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How to fix the super-car issue.

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Before going into this, I want to say that this suggestion is based on some of the other community members ideas on what should change, and some of the backlash regarding yesterdays update.


A better way of fixing the super-car issue rather than removing them right away (I agree with wiping them from players, but not being able to be purchased again in the future):


  • Create stricter FearRP rules regarding vehicles. This will stop players from traveling at high speeds at all times, ramming into vehicles without caring about the damage of their own vehicles, etc.
  • Create stricter asset transfer rules; Currently, characters will transfer money to their government characters, no-one gets money handed to them in real life, so why would that happen in here, a realistic roleplay server.
  • Higher the price of super-cars, including purchasing the cars itself, modification prices, insurance costs, and more.


These are just some of the ways I think would help the super-car issue rather than removing them from Eclipse. 

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1 hour ago, Phil McGee said:

Just give everyone 1 character for 3 or 4 months and see what happens. If there is no alt to hand money over too it won't be an issue. Some people have 4 characters transfering money around to each other which to me seems nuts. 

I think the rules sounds better. That would be ridiculous to limit everyone to one character. Some people like to try different styles of RP, one can't be a cop on one and then a criminal on the same, that's just crazy.

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7 hours ago, Phil McGee said:

Thats my point , you either want to be legal or not.  The purest form of RP, one life.

The idea is that we're supposed to be role playing a character, who has their own unique story. RPing one character leaves everyone trying to make their one guy the head honcho. There is something liberating about RPing a homeless man and accepting consequences that are realistic for your character, for example. Not many do this as it is because they don't have the imagination yet but once it starts, it will be contagious.

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