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Inventory system overhaul

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As it stands now, all inventories are the same. You pockets' size is the same as your car's and your house's. It's unrealistic, boring, and to be honest it could be so much deeper and better. My suggestion might require a lot of work to be implemented, but it would make inventories so much more fun to work and roleplay with. 

PS: The figures I'll be stating here are but suggestions, if my idea was to be accepted, they can be changed to whatever suits the server best. 


New items' size:

Weapons: Handguns ought to be a 1 slot item

                 SMGs ought to be a 2 slot item

                 Rifles / Shotguns ought to be a 3 slot item

Narcotics: Drugs' max stack size should be 10 items per stack

                I was thinking of making it so that each type of drug has its specific max stack size since not all drugs weigh the same, but I think that would make it far too complicated. 


New Inventory Sizes:

Houses: Each house, depending on whether it's a small 1 garage-space house or a 4, should have an inventory that goes along with its size. 1 garage space should have a much smaller inventory than a 4 garage-space house. Or maybe make multiple possible stash locations in larger houses.

Character: The character's max inventory size should be very limited, in my opinion not exceeding 4 slots. 

Vehicles: Cars inventory should be accessible from the outside next to the trunk, which after pressing the "O" button is physically opened and the player is given access the car's inventory.

Motorcycles inventory can be accessed from anywhere close and off of the bike by pressing the same button. Players next to an open trunk may press the inventory button to access the vehicle's iventory view. Vehicle trunks have to be manually and physically closed again by the player by pressing the same button to open it. These actions ought to trigger an automatic /me describing whether the player opened or closed the trunk of their vehicle.

                     Bikes: 4-8  slots

                     Cars: 12-20 slots

                     Vans: 35-50 slots

                     Trucks: 100+ slots

PS:All vehicles except for motorcycles ( this also excludes 3 wheelers and quads ) have a small, inside inventory ( People usually RP this by referring to it as the glovebox ) that can be accessed as per usual. But this inside inventory ought to be very small and limited. 

New Inventory-Related Item: Briefcase

A portable, small briefcase that increases the player's inventory by 8 slots. This item will compensate for the old player's inventory being cut. It can be dropped and given to other players, making it enhance certain roleplay scenarios.

The briefcase's size taken ( in inventories such as houses and cars ) has to be bigger than the player's inventory size, avoiding the possibility of players hiding their briefcases in their pockets. So when bought, it is directly put into the player's hand. Buying more than 1 makes the player carry the 2+ briefcases as they would carry a big box or the wheat bags, and they have to put them in a trunk or drop them in order to free their hands (In inventories, briefcases ought to be unstackable). Commands related to the briefcase could be:

Pressing "O" while carrying a briefcase - Makes the player drop their briefcase

Pressing "O" while next to a briefcase - Makes the player pickup the nearest briefcase

Pressing "E" while next to a trunk - Stashes the briefcase into the vehicle's inventory. Vehicle's trunk needs to be open first.

Pressing "E" while next to a stash spot - Stashes the briefcase.

The player needs to have the briefcase equipped in order to check its content by pressing "I".

While carrying a briefcase, the player may use one-handed weapons with a slight penalty to accuracy. 2 handed weapons cannot be selected when the briefcase is equipped. All of these actions related to the briefcase should trigger an automatic "/me" that describes the action. (Opens the briefcase/ stashes the briefcase/ drops, etc... )

The briefcase should be very cheap, and obtainable from any convenience store. Different and more expensive variants of the briefcase can be implemented with ones that either carry more than the regular one, or that are protected by a code.  ( /lockbc XXXX )



New Cash Limit:(Not Necessary)

The maximum amount of cash the player can carry should be limited, and if the player needs to make a transaction that requires more than the set cap, they need a briefcase to transport their money in. In order to fill a briefcase with cash, players need to have one in their hand before withdrawing money from ATMs. Once the money is transferred into the briefcase, pressing I with the briefcase equipped will tell the player how much money the briefcase has. Depositing the money that's in the briefcase requires the same steps as withdrawing it.


If anyone has suggestions that could improve the idea, feel free to comment it and, if it gathers enough upvotes, I'll add it in the "edit" section of the post :) 


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+1 I like the idea as well. The concept with the cash limit, I find is really interesting as it adds more risk on carrying large quantities of cash, if it was a visual item. It could also produce more roleplay opportunities for criminals if they are purchasing expensive equipment  

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21 hours ago, Kay133 said:

+1 on all except the cash limit. But all in all, this suggestion is pretty good. I’d recommend the ability to buy a backpack. It would work similar as the briefcase. 

I did think about the backpack, but since it carries more than a briefcase, and it keeps both hands free am pretty sure everyone in LS will look like a hiker lol 

It would make the briefcase useless

17 hours ago, LancelotTheKing said:

+1 I like the idea as well. The concept with the cash limit, I find is really interesting as it adds more risk on carrying large quantities of cash, if it was a visual item. It could also produce more roleplay opportunities for criminals if they are purchasing expensive equipment  

Yes exactly :) 

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