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I guess you do not want New players joining your server

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ya they what it really serios. but then there is everyone just giving her on the streets speeding cars ramming reach other and driving over each other. people pulling over others just to get id and then driving off. I got mugged 5 times in 6 min. tiers shot out. I played on servers that were easer to get into and its more rolplay then this server people acualy stop at lights and follow road rules.

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On 8/7/2018 at 2:02 PM, Mike_Hike said:

So, I Mike_Hike made a application yesterday and waited 4 hours and then it came back Denied.

I tried to write as long as possible answer and still it was not enough.

Now I made a New application and I am afraid it will not be enough, due to your high standards...


The server do have high standards concerning your ability to write and understand english, as well as being able to follow the rules.
I suggest that you read up on the things that you're uncertain about, and give it another go, do bear in mind that one application can take anywhere from 1 hour and up to a day to get accepted/denied ( depending on the timezone etc )

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