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  1. With a good days work and the colors too hot for the night the Royals decided to take a little break and hang out with each other, enjoying the company of one another. Whilst hanging out at one of their hangout spots they noticed they had not really used the massive chess board in the corner of their garden. With Ray and Drake stepping up to play they both instantly reset the pieces on the board and began to think about their first moves. With a firm handshake and a "good luck" from both sides, the game began. Drake, being white sided, instantly began playing mind games to test the waters with Ray. Preparing for the "Patzer Opening." Despite Ray making the exact moves needed for Drake to have the stronger start, Ray realized the opening that was being played and began to counter it. *Drake firmly holds his pawn at E2 and advances it two spaces to E4 *Ray pushes his King's pawn at E7 to E5 *Drake instantly raises his queen off the ground and places it at H5 *Ray plays his Queen side knight to C6 Drake now realizing Ray was a formidable opponent he began to focus solely on the game. With a striking attack Ray pushes his knight into Drakes territory, setting up a lethal fork. Drake being an experienced player saw the attack Ray was preparing and immediately countered it. Ray's plans now foiled he had to think up of another way to attack. This began a lethal back and forth of attacking and defending with both sides holding their own. With both sides having traded off a majority of their pieces the end game had officially begun. Despite Ray's lack of confidence in his endgame ability he confidently boasted "checkmate in three bro." This was an unsubstantiated claim and both Ray and Drake knew there was no checkmate to be found. Both sides battled on trading blows back and forth until Ray made a fateful mistake. The solid game played by both sides had now slipped through Ray's fingers once Drake found a lethal move when he moved his Queen to check Ray's King and also attack his undefended rook. Biting the bullet but still wanting to battle on Ray slid his King out of check preparing for the loss of his rook. Confidently, Drake looked away from the board for the first time in what seemed like hours and smiled at Ray despite him being unable to see the devilish grin under the mask. Patiently, Drake ignored the free rook that stood before him and instead positioned his Queen defended by his bishop next to Ray's King. With this fatal move, Ray was checkmated. The game concluded with Drake being the victor. In true Royals fashion, both men stepped around to the side of the board and shook hands, letting out, "Good game." Both mentally exhausted from the match, they relaxed in the beautiful garden and reminisced about fond memories.
  2. Hello, this is Raymond Edwards. I joined into the chase after approximately 10 minutes of it beginning. I finally caught up near the spot where the car stalled. I pulled in behind multiple of our cars with members of my crew holding the two people at gunpoint. I hopped out of my car and aided to the best of my ability with the robbery taking place. Considering the long duration of the chase and the erratic behavior of the people we were chasing I agree with others statements claiming that we had to conduct the robbery there. Furthermore, the number of members at the scene led me to believe that this robbery could be conducted quickly. The following clip shows the time prior to Easton Rich and I entering the active pursuit. Thank you Harveyyy and Philoop for reviewing this report. https://streamable.com/tr5n4f Kind regards, Raymond Edwards
  3. Player(s) being reported: ID 30 (Paragon Driver), Date of interaction reported: 7-16-21 Unix time stamp from HUD: Your character name: Raymond Edwards Other player(s) involved: John Robertson, Joshua Reese, Jack McRoy Specific rule(s) broken: 9. Non-Roleplay (NRP) Actions that are unrealistic or promote poor quality roleplay are considered as non-roleplay. How did the player break the rule(s)? (300 words maximum) During the chase, a suspected undercover PD in a Paragon R is seen ramming and trying to pit throughout the chase. This car is a 600k+ Sports car and just seemed VERY NONRP for a officer to be trying to do this in that car. 14:28 - First Ram 14:31 - Another slight ram (Could be desync on that one) 14:50 - Another attempt 15:30 - Another attempt 17:20 - Passenger in the cruiser opens fire at the vehicle, I do not know the rules behind this one seemed a little ODD but I could be wrong, just want clarification if they are allowed to open fire from the passenger seat on a moving vehicle on a public road way, Demands were shouted from the megaphone but I do not know if those are valid, In my opinion we are not a threat to anyone (Maybe public endangerment?) just tryna get away from a bank heist, so to me opening fire here seemed a little unwarranted. After the heist we were informed IC by some friends that apparently PD was setting up to comp a drop from another gang, but had to de route for the bank robbery. So I do not know if some officers were mad at that and maybe brought the anger to the heist, but this heist was unlike any other I have been apart of. Never saw officers act like this any other time, this whole chase was just iffy to me. Evidence of rule breach: https://youtu.be/w3mEAKIvwI0
  4. Hello, I'd like to begin by apologizing to Lance Sage, Jack Mickelson, and Peter Stanford for violating the rules and causing damage to roleplay. In this high stress situation I was focused on the escape and lost sight of the rules that are instilled to ensure high quality roleplay is happening. At first, I did not know that he had a gun on me but when I found out shortly after I continued to resist, violating the Fear RP rules. While on foot with a gun on me I should've listened to the officers commands and went on my knees. Regrettably. I panicked in this situation and failed to recognize the rules I was violating. Due to my appreciation of this server and the roleplay that occurs I am sincerely apologetic for the damage I caused to the experience of the other players involved. There is no defense for the actions I committed as they were in direct violation with the rules. This is my first offense and I promise to do better in the future. I will ensure that I follow the rules so that myself and other players can experience quality roleplay. Thank you, Raymond Edwards
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