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Los Santos Royals

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The Start




A 26 year old southern girl who moved from Atlanta Georgia to the city of Los Santos in search of something that seemed to be missing from her life. Back home she felt as if she was alone. She wanted to break free from these chains that have bound her from having the sense of belonging, so she packed up and traveled to the city of Los Santos in search for a new start with new people. 


  As the days went by in this new strange city she started to get to know the area better and met many different types of people that spiked her interests. She met a man one day who became like a very close older brother to her, showing her parts of the city that she could only have imagined existed before. She was introduced to many different types of people and shown new ways to survive in order to make it day by day in this city. She was working at DCC for a short amount of time for a little extra cash; however, it was just not enough to calm the burning urge she had of wanting to belong.


She wanted something bigger, something better, and something that would make her feel whole, she was in need of satisfying this urge she has always had. So she started to explore the darker areas of the city where she started to notice larger groups of people always gathered together. You would think you would be scared in these parts of the city and afraid for your life, but she felt very safe and as her interests spiked she started to notice these people in this area were not bad at all. They were always helping each other and being there for one another. She knew in her heart these people were part of a gang because of the cars they drove or the clothes they would wear. She was very intrigued at this point.


She met a man who started to help her learn how things were handled in this so-called bad part of the city. He showed her how in order to survive these streets you had to be smart about everything you do. He showed her how to cook different types of drugs and push them on the streets in the correct way. Once she learned this she wanted more she was addicted to this way of living, so he started to teach her bigger things like how to rob stores and banks without getting caught, This man that she took to and taught her how to survive ended up leaving the city in search of his own destiny which made her start to feel alone again.






She kept doing everything that he showed her and made sure to do it correctly the first time every time. As she worked these jobs. One day while she was fishing she met two individuals who were part of a gang she never heard of before. They welcomed her in and spoke with her about their gang and how things really were within the ranks, Therefore introducing Tsukuyomi, her First gang, From there she worked her way doing things being there for the crew.




La Familia Michoacán




As the days went by they turned into months her days in Tsukuyomi in the first few months were great she made friends that became a family to her but sadly it all came to an end when the leader decided to leave and never come back, She had decided to take a break and really search for a new place to be and a new family to be with as she had gotten familiar with other gangs from being in Tsukuyomi and from networking beforehand, she got to know most of LFM.


As she got to know them and hung around them for a bit of time she had decided this would be a good fit for her, So she set out on her journey with LFM, From there she started getting more and more invested showing them she was good enough to keep around and fight she gets close with them being with them running chops and holding labs anything they asked of her she was there to help, Also getting to know Aztecas And Goblins But Months passed as she had been promoted and everything was going great it all came to an end sadly as LFM decided to part ways some moving to a new city some staying behind and carrying on with their lives individually.




Kudo Kai




 At that point she felt she needed to just take a complete break from gangs, As she started to just hang with some of her friends fishing partying at the pier she caught up with an old friend that introduced her to his girl friend at the time, they became close friends and all three of them had noticed in the midst of them hanging out this gang around the city Called Kudo Kai she later found out that all of her former family was also with them.




She had realized that some of her old family and friends were in this Gang, So she went forth talking with her two closest friends in the city and they came together to the choice of meeting with the second in command who she had knew for a long time, After talking with Dax Diago to set up a meeting with their leader, From there they met with Sherlock Suzuki talking to him about their goals and wants in the Gang. The meeting went well and we all became trials.


As time went on running labs and chops and meets and anything else you can imagine with these guys she found her place in the crew and finally settled down and found her family again her future with these guys is only just started but many more things to come with them. In the Mix of everything going on she had been working so hard and finally acquired a club. She started running it with her now Co-owner Cypress Amari, she decided to call it Club Havoc as they were running the club they had both come to the decision to leave Kudo Kia, as they both didn't fit all so well after all. They started to focus more on the club and hanging with their friends, as they started doing that they had to talk with two of their friends about starting something of their own took weeks of planning. Which led them to creating Los Santos Royals.




Los Santos Royals




They started building the crew, setting rules, plans and future goals, then started talking colors for the gang. After finally deciding on everything they had talked about, Now to build more and grow as not only a gang but a family and see where this path takes us for the Future.




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Cypress didn’t get all that much attention as a child. She was the product of an ex-mob turned CEO father and a trophy wife mother. Her mother dragged her to parties and bought her things to keep her occupied and Cypress became used to that lifestyle. At 18, she had become a solidified party girl, taking drugs and dancing the night away every single night of the week. She had no ambitions or future goals in mind for herself outside of getting trashed. As she grew older, her friends threw less parties and the closest she could get to getting trashed turned into bachelorette parties. 

At 22, she finally realized that she was missing something. She was missing a purpose and people she could really connect with. She took the little money she had stored away and picked out a place far away to move to. Los Santos. That was where she hoped to build a life and move on from her past. 


Making Connections

In a new city and all alone, Cypress gathered all her people skills and went out to meet new people. 

One of these people she met was Andrew, a charming man, who took an interest in her. They hit it off incredibly well and began dating while he was a part of Aztecas. Cypress still didn’t know what she wanted to do yet with her life in the city but she learned a great deal about the city through Andrew. 

During their time spent dating, Andrew introduced her to Paige West. They quickly and almost instantly became best friends, sharing many similar interests and a similar disposition. She was in LFM at the time and another person that Cypress learned many things about the city from. 

After the downfall of LFM and Aztecas, Cypress and Andrew got married on a beautiful day in Los Santos. The trio didn’t know quite what to do yet so they relaxed together and spent time together before finding a new family that Cypress could also be a part of. 




