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Credit Cars = No Chop

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8 minutes ago, M_T said:


Chop shop was added for a reason, and credit cars should not be given special treatment.

Then a refund should be an option as it was not stated that credits that are purchased could be lost to a chop shop.

Or at least now make it so the vehicle can be sold like any other.

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So going by your logic, should we also state that:

  • Credit vehicles can be destroyed by explosion
  • Credit vehicles can be destroyed by gun damage
  • Credit vehicles can be destroyed by water damage
  • Credit vehicle can be hijacked by other players
  • Credit vehicles can be damaged by other players
  • Credit vehicle can be affected by every other GTA V game mechanic

and so on?

The only things that are stated in the credit shop screen are the elements that are different when compared to other cars (they can not be sold and etc).

Chop shop is not 'different' when compared to any other car, therefore it is obviously not mentioned.


You aware that chop shop does not perma remove the vehicle?

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2 hours ago, Stimo said:

So I heard that my ETR-1, although a credit car, can still be chopped.

Make it so credit cars cannot be chopped or make a refund possible or make it so we can now sell credit cars.

Just to clarify, you will be able to get your ETR-1 from Mors Insurance at a later time, the vehicle is not lost indefinitely.

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