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Get Rid of Tollbooths

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Here are three reasons why:

There is no RP associated with the tolls. If you try do RP like "/me would pick up my credit from my wallet and place it upon the scanner" and the tollbooth operator could go "/do The payment is accepted and the bar opens, a small screen wishes you a good day!" you pile up 30 cars behind you, you might even get angry comments OOCly about ((HURRY THE **** UP MAAAN, NOT GOT ALL DAY!!)). I have actually been robbed while trying to RP with a tollbooth operator because it took too long. Even if you try RP it is going to be some very repetitive RP which is not fun at all.

The pay for the job is also among the worst. You get no money if people skip the tolls. From my experience about 2/3 of vehicle's skip the tolls, that means you only generate about 1/3 of what could be your salary. SD literally needs to place down a stationary unit for people not to skip the tolls, and even so, if the cruiser is pointing in the opposite direction of the travel the skipper is going, they might still try and evade.
Second: Accessibility to the tollbooth is horrible, you must either take a taxi or your own car to get there. For new players, that is not possible. Which means they might spend a lot of resources to get to the tollbooth, only to discover, that the job is terrible pay and have to spent more resources leaving the area again to find an actual paying job. For the Braddocks tollbooth you are litterally on your own. At the Great Ocean Highway tollbooth you at least have one other tollbooth operator to talk to. This makes this job being a job you do while watching netflix, only interrupted by the few people passing by saying "hello".

We have all seen how busses, money transporters, postal vehicle, box trucks and all other vehicles can quickly cause a massive traffic jam at the tollbooth. Mechanics and SD are sending tow-trucks to the tollbooth all the time during peak hours. Again there is potential for some great RP for crashed vehicles, but the pressure you feel to get the booth opened as soon as possible limits the RP interactions.

And the cycle continues.

I hope Eclipse Server management will review the tollbooth, their effectiveness and most importantly the RP that it brings to the server. From my experience as being a part of SD the tollbooths are nothing but a major headache.

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2 hours ago, Subtogger said:

IF people want to roleplay.

But the thing is, people do not want to RP at the tollbooth.

Can you flesh out your ideas more? I am interested in hearing your thoughts 🙂

People also don't want to RP at money trucking, bus driving, postal services etc etc, so should we get rid of them all?

Sometimes the toll booth operators do RP a bit, and it's also nice having to pass by an actual human even if all you say is hello.

A potential pay benefit like a small hourly rate to account for the free work vehicles would be good.

Eventually the buses will die down soon and traffic won't be so bad.

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-1 for removing them.

+1 for adjusting them so people would skip less and have a bigger incentive to RP.

15 hours ago, freshprinceIE said:

Eventually the buses will die down soon and traffic won't be so bad.

As for this, I don't think this will happen soon. The bus routes could also get a bit of adjustments so more RP is involved, especially in Paleto where you've got convoys of 10 busses every now and then.

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On 3/31/2021 at 2:00 PM, IAmTurtle said:

+/- I think toll booths have good potential if people want to roleplay. 

I also think there can be ways to make it less likely for people to skip. Like making the charge higher or give jail time. Also increasing the pay would not hurt.

this is a good idea. I realy like the toll booth but it does have some problems if they could just fix those problems. maybe make an eazy pass type of thing where you get charged after.or make it so you can use the toggle booth command to close it faster


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+1 Remove tollbooths, all they cause is a huge stopage in rp, either an admin is called bc a car is glitched or cars and buses have the tollbooth clogged up.

Also I had to wait for like 5 mins for a worker to open the tollbooth bc they were a new player, and some people just don't read instructions.


Have had multiple times where no one was working at tollbooth and a car selected the tollbooth job and opened it himself and drove off

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There can be some good RP at toll booths. However, there is constantly work vehicles passing by which allows civilians to skip the toll. 

A way of improving the pay for Toll workers would be to give them a small amount every time a work vehicle passes through. Like $100. That way the workers would still make money even if people are skipping through.

I'm not sure how possible this would be but a good way of stopping people from skipping the toll would be to introduce cameras at the Tolls which work like speed cameras except they capture your registration plate if you skip the Toll. 

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