Kudo Kai


After relaxing for a while, the trio decided to find a family to join. Paige suggested Kudo Kai where many of her and Andrew’s past friends from Tsukuyomi were. Cypress was hesitant, nervous that she might not be accepted for her lack of knowledge in the city. This was a big step in her future and she wanted to do it right.

The trio met with Dax Daigo and Sherlock Suzuki and the two accepted all three of them into their family. Cypress was excited and nervous for this chapter in her life, but she fully believed right then that they had made the right decision. 

Within the first few days, she already felt at home with her family in Kudo Kai and her confidence was building every day. Then Andrew left the city and the trio became the duo. Cypress lost the confidence she had been building and started to resent her life. She decided to take a step back from the family to rediscover herself and what the city would look like from then on without Andrew in it.

Every day that she wasn’t with Kudo, she missed them. She missed riding along with them and interacting with them so much that occasionally she’d go along with them on missions regardless of her not technically being with them.

A month passed, and she finally knew exactly what she wanted. She wanted that sense of belonging and family back, so she met with Sherlock and rejoined the family.

She stayed with Kudo Kai for a while and enjoyed her time there. Then, Paige came to Cypress about leaving to help start up a new crew and of course she would follow. So the two respectfully left Kudo Kai and went on to help begin the Los Santos Royals.



Los Santos Royals

Paige and Cypress got together with the other founding leaders of Los Santos Royals and came up with their plans. So far it’s been a good experience for Cypress to step out of her comfort zone. She is looking forward to the future with the Los Santos Royals.


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I’m going to be telling you my story so far in The Los Santos Royals. About all the experiences in the gang; the tough times and the good times, the robberies, the chases, the shootouts. But first, let me tell you about myself and how I wound up here.


I came into this city not knowing what I'd get myself into, I only knew what rumours my friends back home had told me. Fresh from England I got out of the plane and landed in Los Santos. My initial desire in this city was to succeed. I wanted to make a name for myself, meet new people and become a respected person by everyone that knows me. I was very anxious of knowing no one and being all alone in this new massive city. 




That’s when I met my now best friend Koda McDonald. We met and clicked instantly; we both wanted the same thing. We travelled around the city. Getting our license, you know just getting grounded. That’s when we came up with the idea of joining a gang. A family, something to call ours. So, we set off to find just that. We encountered many gangs; Goblins, Russians and many more. But they weren’t for us, we felt like we wouldn’t feel fit for their roles. We were starting to lose hope, I was coming to terms with the fact that there’s no right place for us. 

That was until I met Drake Hunter.

Instantly me and Drake clicked, it felt like I had known the guy all my life and I was just catching up with an old friend. Me; him and Koda spent the rest of the day getting to know each other and hanging out. We told him about how we were struggling to find a family fit for us, then he told us about the Los Santos Royals.  Me and Koda were instantly intrigued and asked more about it. We fell in love instantly, with the morals and the goals this gang had; I knew I had found the family for me. So, I asked him to tell me more and if there’s an option for me and Koda to join. 


He started to explain how royals did things and what their aim was. He described the different sectors within the gang; the business side, the robbing side and the drugs and labs side. I was drawn to every sector, but the one I wanted to be involved with the most was robbing. So, Drake took me and Koda on some jobs. We did some stores to feel out the chemistry and how we vibed with the crew. We got out with a good amount of money. And that’s when Drake wanted us to meet with the other Leaders, Paige Amari, Blaze Jackson and Joey Murphy. Paige instantly took me under her wing and eventually adopted me as her daughter but we will get into that later. And after talking to them and discussing the gang and our roles. We were in. 




Finally, I was in a gang; had people to call my own, to call my family. So of course. I had to get kitted out, I redid my whole appearance to finally become myself. I got tattoos, new clothes and got my cars in the gangs’ colours. 




After a few days of doing stores and a few banks. I attended my first all gang 







I was then promoted to a Knight. It gave a boost in confidence, feeling like people actually appreciate what I was doing in and for the gang and it made me feel extremely inspired to do more. And so, I did. I led some runs for shops whilst Drake wasn’t available. And we did it great! We had amazing comms and great composure during these activities. I also ran labs with most of the members of the gang. 


We got into shootouts and high-risk jobs. Even if some of them didn’t end the way we wanted. We still kept high hopes and didn’t let it ruin our moods and we all went out to try again until we succeeded.




After getting the car back and regrouping. We decided we needed to make changes within the gang, some bad and some good. We had to let go of some members which was heart-breaking but it was best for the gang. And the leaders decided to promote me to a Duchess, which is a high command position in Drake's Sector. 

  Another gang got interested in working with us, so I am in the means to get in contact with them and plan some activities together!


And now we are all up to date. I can happily say I’ve found my place and am a high command for the Los Santos Royals.



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 So you wanna know my backstory? Well hopefully this suits your interests. I was born in Chicago Illinois into a family consisting of Me my Mom, Dad, Jeff McDonald (Oldest) and Devin McDonald (Middle Child). We were never the most wealthy family most of the time barely making ends meet, at a young age I realized though that family meant everything and as the saying goes “Blood is thicker than water”. No matter what happened I always knew at the end of the day I had my two older brothers to guide me to greatness just wish one of them had not been murdered in cold blood for my stupid decisions. You see, my oldest brother Jeff did not have the greatest upbringing; he dabbled in drugs and the “gang” lifestyle and it was just a downward spiral for him. He told me a story one time about one day a guy approached him offering a job as a ‘Getaway Driver” for a “Event” that was happening soon. They exchanged phone numbers and a couple days later he received a phone call and was told to meet at a parking garage where a vehicle would be waiting and he was to “Drive this vehicle to a certain location and wait”. He waited a good 20 minutes until 3 guys in ski masks jumped in the car and told him to “DRIVE NOW”. As soon as they hopped in, police cruisers started to swarm the scene and on impulse my brother Jeff slammed his foot on the gas and just went for it. Driving in and out of alleyways cutting through intersections and backroads to finally lose the police. After that he drove them to a secluded field to meet with the same gentleman who offered him this job, when Jeff arrived they all got out and handed bags of cash to the man he knew what he had just done. The gentleman was impressed with Jeff's driving and offered him a position as the crew's “Driver” to which he accepted. 




