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Car music tool | Updated

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Version 6
(Yes, I made 5 versions, but the first 4 weren't publicly released)

With ECRP's new update, (car)speakers function again. Many players now look up their songs on YouTube, copy the URL and paste them after the /carURL command to play their music. I have made a script that will allow you to make your own "playlist" quite easily and makes you able to search for specific songs in that playlist.

Please see video below of how it looks (Old version of script. Video misses features):


How to use this script?

- First you will need to have AutoHotKey (AHK) installed. Just installed, you don't need to use it.
Click here for AHK's download page.


- Next you need to download the 2 files from here:

The Google drive folder has 2 files. The script itself (.ahk) and a Music library (.txt).
The Music library.txt file is purely a template and it is required to have in the same folder as the script file. It doesn't matter where you put those files in your PC, as long as they are in the same folder.


- Run the .AHK file! Do this every time when you want to go use the script.

(Or put a hyperlink to the .ahk file in the " %APPDATA%\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup " folder if you want to automatically start the script when Windows starts)


- You should now see the AutoHotKey Icon in your System Tray. This means the script is ready!




Numpad 1: Open the "add song" menu
When you open this menu, anything you type will be searched on YouTube and the first URL that it will find will be used and added to the library. It will ask you what txt file to add it to.

Numpad 2: Open the search menu

Numpad 3: Play the next song from your library


How do I add my own songs to the library?

There are 2 ways to add more songs.

Using "numpad 1":

When you press Numpad 1, anything you type will be searched on YouTube and the first URL that it will find will be used and added to the library. It will ask you what txt file to add it to.

Editing the .txt file:

To add a new song by editing the file, please make sure there is 1 empty line between already existing songs and there is no empty lines at the bottom of the file. Type in the name you want to give to the song and directly below your name, paste the URL to that song.
Make sure to save your changes to the file! Changes can be made while the script is running. No need to restart it.



Can I make multiple libraries?

Yes! The script will search through all txt files that are placed in the same folder. The name of the txt file does not matter. As long as there is always 1 empty line between your song name and URL as seen in the gif above.

How to close the script?

The script will always run, even when GTA itself is running or not. Open your System Tray by clicking the icon in the bottom right, right click on the AHK icon and press "Exit".

Can I change the controls?

You can edit the .AHK file by right clicking on the file and use any program you like to open/edit it. Then you can scroll all the way to the top and replace "Numpad1", "Numpad2" or "Numpad3" with anything you like.
For any special- or combination keys, please head to this page.



Is this trusted?

If you have concerns, please feel free to DM me on Discord (@Yputi#0001) and ask anything about the script.

For any help, please feel free to DM me on Discord (@Yputi#0001).

Please comment if you find any issues, would like a certain change or anything else. Feel free to tinker with the file yourself and maybe expand it!

Edited by Yputi
New version. Added "Search and add from YouTube" feature.
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