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medics suggestion for calls

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  1. I was thinking that we should do two changes on the medics system one for the medic to see the number that is calling and just simply call the number back to directly communicate from the car or the office if the situation is still on going and in what condition the person is.
  2. Another suggestion is to add a option to just hang up the call for medic or cancel somehow the request for a medic 
  3. Another option would be to make it so that the person who called.. if he moves away too far from the scene, the call will be canceled automatically? why we need that? because two medics already explained to me ooc and ic, if a person is in an accident there's 10 calls instead of just 1.. which also is extremly unrealistic if you ask me, if something hapens irl sure 1 or 2 people will call the medic center.. but not everyone around there as others will hear from the person calling that a call has already been made
  4.  Also there's another option to limit a medic call somehow which idk if the devs can even somehow code that.., so that if you are near a victim of any accident or crime who needs medical attention.. a maximum of 1 or 2 players can call a medic near him

 ((what would that do? it would first of all reduce the ammount of calls the medics get, it would help the medics be more efficient at saving lifes in los santos and less stress for the medics!))

(yes i may not be a medic but i am alot of times in an accident or near a accident that hapend.. and i understand why alot of times the medics cannot get to the patient in time)



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