Now growing up was very hard for me. I just could not focus in school and would constantly start fights with other kids over the dumbest stuff just because I wanted to take my anger and frustrations out on something. High school was not any better, barely showed up and when I did it was just to chat with friends and never pay attention or do any work. Most of the days consisted of me messing around at school and coming home to help my brother with work on his car. Now I knew what he was doing with all the stories he told me and I decided one day I had enough of this School shit and wanted to show interest in this “Getaway Driver” line of work to which Jeff shot me down real quick, and told me he could not stand to see me get hurt or arrested. Now senior year I met this friend named Akelius but everyone called him AK, but he approached me with this idea to roll with him and his crew after school one day and I thought ‘Why Not”? Little did I know this would start a very bad trend and downward spiral into bad territory. After school I met AK and his “Crew” in the courtyard to which we hopped in a 4 door and drove 30-35 minutes to what looked like an old office building in the middle of nowhere. We all got out and headed inside and that's when I asked myself “Did I make a mistake?” Inside was a random guy strapped to a chair all bloodied and bruised barely able to talk. All I could do was stand there and watch as AK walked up to the man asking him “Where did you hide the money?” The guy just said “I do not know man, come on let me go” and AK proceeded to hit him with a 2x4 four times with the guy just spitting blood he told him “It is hidden behind the fridge at the crib”. Then AK took me to this crib to grab the money and along the way described to me about possibly joining this “Crew” to which I jumped on the opportunity almost instantly. Before I knew it I was with this crew just jumping from store to store stealing everything, money, alcohol, even candy. 




 After many successful store runs AK brought up the idea of hitting a local bank drop he had compromised from an interior source to which we all agreed upon immediately. For the next couple weeks we planned EVERYTHING, getaway routes, specific countermeasures for different possible scenarios, what cars we would use and where they would be planted, who would do what, even down to what type of mask we would wear. Then came the day of the heist AK and me arrived 15 minutes early to this money drop to be ready for the other members signal, the truck arrives right on schedule and the guards get out to which we jump out and hold them a gun point screaming at them to “OPEN THE BACK NOW OR DIE! Once opened we just look at each other and laugh and smile under our masks, inside was just BAGS AND BAGS of cash equating to about one million. We give the other members the signal and they pull up and open the trunk to which we just toss bag after bag till it is empty. Once empty we hop into a vehicle and drive to the getaway vehicle spot while we are unloading from one vehicle to the other we all chat about what we are going to spend our money on. I tell them I'm finally getting out of this shit hole and gonna support my brother and get us both into a better life. Once the final bag was loaded we set the getaway vehicle on fire and began walking towards the getaway car.




 We drove and got out Scott free with no police interception. When I got home I tried looking for my brother, but could not find him anywhere. I tried calling his phone and AK picked up the phone and said “So you think you could steal money from me and I would not find out”? Now I knew I had been smuggling a little extra cash then I should have to myself, but I just wanted to get me and my brother out of here as soon as possible. AK told me to meet him at the “Clubhouse”, when I arrived though my heart sank as I saw my brother Jeff tied to a radiator beaten within an Inch of his life and at that moment I realized what was happening. AK walked in and all he said was “This is what happens when you steal from me”, and shot my brother square in the head right in front of me. I didn't even get to say sorry or goodbye just one second he was there and then he wasn’t. This exact moment plays in my head on repeat almost daily for about 2 years. Now at this time I had packed up everything, took what money I had and just drove without stopping unless to get gas, but I do not even remember how long I drove for. I arrived in a place called “Los Santos” and decided to make this place my new home, while unpacking some of my stuff I found a picture with me and my older brother Jeff in it. For some reason though It was shattered from the drive so I took it out and the note fell out to which I picked it up and read it. 




I broke down at that moment and just cried for god knows how long. After a couple of days of just sitting in my apartment I decided it's time to get back on my feet and go outside. I basically just walked downtown with no idea in mind, but I saw this girl who looked lost and struck a conversation with her only to find out she was just as lost in this city as I was and we instantly clicked her name was “Opal Martinez” and we spent the rest of the day talking and sharing stories and what our goals are in this new city. Somewhere towards the end of that day we ran into a man named Drake Hunter. Me, Opal and Drake spent that night talking as if we just met up with a long time friend that we have not seen in years. The conversation led to me and Opal discussing how lost we were and had no idea what to do. That is when Drake mentioned ‘Los Santos Royals” Me and opal were instantly intrigued with the way Drake described this Family. Basically he described how this group operated by having multiple different “Sectors” and members were assigned to specific sectors based on what they were interested in doing. There is a ‘Business' sector, but the sector I was most intrigued with was the “Illegal” sector that basically entailed Robbing stores, Banks, Running labs, Chopping cars. Since that was what I was most used to. Once I told Drake that I was interested in the Illegal sector he that same day took Me and Opal with his group on a couple store runs to feel out the chemistry of the group, and it went smoothly if not perfect. We ended up hitting like 8-10 stores with little resistance and the chemistry with this group was flawless. It felt like I had known these guys for my whole life. With how successful the store runs went and how well we clicked with everyone right after the runs. We were in.








