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Change to material weight and stacking

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So as a lot of people have noticed over time, there has been 1 thing that every criminal does, and it is the Matryoshka (Russian nesting doll) way of stacking items.

The reason people do this is that drug materials are a very inconvenient thing to pick up in larger quantities and the effective way of doing it right now is to abuse the stacking mechanic, by filling up briefcases and placing them in bags. The materials don't weigh 1, so they do not change the weight of the briefcases, meaning that if there were enough slots, you could have 1 million worth of weight if a 5 volume bag.

To fix the issue, stop the stacking and make life a bit easier, I propose this:

  • Change the weight of all drug materials to 1 or 2. Having it at 0.5 would likely lead to the same stacking, just easier.
  • Allow for the stacking of drug materials, to align with literally every single other item in the game (you can stack drinks, food, ore, drugs, fish, etc.).

The pros

  • Will solve the painful stacking of material in briefcases in bags. People will still be able to do it, but it will be less efficient than just putting materials in a bag.
  • Will fix the weight issue with 0.5 items, as they will no longer be 0.5. Meaning that the briefcases will not act as a magic box of infinite storage.
  • Will allow for a smoother experience, which will require less drag and drop and more proper storage management. As you will be able to buy a full 50 inventory, place it in a bag and store the bag away.
  • The more limited amount of materials you can pick up in 1 go, will encourage people to work more with other people to get the materials, due to the limited space that they will likely have.

The cons

  • Might seem too easy to get a lot of materials in 1 go, but if the weight is set appropriately, people wont just be able to get infinite materials in a single go. (A regular person will have ~200 space when going to humane labs, which would be 100-200 materials)
  • Comment on anything else, cause I see this more as a QoL improvement than anything else.

In general, it will save people from the trouble of having to stack bags to make drug manufacturing more smooth. Will also stop the absolutely ridiculous way that people pick up imported materials.

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