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The Epsilon Program

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The Epsilon Program

Kifflom! The Epsilon Program is a religious group dedicated to converting non-believers and making Los Santos a more religious place. 



The Epsilon Program was originally started by the Great Cris Formage, who led the Epsilon Program to greatness. However, following his wrongful arrest for tax evasion, the Epsilon Program has been in steep decline. The Great Jesus has emerged from the shadows to take the helm of the program. Jesus was previously a high ranking Epsilon member, said to be a descendant of Kraff himself. Jesus intends to restore the Epsilon Program to restore the Epsilon Program former glory - and then some. To do so, The Noble Jesus has modernised the program in an attempt to push themselves away from their reputation as a cult. The Great Jesus intends for the program to become a full religion. To achieve this, the Wise Jesus has scrapped any and all fees. You can now join the Epsilon Program for free!


Dress Code

Wear white. It is the colour of purity.

Your car can be any colour.


How Do I Join You?

Check out our website: http://epsilonprogram.tk/



((OOC Section))

What can I expect?

Your standard crime faction roleplay with a sprinkle of extremist cult roleplay.


What are the entry requirements?

Due to the nature of the faction, a great ability for heavy roleplay. 

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