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The day started off as normal LSR members slowly woke up one by one and started heading out into the city to do what they had planned for today. Most people just sat around and waited for other/more members to wake up, but Joe and Ray decided to get a headstart on the cooking operation. 

They baked for a majority of the day and did very well up until Joe realized they needed a water run so Ray grabbed the empty bottles and bags and headed to get more water when he arrived back at the lab a female was waiting by the elevator to which Ray engaged in conversation. During the conversation Ray realized he needed to get the bottles up to Joe ASAP to which he cut the conversation short and headed up the elevator, unfortunately for him the women followed him. 

At the time Ray saw this woman as no threat and maybe thought it was an accident. She got off on the same floor as him so he just carried on unlocking the door and heading inside to which the women followed again at this time Ray realized “Okay this woman is a liability”. Joe at this time realized the woman that followed as well and told Ray “GET HER OUT OF HERE” to which Ray and the female quickly exited. Upon leaving the entire building this female decided to take it upon herself to call the police and inform them of our drug operations. 

At this time Joe had called Koda in a panic to relay this information to the crew and decide what to do from there to which Koda relayed over the radio “Emergency the lab has been comped, some female followed Ray inside and called the cops”. Everyone who was in the city headed straight to the lab but sadly were way too late as cops had already arrived and blocked off the entire block and had called SWAT and proper authorities to handle this situation. 

At this time Los Santos Royals were in a panic as just weeks prior we had also lost 25 plus tables due to a lab explosion and had JUST received these new tables to begin operation again, so all of High Command was quickly working up ideas and plans to give to Joe who was still inside quickly cooling down the tables and packing everything up one at a time. At this time Ray was already in handcuffs out front and being investigated for “Illegal Operations”, so everything we did from here on out was crucial and had to be done fast as officers had already called for the main unit to come breach the doors and head inside.




Information was relayed to Joe continuously throughout the whole ordeal and the group of high command realized that this particular lab still had the secret lockbox hidden away in a specific spot that they had used in the past for this exact scenario. This idea was pitched to Joe inside, but as it was relayed to him cops had already busted down the main door, and were making their way through the second door now.




He needed to act FAST, but to not be suspicious of removing ALL tables Joe took it upon himself to sacrifice 2-3 tables for the greater of the 20+. He packed all the tables and briefcases into the secret safe and awaited for the cops arrival. They broke the final door and entered shotguns and smgs out and ready and screamed for Joe to “GET DOWN ON YOUR KNEES NOW” to which he complied immediately. 

Now while all of this was going down Opal had actually managed to engage in conversation with the female who snitched and even managed to gain her trust to the point where Opal offered to give her a ride and she accepted. At this time everyone realized we have something here and need to make an example out of her. Blaze realized we should take her to the docks to the south and make her realize what she did has SERIOUS consequences. 

So everyone got their cars and headed down to the location and awaited the arrival of Opal with the snitch. Once they arrived and the snitch got out all 10+ of us got out and held her at gunpoint and told her “Hands up NOW”. After she had raised her arms we told her “You fucked up BAD do you realize what you have done?”. She was then escorted to the upper section of the building and made to face the wall. Opal and Drake took lead on this interrogation and began asking her questions. 

After all questions were answered and everything was explained Opal decided it would be best to cut all her hair off to make an example to which everyone agreed so Opal cut off every single strand of hair on her head and then while doing so Drake had an interesting idea of REALLY making an example and carving “SNITCH” into her back along the shoulder blades. Everyone also agreed and it was done very gruesomely after all that was said and done she was then walked to the edge of the docks handcuffed and kicked into the ocean to fend for herself.




After that all of LSR headed to HQ to regroup and discuss options and plans. Once all of LSR arrived at HQ we heard a familiar voice over the radio just 25-30 minutes after the lab got raided and it was Joe. Joe was told to urgently get to HQ to discuss the outcome and repercussions once he arrived he let everyone know that the cops had detained him and questioned him as to why he was in the lab at the time to which Joe explained as “I was just sleeping on the couch of a friend I play poker with”, and the police just ate it up and released him after a little bit more questioning. Joe then headed back to the lab and checked the secret safe he had stashed, and EVERYTHING was still inside all 20+ tables and briefcases were untouched. All that we lost was 2-3 tables, and when Joe mentioned this at the meeting LSR was all ecstatic 

and super excited to not have EVERYTHING they worked so hard to rebuild gone in seconds because of a slip up.



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Drake woke up and headed outside of his apartment only to be ambushed by all of Los Santos Royals in the city at the time telling him to get in on a potential bank job being done down on Ocean Highway right now. So Drake scrambled to get all the tools and gear together and give everyone their roles for the heist while they all met at the meet up location to go over how the plans were gonna go. After everyone was assigned a specific role and was given the necessary tools all of LSR took off and headed to the bank, parked up the bikes and ran inside. The whole heist went smoothly and as normal as it could be up until the drilling was done and the alarm was triggered. PD response was just too quick and no money was grabbed and everyone bailed. Most of LSR got away except for Opal and Drake, so while everyone was scrambling to get their bearings together and figure out what to do now. Koda made the idea to intercept the cruiser taking Drake to DOC at the door to which most agreed, so anyone who had to be picked up was escorted to their apartments or houses and told to gear up and head to DOC asap. Once everyone arrived it was just a waiting game as to when the cruiser would show up.




