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Weapon Licenses

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Hey guys, I would like to suggest something new for the server.

If someone wanna weapon licenses, so he have to pay 10,000$ and I think it's shit because everyone has now guns in the server, and we can't to RP, it's seems like Cops and robbers.

If someone wanna weapon licenses, so just make an application.

Illegal players can abuse it and to buy weapon licenses and to rob people.

It's not realistic. 

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26 minutes ago, ShonSk1y9512 said:

Yes! this is really not fair that everyone can buy guns even, everyone will abuse it rob players.

If someone wanna weapon licenses he has to make application, and his criminal record must be clean, it's really not fair.

Big -1

"Abuse it rob players"

"criminal record must be clean"

I dont know what no sense that is, however they should increase the weapon license price to atleast 50k like someone mentioned in another post that gatherd alot of upvotes.
But filling an application does not make ANY sense to me sorry but not sorry, this is my personal opinion about your comment so i hope you dont take it personal and i have nothing against you.

I also want to add i work as mechanic so i am not into that criminal life so even if this get implemented or not it would not affect me. But thats my honest opinion about what you wrote.


A. Johnson

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Hell no, make an application for what?... so if someone has had driving recklessly as a criminal offense he shouldn't have a gun? or if someone shot a robber in self defense, but got caught by police(because who gives a fuck about anything) he shouldn't have a gun either because he actually tried to defend himself?

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