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Civilian Factions Treasury Taxing

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Date and time (provide timezone): 2021-06-17 11:40 UTC

Character name: Xoza Shadow

Issue/bug you are reporting: I have recently sent several player over 4 mil and found that most of it was taxed. Civilian faction payments go to salary or bank account based on online status.

  • Player Online = Goes into bank account.
  • Player Offline = Goes through salary at full taxing.

Expected Behavior: Transfers from civilian factions from what I understand have been going directly to the bank, most of the time and shouldn't be taxed like normal Gov taxing jobs.

With Civilian factions, the 'business account' is used for a ton of other things, more specifically for paying players back for making purchases for the company, paying players involved in work that has already been taxed for the overall job and many other ways.

Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate:

  1. Pay a player 1000 while online, they get 1000 in their bank account.
  2. Pay a player 1000 while offline, they get the 1000 in their salary.

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Here is a refund request that I made due to the taxing. I got sent 800k the first time which was taxed and sent into my salary and the second time when I was online I was sent 100k which went into my bank money. 


Refund request - 




 Time for the 100k transfer was around this time - t7Fy93D.png

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@Xoza code-wise it seems that all legal factions (including the civilian ones) are meant to pay people money into their salary, not directly into the their bank account while criminal factions are the only ones exempt from paying into salary because they are not legal. I will discuss this with our SA as civilian factions were never fully implemented or thought about.

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@Xoza I'll change the code of civilian faction so the funds sent to offline players go directly to their bank account instead of salary as we wouldn't want to penalize players and their roleplay initiatives. I think such a decision is fair considering that there's no proper tax system for civilian factions and because the faction does not receive any funds directly from the government and neither does it have any features that would allow it to import and sell items for profit.

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