The cruiser arrived and the plan was put into motion. Both DOC guard and PD officer were held at gunpoint, but the officer reached for his gun and was shot in the chest multiple times. At this point the Officer was evaluated and faced no life threatening injuries so he was then instructed to hand the keys over. With shots being fired everyone had to act and think quickly as the DOC guard was asked by Koda “Are you the only guard on duty”? To which he replied “No”. With that knowledge it was only a matter of time before a guard inside the prison would call PD and SD and they would rush to DOC with all units. With that in mind Koda made the decision to leave Opal behind. A decision he will regret and remember for the rest of his life. Once Drake was uncuffed he was instructed to hop in the car and LSR then took off with a successful intercept. As for what happens now, who knows, but LSR will most likely have to lay low for a bit and figure out the next course of action and how to go about future plans from here on out after this DOC incident. As for the aftermath of the events that took place outside DOC, Koda realized that the call to leave Opal behind might have been the biggest mistake he could have made……..



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Sometimes after a long and brutal day or week you just need to blow off some steam. Some people go out hunting or just go to the shooting range to shoot, but the Los Santos Royals blow off that steam by doing the “Royal Jog” every morning at 6AM. This has become tradition for LSR recently as it is a fun and safe way to just have fun instead of the usual means like Labs and robbing stores. Sometimes you just need to jog around the city and see the sights and even meet new people along the route.











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The day started out as usual as any other day for the Los Santos Royals typical labs runs, some car chopping along the way, a little bit of heist planning, and finally some store running to end the day.





Once the stores were done everyone met at the usual meeting spot and deposited the varying amounts into the proper bags brought by Drake and went about doing whatever they chose for the remainder of the night. Some went and looked for cars to chop, some went out to do freelance jobs, and the rest just hung out at eclipse and waited for Drake to launder the money to get their cuts. About 10-15 minutes after Drake had left he radioed in that he was getting pulled over and hopping off frequency to which everyone just said “alright sounds good”. Little did Drake and everyone realize though the situation was about to go from 0-100 REAL QUICK. Now inside the Kamacho that Drake had pulled out he had placed 3 separate bags inside the trunk with different cash amounts in each one with 2k stacks, one with 1.7k and higher stacks, and one with anything under 1.7k. Little did Drake realize that the Kamacho he had pulled out belonged to TJ, a fellow LSR member who actually had a reckless operation charge on this particular vehicle, So with quick thinking Drake realized he just had to DRIVE and let everyone know what was happening. Everyone heard over radio from Drake “I had to run TJ has a reckless op on this vehicle” with that everyone and anyone in the city at the time panicked and grabbed a vehicle to somewhat help him get the money out of that Kamacho and into safe hands as those bags held quite a lot of cash packs.




Drake came up with a plan to drive the Kamacho to Headquarters and get as many people as possible to grab a bag and DIP in multiple different vehicles to atleast get out with something. So everyone who could grabbed a personal vehicle and headed to HQ to await arrival. Once Drake arrived everyone swarmed the trunk and grabbed a bag if they could and got out asap, but with 6+ PD units and a helicopter no one got very far without getting multiple cruisers and a heli on them. From then it was just a cat and mouse game with different plans such as planting bikes, swapping cars and passengers multiple times to possibly throw them off. Everyone got out and safe except Brandon and John who had the final bag needed event after Brandon ditched his personal vehicle to hop passenger with John it was just not enough for the likes of PD who were back on him in seconds.




After a long 30-45 minute chase the PD presence was just too much for them and they eventually ended up stalling and getting arrested. The ending resulted in only getting out with 2 out of 3 bags and taking quite a massive hit to the packed cash. Disheartened and feeling defeated LSR walked away from this disheartened and upset, but there is always brighter futures to be had and with that chase lasting as long as it did it made LSR realize they might need to start doing Getaway planning as this type of event happens quite frequently with PD now realising that LSR is here to stay.

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If you're going to go ahead and do something, you go big or you don't do it at all. There's only one way to be remembered in this city, and that's for you to do something extraordinary; something no one else has done before. 

So what's a bank heist to you? Just a normal day with a couple of friends, looting the city of it's wonders. You might choose to do this with 20 people, or you may try to do it with 6. At the end of the day, the goal is the same, get the money and get out home free ready to eat by dinner time. Now let me tell you what a bank is to a member of the Los Santos Royals. A bank is your canvas, its the chance for you to make your name in this city. When people look at the bank they see money, when a Royal looks at a bank they see fame. $750,000; this might be the number that you concentrate on during the entire read however, there is one number which means much more to a Royal and this might confuse you all. Try to guess what that number may be by the end.

Phase 1: The Bank Plan.

As he always spends his nights away in this city Drake was in his apartment office, preparing for the next heist. It had only been a couple of days since the last heist but that wasn't enough. He knew the Royals had to keep going till their name was known by every citizen of Los Santos. So what would the next step be? So Drake got to planning, he spent hours on end in his chair attempting to create a bank heist never done before, never even been attempted. After countless hours and wasted ideas, he finally came up with the plan. The bank heist to silence all other bank heists; the 2 Man Bank Heist. Drake instantly called his high command and a few members to come into the heist room and began explaining the plan.


With everything planned and confirmed for any kinks that Drake may have missed, they headed out to go survey the bank and the area around it, perfecting their escape route even further. He grabbed Opal, his camera and his .50, they were ready to go. They got out the apartment and got the car out and headed straight for the bank to plan. Reaching the bank Drake took extreme caution, they strapped their secret cameras onto their body and got ready to go take pictures of the bank. After taking a few of the outside and planning how they believe PD would setup outside they got ready to take on the inside plans.


