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PD Mega Bugs List

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Date and time (provide timezone): N/A

Character name: Samuel Osborn

Issue/bug you are reporting: 

  • /stabilize can’t be used by people that are on SWAT Duty (/swat).
  • After we use /stabilize and drive them to the hospital, nothing happens. Admin interaction is still required, they need to be able to be revived. 
  • When using the MDC GUI, if you press a button that normally opens something else (i.e. inventory) it opens it up while in the MDC (even the weapon wheel!)
    Animated GIF
  • While /kevlar now works for Detectives, if you're an admin, if you go on admin duty after going on Detective duty (CTRL+U) your outfit will completely change once you go off-admin duty.
  • Accessories show up over uniform, i.e. ties, scarves etc.
  • MDC Player Search for offline players doesn't show their previous or outstanding charges anymore. This makes record searches for PD recruitment/IB or for other faction's HR impossible unless the players are online.
  • MDC Manual License Plate search crashes your game immediately, no error.
  • Megaphones can’t be used outside near a police car anymore. Gives you the error, “There’s no cruiser nearby”.

  • Police Boat is stuck at 70 KM/H
  • We do not get salary progression in the prison, nearby or on Police Boats.
  • We have no MDC in: Zentorno, Pfister811, Bati-801, Insurgent, Riot Van, Brickade, Police Boat
  • We can’t create S-1 > S-9 through the MDC, says name it too short. S-10 works, so it's only below.
  • Renaming your unit WITHIN the MDC just freezes the player and does nothing.
  • /siren doesn’t add an object for Detectives anymore, though it says that it adds it.
  • /siren does work again but the siren is placed horribly wrong. Perhaps a solution to this is to allow us to adjust the x,y,z with a command and save the x,y,z so that when we /siren again, it goes to the x,y,z we've saved.
  • /suspend doesn't return all the values in the subtitle text down below, only a few. 
  • Some units don't get deleted when someone logs out or crashes. Units should timeout when it has 0 members.

Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate: 

Some pictures & gifs above, but in the end, you just have to go into PD and test these features out.


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Potential siren fix has been applied, inventory should not pop-up when MDC is active, fixed megaphone and unit name length has been reduced. Weapon wheel will not pop-up if your cursor is enabled (F2) and when you try to rename your unit using the MDC, there's a message in the chat telling you to write /input name, the MDC should no longer freeze player controls.

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