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/attempt suggestion

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On an old SAMP server I used to play a lot of (forgot what it was called but owned by Youtuber Call Me Kevin), they had a /attempt command. The idea behind it was that you would have a 50/50 chance of succeeding or failing, for example if you were to do '/attempt to flip a coin' it would say "Big Ounce attempted to flip a coin and succeeded!". It's a pretty good tool for stuff that fits it, such as getting up after falling down and loads of other rp situations. 

It's a minor improvement but I feel like it might add more layers to the rp the server offers. 

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Hey Will, thank you for the suggestion!

Although it does not meet the EXACT details of the command you suggested, players (including myself) sometimes use the "/dice" command.

The dice command rolls a dice and lands on a number between 1 and 6.

To use this feature correctly, I will often predetermine probability with a player before-hand, this including:

Arrests (where officers outnumber criminal), where the criminal needs to roll a number above 4.

RP fights, where both players roll and the highest number wins.


This command can be used to promote a fair sense of roleplay between players which removes the form of abusing script commands.

I hope this command is one that you are looking for!

- NoewUH

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