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Diablos MC Los Santos

Diablos MC is an MC with great respect for the heritage and humble beginnings of all MCs, the foundations of the club are traditional and stay true to the rules of Motorcycle clubs.

Diablos are a legal MC and fund themselves through legal jobs and help each other to gain income within the bounds of the law, a lot of the members have since turned from their past in Illegal work or shady pasts and use the club as something to keep them focused on staying on the right track.

All members have a strong sense of brotherhood and comradery with loyalty to their colours and club.


History of Diablos MC

Diablos MC was founded by Charlie Rellet, His brother Ace Rellet and their good friend Ryan Robinson, the Clubs first Chapter opened inside Los Santos city itself in 2021.

Having a lot of experience within MCs from his father being the president of one of the largest back in his home town of London he managed to have a written set of rules and code of conduct in a few days, based loosely of what he had taught and his time as a SGT at Arms for his fathers club, he sat down with his brother and Ryan and decided on what this club would be about and how we would conduct ourselves.

Charlie, after a shady history with the law and having run previous MCs and crews around LS, he decided to start shooting straight, finding himself a job at DCC in which he met some very close friends who he felt close with, but didn't quiet meet the comradery he desired, after speaking with some like minded individuals he had begun to work with 9 members of what would be Diablos MC they quickly became something more then just individuals who rode on weekends together. They found a group of individuals who wanted something more and they quickly proved that they were just that.

A group of individuals who not only shared a love for bikes and riding together with those who quickly found they could consider each other brothers and wanted more then just to ride together on the weekends.

Soon after they had their first ride as just a social gathering of individuals taking a day off work they noticed the people of Los Santos also longed for a similar social circle of those who shared there love of bikes and brotherhood. After there first ride they had brought on two individuals who eagerly wanted to become a prospect of the club. This made think Charlie that this could become more than just a club that rides on the weekends for fun but a group who could hold true influence on the city and become a group of people recognized and respected among the city.


Ranks of Diablos MC


The President of a club is the person in charge of matters of relations between other clubs or crews and anything outside the club to do with businesses or other organizations, the president does not make decisions on his own however, as it is put to a vote but will often bring the decisions to vote on as a club.

He is also the main representative of the club and the face of the club, he is the person to go and meet with law enforcement or other clubs if needed and will be the person to be the voice of the members acting on their behalf for the betterment of the MC.


The Vice President or VP is acting president when the president cant make it or is not around, he needs to have a good idea of the wants and needs or the club and a similar mindset as the president, with a calm mind and a great understanding of the rules.

He is there to supervise the club and relay important information the president might have missed, the VP is the second in command underneath the president.


The SGT at Arms is the right hand of the President and VP and should do their utmost to uphold the clubs name and rules, he makes sure that everything that is needed to be done is carried out and done so efficiently and effectively as is desired by the President, he is also in charge of make sure events run smoothly on the ground.

The SGT should also make sure that any member of the club INCLUDING the president or VP in a way not supported by the club he should say so or bring it to peoples attention, he is the first line of defence in defending the clubs colours and should have unwavering loyalty to the club and its members.

He should be the one to report issues of members may have to the committee and also should have a keen eye to keep prospects in check making sure they are conducting themselves accordingly.


This person is to work closely with the SGT making sure the members of the club uphold the name of the club and not rules are broken by any member but does not have as many responsibility's as the SGT



The Road Captain is simply in charge or organising routes for long rides and runs with the club and rides at the front of the club along with the president, he must have close relations with the Committee relaying any information or potential problems they may face on a run or alternate routes they can take.


The Secretary is responsible for keeping all of the club records, written reports and correspondence between outside organizations. He calls role at the committee meetings and takes notes on each meeting. He is also responsible to notify any members of special meeting times and dates other than the normally scheduled meetings. The Secretary is in charge of telling any members of an election or appointment if it was made while they were not present at a meeting. He maintains the constitution of the club noting any changes to it and handles all written club correspondence.


The Treasurer is responsible for the financial records and documents concerning businesses and property's of the club, Also responsible for recording or any taking of the club and tracking which members have paid their weekly fees to the club

He is also assist in the management of the accounts of the club, working closely with the Secretary.


A member of the club has likely undergone their prospect period and earned their full patches to become and full member of the MC.


A Prospect of the MC is a person who wants to join the club but has yet to prove themselves and show their character to other members of the MC, They are not generally allowed in meetings or able to cast a vote.

