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Sandy shores Gov Factions

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As we all know sandy shores and further north is usually just fuel truckers, would be nice to see a sheriffs department (small PD with different cars and run different),

maybe another Taxi company

Sandy shores mechanics (a little bit cheaper prices on mods and labour not enough to force people to drive up)

Medics I don't think so as they have a helicopter to get up north.

the government factions up north could be half the size of the current factions as not as much activity but to try encourage more RP up there, Loads of houses could be made available to buy near Trevor's house. 

a junk yard

a low end market

more jobs like quarry worker : could be delivering soil to the building sites around LS and sandy shores.


Any other ideas post in comments.

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I work at md and have been on and off since May last year as a medic. And trust me. MD is the thing thats mostly needed up There. Only high ranked MD Staff Can use a heli and most of the time they aren't avalable. The secound 1 call comes from up North we need to make a choice. "Do we risk going up There And save this person? " becuse if we are like maby 1 or 2 medics. If 1 medic is sent up North. 2 to 3 People Will die in Town if they get downed while the medic is out on the call due to the time it takes to drive There, Stabilize the patient And then the driving back. BUT due to the low amount of Staff thats at MD AND PD at this time. We dont have enough People to send up There. But i agree 


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Well if that's the case then keep the same departments but have outposts up north where you can go up and spawn an ambulance or police car or taxi or what ever your job is and stick to out of the city jobs, have different ranks so SStrainee etc for sandyshores trainee, something more up north is needed otherwise might aswell put a huge wall and limit the RP to the city :D

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