Instantly after they had prepared the area around the banks, took the pictures of the type of glass, the amount and type of cameras, exits and entrances, literally anything that they may need to know before the greatest bank heist. They went inside the bank with the act of depositing; Drake had made sure to take out a very large sum of money prior to arriving to the bank and he spoke to the tellers asking that he needs to make a deposit. Little did the tellers know his glasses and hat had a secret camera that was recording everything. He then further took more pictures of the tellers, cameras inside the bank and where the vault was located. Noticing one of the tellers was feeling shy he threw his english charm at her and began flirting, attempting to find out what times the shifts for the tellers are. After realising multiple tellers work at this bank and they wouldnt have any chance to do it without the tellers there, he carried on with his deposit act. As the women took him to the back vault to deposit he made sure to take pictures of the entire area. 


After the fake deposit was complete, everything except the escape itself was ready. Drake had all the information he needed to give the PD a run for their money.

Phase 2: The Escape Plan.

There was only two cars that made sense to be used. We are Royals after all, Drake went back to the garage and thought hard about the difference between using the crew Paragon or the FMJ super. On a straight he knew the FMJ would always win but we needed to take the car onto the railtracks, the FMJ wouldnt be safe for the crew due to its suspension, so he took the Paragon and headed out to survey the escape. He already knew exactly what to do, he told his crew to take out the truck and planned to do a quick block on a tunnel after the paragon had gained enough of a gap between themselves and PD. First place he checked was not safe enough, the ground wasnt flat enough for the Phantom. Second place he went to was completely offroad and wouldnt work for the Paragon. Then he remembered the perfect underground tunnel. The plan was simple, get the money into the bags, put the bags into the car and drive to the tunnel, the second we made the turn our truck would block the entire tunnel preventing any PD from being able to follow. Little did Drake know it was not going ot be as easy as it sounded.

Phase 3: Heist Day.

It was time to call all the soldiers to action. Everything was ready to go, the equipment was ready, the crew was ready, the truck driver. Everything was looking good to go. Confused to the fact that Drake had actually called all the members of the crew together rather than just the two for the bank job; they asked what he needed them to do. Drake did not mention anything and kept silent, went to the back of his Kamacho and pulled out not one briefcase of equipment but two. Everyone looked at Drake and smiled. Instantly without needing Drake to say anything the whole crew left and switched into their Bati 801s and BF400s. Everyone thought this was gonna be a single bank job, but found out that the Royals were gonna hit two banks at the exact same time.

However, there was one last thing to do, Drake took his phone out and put the battery back in and turned it on, instantly calling the LSD members he knew would be awake and said "yo, lets brute force a bank, plan and everything is ready, meet us at HQ". Few moments later the Royals had returned with their bikes and LSD had arrived with their own. Everything was going to plan; Drake and Opal took one of the briefcases and headed towards the Right City Fleeca. The rest of the crew grabbed the second breifcase and hid beside the Left City Fleeca. With a total of 16 people ready to hit the bank everything was almost ready. During this entire time Opal was attempting to find someone viable to be a hostage for us. Luckily whilst traveling around she got into an altercation where a woman began to harrass Opal and began to even damage her car. Opal instantly reacted, relayed the information on the radio and we headed to her. Realising we had her at gun point we decided we could make her our hostage and potentially use her to get better demands within the bank alongside the tellers. Opal put her into the trunk of her car and headed to the RIght City Fleeca. It was time. 

With everyone in place, Opal and Drake both got into the bank and put the hostage at gunpoint. The tellers had instantly pressed the panic alarm and PD was alerted. Everything had begun.


Instantly as PD arrived they began to setup the barriers and negotiations as Drake had predicted, Opal meanwhile was handling the drilling and began to break into the vault. Trying to keep the negotiation quick and simple Drake had made his demands for the life of the hostage where PD had reacted and were not budging. Demanding the only chance they give us would be if we leave the money and hostage and leave the bank RIGHT NOW. We were not budging either, instantly Drake became more aggressive and demanded they realise who has the leverage. PD stepped down. Meanwhile, Opal had managed to break into the vault and began grabbing all the cash and putting it into two different bags and having the rest in her pockets. Everything was complete, we were ready, PD had been informed that Opal would be putting both the bags into the trunk as Drake Carried on putting the hostage at gunpoint keeping their leverage. Once Opal was done they both slowly headed out of the bank, still aiming backwards at the hostage. As soon as he saw the perfect chance Drake got into the driver seat and stomped on the accelerator. They were heading out, despite getting clearance to leave and not be followed, as expected PD had began their pursuit. At this exact moment he had signaled the other side of the city and told his crew "Royal Drift". Which was the code word to start the other bank. 

Instantly 16 members of both LSD x LSR had rolled to the bank and put both the tellers at gunpoint before they could press the panic alarm. Boltcutting the door and knocking them out so that their break in would be secretive till the drilling was done. After knocking out the tellers the driller was signaled to begin; there was no stress as simultaneously Drake had around 8-10 police cars after him, the PD helicopter and the high pursuit super car unit. The second bank crew had nothing to worry about. Once the vault was broken into they all rampaged inside the door and grabbed as much as they could filling their pockets and instantly leaving. They managed to clear out the bank before any PD unit could even respond. With all those members in the clear all that was left was for Drake to outdrive everything he had on him.