They will often be asked to perform medial tasks for the club as a show of loyalty to the MC and willingness to join and may have to endure some sorts of "Initiation" into the ranks of the club, The prospect may not wear the clubs full colours until it is earned.

Prospects will be voted into the club by all members at a meeting after the period of X amount of weeks or months and can be extended if the individual has not done enough or people are yet to meet the individual enough.

This period is not an excuse to treat the member poorly but the individual should show their willingness and want to join the club and should not be gain easily.


Current Status

Diablos MC currently operating out of the city with a temporary a club house looking to expand to a larger premises soon, They are gaining new members rapidly and had established a mutual respect with the Lost MC and although not working together directly the respect for fellow MCs is there.

Weekly meetings are held and they will show up to events together showing their colours and gaining notoriety around the city, They plan on meeting with other organization gaining the mutual respect and trust, Most members already have stable income and jobs.


What the future holds

  • Become officially recognised by the city
  • Establish trust with the law enforcement and the other factions around the city
  • Obtain a larger club house for the MC
  • Have a total roster comprising of 30 members
  • Fill all positions of leadership within the club


Rules of Club [OOC]

Have a great understanding of ALL rules on the server and follow them at all times.

Be an active part of our community in and out of game.

Must have no previous admin punishment for no less than 60 days prior to your last punishment.

Must have good RP reasons for joining the club and character must be well suited for the club.


Joining Diablos MC

Read the OOC expectations of all of our members and find/speak to us STRICTLY ICly, any attempt to contact us OOC will be declined we want to enforce good RP standards and expect you to interact with us IC to join the club.











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Misconceptions about Motorcycle clubs

Often met by "Which gang are you?" or "Fuck lets get out of here" as we pull into a gas station is something that really makes me upset when I have me brothers behind me and colours on my back.

Motorcycle clubs or MCs are often called Motorcycle "Gangs" and in fact its more common than not that MCs are totally legal and often have little or no work outside the law, Either way MCs are formed from the love of bikes and a band of people that share the same interest and enjoy the open road.

Although it is well known often members of MCs have a dark past or even served in the military, People who join MCs often join because they miss the adrenaline and brotherhood their past lives may have brought them and like a hard drug the feeling of riding side by side with some of you're best friends at over 140kmh you know you're one mistake away from meeting death.

Nothing beats this feeling and weather you're and Ex convict or a taxi driver when you wear that patch you know the people around you will do anything for you and that's what makes a true MC stand out from the rest.

Not every MCs or its members commit crime and certainly did not start out that way, Yes we are likely "The people you're mother warned you about" but treat us with respect and you will see it returned, I've been in the saddle of a motorbike since before I could walk and bikers are some of the most down to earth people ive had the pleasure of meeting and you can be sure they are not short of a story or two.

Even in the eyes of police officers it can seem intimidating seeing 15-20 Motorbikes taking over the highway and often even the police can jump to assumptions when in actual fact some one people sitting on the back of that Zombie bobber is Ex police officer seeking that brotherhood he so misses.

Charlie Rellet, Diablos MC, President.

DFFD, Diablos forever, forever Diablos.


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A night with the Lost

The feeling of riding in perfect formation at the front of 35+ roaring bikes cant be explained or described but the euphoria and adrenaline of being elbow to elbow and fender to fender requires skill and trust in all your brothers. 


The Lost MC might stand on the other side of the law in some ways however the passion for choppers and motorcycles stays the same, welcomed to stab city with open arms on a warm thursday evening, we shared many drinks and names exchanged whilst admiring each other's bikes.


 After introductions were over, the ride began and with Charlie and Lucifer at the front I rode shoulder to shoulder with some people I had never met before in a formation that stretched down the highway as far as the eye can see. 


After some more drinking, dancing and loud music, we took our final journey with the Lost offering to escort us back down south, eventually reaching the pier, where many looked on in awe.



Ace Rellet





Diablos forever, Forever Diablos




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Journal Entry, Charlie Rellet.

10th of April 2021

The persecution of my club continues...
After all the bad things I’ve done in my life, none of which I’m proud of, I never thought it would be so hard for people to believe that a legal MC is possible.

It makes me sad to the core that we are getting stopped by the police and searched because of the vehicles we are driving and the bits of cloth over our face.

Yesterday an officer said “He just does not believe and has never seen a legal MC,  let me search you and you’re bikes and if you have nothing on you, I will be shocked” we let him search away, all I want for my club and it’s members to not be branded with a term such as “gangster” or “part of a motorcycle gang”.

Today my boss Steve OConnor called me into his office, after applying for AM I thought it could be that but as I entered and saw no one else there I quickly understood what this was about.

