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Adrian Johnson

Grotti Turismo R and bobby pin

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So, after my Turismo got stolen 2 times and chopped (without that i got any notification) i wanted to see if this might be a bug and it is actually one.

Myself and 4 mechanics bobby pinned my Turismo R at first try and i wanna know why the hell you can crack up a super car like that within 1 try and chop it for 7000+ cash.

I paid alot for this car and i don't take it calm that people can take my shit and chop it instantly. Alarm didnt pop once and multiple people opened it within first try.

I want this clearly investigated.


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I think you've just been unlucky if each time they've managed it in a single bobby pin. I've done my fair share of car thefts and it's seemingly random. There's been times where it's took me 4 bobby pins to finally break into a car. More often than not it requires more than 1 though. Would be interested in seeing the logic behind bobby pins if any staff care to share.

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26 minutes ago, Osvaldon said:

It's completely (pseudo)-random.

Alright was just extremly suspicious that it got instantly stolen 2 times in a row without that the alarm went off.
Then me and some friends did a test to check if its actually bugged and it went through 4 times at first try.
After that it failed 7 times in a row without any success.

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