He then headed to the tunnel system where they would implement the roadblock, Drake asked Koda if he was ready and heard Koda reply "Yes". Instantly Drake headed to the tunnel. Little did he know that Koda had been compromised and was on his knees with PD carbine rifles aimed at his head. He had been forced to say yes. Drake, not knowing of the whole situation carried on driving. When he reached the tunnel he signaled Koda "im 3 seconds out", to which instantly infront of him, a SWAT team rolled infront and screamed "STOP THE CAR AND GET OUT". Drake instantly took the turn, ramming one of the SWAT members and kept driving. Being blasted by bullets in the back. Opal and Drake both lowered their heads and kept on driving, not aware they had also been spike stripped. Drake kept on going, The straight was enough for Drake and Opal to gain a gap and headed straight towards the Palomino Highway gas Station where he intended to drop Opal off at for a pickup as he kept on driving. They did this perfectly and managed to not let any PD get a wind of the situation. He kept driving but he now had around 6 Units on him again, attempting to outmaneuver them he pulled out every trick he had, every bait turn he could come up with and every ram he knew would be successful. He managed to lose 5 of the cars except the one 8F drafter. There was only one thing left to do, he pelted it down the highway in an attempt to gain such a gap that the drafter would not see him make a turn. He eventually drove for so long he reached the farmers drop off in paleto, realising he had a big enough gap he instantly made the turn into the high-end market and went off the street, turning his engine off and remaining under the cover of buildings as he watched the 8F completely miss the turn and carry on driving. Drake was home free. 

After a few minutes of remaining stationary Drake then radio'd in and asked for a pick up out of colours. One of his Templars was on his way and ready to pick Drake up. They eventually reached back to their apartment in eclipse where Drake opened a bottle of champagne to celebrate not a single person caught during the simultaneous bank heist. After counting up the entire sum to a total of $750,000. However, that wasnt the number that Drake cared about, he was more into the number "2". The Royals had completed a two man bank heist, they robbed two banks simultaneously.

The cash would be remembered for a few days, but the number 2 would be remembered forever.

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With a good days work and the colors too hot for the night the Royals decided to take a little break and hang out with each other, enjoying the company of one another. Whilst hanging out at one of their hangout spots they noticed they had not really used the massive chess board in the corner of their garden. With Ray and Drake stepping up to play they both instantly reset the pieces on the board and began to think about their first moves.




With a firm handshake and a "good luck" from both sides, the game began. Drake, being white sided, instantly began playing mind games to test the waters with Ray. Preparing for the "Patzer Opening." Despite Ray making the exact moves needed for Drake to have the stronger start, Ray realized the opening that was being played and began to counter it.

*Drake firmly holds his pawn at E2 and advances it two spaces to E4

*Ray pushes his King's pawn at E7 to E5

*Drake instantly raises his queen off the ground and places it at H5

*Ray plays his Queen side knight to C6

Drake now realizing Ray was a formidable opponent he began to focus solely on the game. With a striking attack Ray pushes his knight into Drakes territory, setting up a lethal fork. Drake being an experienced player saw the attack Ray was preparing and immediately countered it. Ray's plans now foiled he had to think up of another way to attack. This began a lethal back and forth of attacking and defending with both sides holding their own.




With both sides having traded off a majority of their pieces the end game had officially begun. Despite Ray's lack of confidence in his endgame ability he confidently boasted "checkmate in three bro." This was an unsubstantiated claim and both Ray and Drake knew there was no checkmate to be found. Both sides battled on trading blows back and forth until Ray made a fateful mistake. The solid game played by both sides had now slipped through Ray's fingers once Drake found a lethal move when he moved his Queen to check Ray's King and also attack his undefended rook. Biting the bullet but still wanting to battle on Ray slid his King out of check preparing for the loss of his rook. Confidently, Drake looked away from the board for the first time in what seemed like hours and smiled at Ray despite him being unable to see the devilish grin under the mask. Patiently, Drake ignored the free rook that stood before him and instead positioned his Queen defended by his bishop next to Ray's King. With this fatal move, Ray was checkmated.




The game concluded with Drake being the victor. In true Royals fashion, both men stepped around to the side of the board and shook hands, letting out, "Good game." Both mentally exhausted from the match, they relaxed in the beautiful garden and reminisced about fond memories. 

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With heavy hearts, Paige and Cypress headed to Club Havoc. Memories of the club openings through thick and through thin flashed in their minds as they drove. Sitting out front they contemplated what they were about to do. Stripping the club wouldn’t be easy for both of them. They got out of the car and stood out front and began to reminisce on the club from beginning to end. 




This would be a fresh chapter for both of them. From Kudo and into the Royals, Havoc just didn’t fit with them anymore. They had grown too much and too fast in such a short amount of time. Paige with her leadership responsibilities and Cypress with overcoming her fears and insecurities. They lived completely different lives now from when they started Havoc

They headed inside and started ripping down as much as they could, stuffing all of the furniture from the club into safes and sweating with the hard work. The question still hung in their mind: What was next for this building that held so many memories. Surely they wouldn’t get rid of it, they worked so hard on their club openings and Paige had worked her ass off to acquire it in the first place.

After stripping the club of all its furniture they had a laugh at all of the many safes that now adorned the walls. A bit ridiculous, having this much furniture and not a clue as to what to do with it now. 




Then came the planning. They had a look at the empty space and pondered, what could they do with this now? Start a new club, something more refined? Sell the place and let go of the nostalgia that this place held?




No, they couldn’t just get rid of it. They had to come up with something to turn this place into. Something that the crew and the rest of Los Santos could enjoy and take part in. Something to spawn new memories and laughs. And that’s when the idea hit Paige.


What about a movie theater?”


The idea was so ambitious and unique that Cypress was instantly on board. So they walked around the space and decided on where everything would go and took inventory on what they already had and needed. With the decision made they headed out to draw up plans and took one last look at the space as it was.