His requests were fully within reason however I know that... again... from past experiences he was hesitant and I know he knows what my past was like, however I hope to smash this stereotype.

I will stop at nothing, as long as I breath and am the President of Diablos MC, I will change the misconception of officers and people of Los Santos.



Charlie Rellet




Diablos forever, Forever Diablos

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The Story of Ryan "Happy" Robinson - Part 1


Ryan was born 2nd, July, 1998 in London. Raised by a single mother, as his father had left before he was born. He was often forced to move houses often so that his mother could find new work around the city. When Ryan was 13 he met the younger Rellet brother, Ace, from a mutual friend. Quickly becoming very good friends because of their similar personalities. After a while of friendship, Ace brought Happy to meet his family. Ace had introduced Ryan to his older brother, Charlie Rellet and their Father, Who at the time was the President of one of the largest Motorcycle Clubs in the U.K. 


When Ryan was 16, his mother died in a car crash. Devastated but always resolute and kept a positive outlook on life, as his mother would always tell him to. Charlie, the older Rellet brother gave him the nickname Happy, something he holds dear to him. Now the Rellet brothers and Ryan's friendship had never been stronger, the trio saw each other as brothers, As they both shared the tragedy of losing their mothers. Ryan was thrown out into the wide world after his mothers passing. Not knowing where to turn. Ryan was fortunate as Charlie’s and Ace’s father offered him a place to stay and a chance of prospecting at his MC. Ryan was thrown into a life of brotherhood, he hadn't seen the inside of the club house or met other members. But he quickly fell in love with it.


He learnt that the Rellets brothers father was a cold and hard man, never having time for his sons. Often distrusting the younger son Ace with club duties and overworking Charlie. Charlie by this time was already a Sgt At Arms of the club. Ryan was patched as a member into the MC on his 18th birthday. Ryan had got himself hooked onto gambling after him and Ace went to a casino for Ryan’s 18th birthday. After a year of a gambling addiction, Ryan had gotten himself into debt with loan business’ and some other dodgy characters. He was ejected out of the MC by the Rellets father. The MC had no business with members who put the MC second and were trading with blacklisted peoples and gangs.


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A flash of white and black a police vehicle swerved across the road in front of the pack of 7 bikes, in a second the officer was ejected from the windscreen and lying motionless on the floor.


I'm sure when the officer opened his eyes after the crash, it was sheer panic, 6 men clad in leather and yellow bandanas, in his mind he must have thought this was the end. Bloodied, bruised and with broken limbs he still tried to reach for his gun…


The surprise on his face when Kopi knelt down and started giving him life saving first aid...


It's a shame that people in MC’s get stigmatised, but Diablos MC are determined to change the perception of the people of Los Santos.


Ryan “Happy” Robinson





 Diablos Forever, Forever Diablos

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Kopi Crozen Diablos MC


When most people see someone wearing leather with a bandana covering their face flying down the highway in formation with a group of other individuals the first place their mind goes is "Criminal", Kopi Crozen couldn't be further then that an honest hard working man who had only been behind bars once for letting a minor speeding violation slide a few days too long. Just a run of the mill cab driver for DCC his life began to seem meaningless and mundane everyday the same as the last. Get up drive to work shuttle people around Los Santos clock out, and maybe spend some time at the poker table or a speedy drive up to Paleto to gaze out at the ocean and wonder what else this life could offer him.

Unknown to him DCC would soon hire someone who he would quickly consider a close friend Charlie Rellet. From the moment they met it was like old friends catching up. Immediately cracking jokes and swapping stories about what life was like since they had moved to the city. While Charlies past was much more checkered than Kopis it wasn't something he concerned himself with as he understood everyone can make a change for the better and turn their life around. Life changed the day Charlie approached him and asked him if he would have any interest in joining an MC that he was starting. Assured this would be 100% legit from the ground up with no funny business Kopi jumped at the chance to have something more in his life. Attending his first meeting with the first nine members of the club.

He instantly knew this was something he would throw himself into. Noticing they way the other men in the club immediately took formation in the street as if they had ridden together for years. It was sealed Kopi wanted to be a Diablos and commit himself as much as he could. The sense of pride that washed over him after that ride as Charlie handed him his patch was the exact feeling he had sought for ages. After the end of the ride and meeting he arrived home sitting on his balcony swirling a glass of whiskey thinking "Diablos forever forever Diablos. With the guidance of Charlie and the unity already felt among the group he knew this would go far.





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