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Get Rid of /report 3 and /report 4

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I am suggesting that we do away with /report 3 and /report 4 because I have been on this server since April and all I have seen lately is me being stuck in paused RP for hours on end because people are not happy with the fact that they lost a fight or lost in general. 
People should go along with the RP even if the person is breaking rules and they should just report it in the forums after with proper evidence.
I want this server to have a higher standard of RP and I believe this is a good step in the right direction.
I do not think we should get rid of /report 1 and /report 2 because they are very useful for getting an admins help with stuck cars and other questions etc. 
I hope you take this into consideration, 
-Steve Ranchmen

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I say that instead of taking away a valuable command, that us old timers in the community take the time to help teach the new members which would require patience. I my self have stopped using the /admin 3 and 4 command when I see rule breaking and rather I try to teach them about the wrong doings and how to properly go about do certain RP. Not everyone comes from a decent history of RP and some are quite new to it. Take me for example, back in 2017 of April, I joined the server. This was my first ever RP server and really my first ever RP experience. I too was a little sh** and broke a few rules because I still had the GTA V online mindset of doing f**k all and being an idiot. instead of fighting or arguing with said party members, try to teach them as the rp goes along with /b. 

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Usually admins ask you to report it in the forum anyways, because you call admins after something happend and from then on its word against word.

Think report 3 and 4 are good for admins to evaluate which requests are urgent. (I dont know how many reports they get, but i could imagine they are quite busy)

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