Christmas time came and Joe finished his, hopefully, last prison sentence and decided to go back and follow his fighting passion. That's when he decided to form the LSBA - Los Santos Boxing Association and teach combat and self defense skills in the city. He was sitting in his 4 door Sultan Classic when he realized that instead of fighting in championships, he can host them, he got his suit out, got changed and decided that in order to prove himself he needs to go back where he started his journey in Los Santos, prove himself to the people that he left disappointed and show that he can change his life around and go from bottom to the top, living in half a million dollars apartments. unknown-152.png

To be continued.. 

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A new chapter

- It's been a warm, quiet morning over Los Santos and the sun was rising, following his hobby Joe started to learn a new martial art, Karate. Getting inspired by the Japanese culture he reached out to the best person he knew would answer all his questions.. Mikazuki! After being around and helping out he decided to try his luck and try to join The Rising Suns, he got the good news at the Asian Car Meet that he was accepted to join the Japanese and knew that it will be great fun. What he didn't know was that he's about to start a huge chapter in his life with amazing memories. 


To be continued

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Chapter 2: Grief and a new beginning

- It's been a quiet night in Los Santos for Joe, he's been working hard in the criminal underworld and his life was going in the right direction. Until it happened. His mind was stormed with emotions, anger, grief, confusion, everything at once. He froze. He stood there, in the middle of the field of weed, not knowing what to do. It took him moments to realize that the love of his life.. Simply, became the biggest enemy, the only reason for the change. And why you may ask? It's simple, right with the suspicious character of "The New Lover" she decided to rob poor Joe, take away his belongings, his gun, which was the only feeling of security in the world he wasn't quite understanding anymore, and his mask. The white and red mask which was given to him as a sign of respect. He had to go on a mission, but he couldn't do it with his current identity. He had to improvise, change name, appearance, ethnicity, change the way he talked, walked, interacted. The only way for him to recover his faith, respect and his irreplaceable mask. Go on a journey that would spill blood over the streets of Los Santos

To be continued.. 

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