This is the new start they were looking for.



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Easton wakes up in the morning clueless about what he is going to do until he walks downstairs and out of his apartment building to find his fellow gang member Klaus just downstairs and out the door of his apartment. They start speaking on how they want the day to unfold and head back upstairs to plan it out. The idea was they would hit 5 stores across Los Santos with just the two of them and come home untouched and safe. They began to plan out all the details and what to do if something went wrong. They designed getaway routes maneuvering all throughout the city, under bridges, through railroad tunnels, and tight alleyways.





Shortly after discussing the plan they walked out of the apartment and began to move to the clothing store where they would pick out different outfits in the event they needed to switch clothes. They also planted 2 more bikes in specific locations in case they got into a chase and needed to switch out. The cash from each store could not be held onto. so Easton and Klaus picked out a small warehouse where they would dump the money after each store to keep it neat and secured. Their blood was flowing and palms sweaty. Both Easton and Klaus had all the prep work done and were ready to move out to the first store. They first went to BellasBites where they parked in the back and got the gun ready. They decided Easton would hold the gun for all the robberies as Klaus had shaky hands.




They ran in quickly. Easton demanded the cashier put his hands up and stay silent while Klaus began to grab cash while looking behind him to watch the door for cops. With the adrenaline rushing, Klaus managed to grab all the cash from the register in 6 minutes. They were out of the store, onto the next in seconds. Klaus quickly drove to the warehouse and dropped the cash off, while Easton scouted out the next store. They completed the next 4 stores with ease until a Sheriff deputy’s cruiser drove up to the store they were robbing. Klaus was the first person to notice the cruiser. We both bounced off our feet and jumped towards the door, sprinting to our bikes that were behind the store. The deputy, with no time to react, could not get us at gunpoint in time and had to resort to a pursuit. He targeted Klaus but the chase was over before it had even begun. Klaus had gone up into the mountains so rapidly the deputy lost sight in seconds. They had successfully managed to rob 4 stores and decided to stick to the plan. After dropping the cash off at the warehouse they headed to the final store. They targeted LosZantos247 just behind the city bank. They picked this store because it was the last place they would think the police would look. So popular and open, it was impossible to predict.






Four minutes in, a stranger walks into the store, Easton and Klaus remain calm and continue robbing it shortly after the stranger walks out. They feared the man would call the police so they left the store without emptying the register. Luckily Klaus had a peak at the money left in it and they had grabbed the majority of the money. Both of them jumped on their bikes and bolted to the warehouse, where they would count the bills. It ended up coming out to 30k each. Each took their cut and stashed it in their houses for it to be spent slowly on different days.




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Blaze Jackson flew into the city knowing exactly what shit he wanted to get into. When Blaze first came into the city he ran into Jake he went by ‘Shadow’, he introduced Blaze to many people, the most memorable person being Sherlock Suzuki. After getting close with Jake and Sherlock together they formed a gang together called Los Spetros, during this time together we made a lot of connections around the city, we made deals with Walter Melon at the time he was the leader of ESB (East Side Ballas) and connections with Triads and the up and coming Irish. During our 2nd month of running, Blaze and Tony ran into confrontation with Crimson Syndicates, both of our gangs rocked white and black and Crimson was not happy, that led to the end of Los Spetros, with East Side Ballas setting us up for a deal and Crimson rolled in and ploughed us down, at that point we knew it was the end. After Los Spetros we got offered places within Crimson but most of us didn’t take the deal, we all went our separate ways.




Blaze went solo in the city for a couple months, just doing the odd job now and again with friends. This is when Blaze ran into Jake’s brother Tony, he introduced Blaze to Paige West. Blaze, Paige, and Tony ran together for awhile doing crime, after some time Blaze went back to running solo and doing his own thing, but months later to regroup with Tony and Paige to find a gang called Tsukuyomi was formed and Paige was a part of it. Blaze never officially joined Tsukuyomi but he was a close friends to all of them and hung out in the area and went to meetings with them, after Tsukuyomi disbanded, Blaze once again went back to his solo venture but it didn’t last too long after running from the cops his whole life it all caught up with him when Blaze was chilling in his Jester on the side of the road and unexpectedly had cops roll up on him, looks like Blaze’s phone was left on and the cops found him. He ran for as long as he could but ended up with a 25-year prison sentence. 25 years is a very long time to be locked away.




Prison didn’t change Blaze, he didn’t learn from his mistakes instead he started making connections inside prison gathering intel and forming a gang within prison, so when Blaze got out he was set and ready to get back on two feet again. During his time in prison, he met people you will find he is hanging out with today, people such as Drake Hunter and Jay Mckay. During his long prison sentence, he ran into Jay twice and Blaze helped Jay out in prison, protected him and showed him how to survive. Blaze gave Jay a rundown on what Jay should do when he gets out of prison and that Jay works for Blaze and only Blaze. The second Jay left prison he started recruiting for Blaze and making connections, the second Blaze was out of prison Jay rolls up and tells Blaze the good news he’s got people who are willing to follow him, so they all met up and to Blaze’s surprise he did it, Blaze came out of prison to 10 people by his side. So, the gang life of Dawn was born. Dawn didn’t last too long as the gang was getting setup a new opportunity arose being Los Santos Royals, with Blaze’s good old friend Paige West and the guy who he met in Prison Drake Hunter, so Blaze brought in his topman Joey Murphy and Paige, Drake, Blaze and Joey sat down in Blaze’s apartment and discussed the details about Royals how it would run and what we will stand for. After many weeks of setting up the Royals were ready!





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