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  1. IF people want to roleplay. But the thing is, people do not want to RP at the tollbooth. Can you flesh out your ideas more? I am interested in hearing your thoughts
  2. A video example of why tollbooths are bad. People are impatient and do not even want to RP there.
  3. REMOVE THE TOLLBOOTHS. Here are three reasons why: NO RP There is no RP associated with the tolls. If you try do RP like "/me would pick up my credit from my wallet and place it upon the scanner" and the tollbooth operator could go "/do The payment is accepted and the bar opens, a small screen wishes you a good day!" you pile up 30 cars behind you, you might even get angry comments OOCly about ((HURRY THE **** UP MAAAN, NOT GOT ALL DAY!!)). I have actually been robbed while trying to RP with a tollbooth operator because it took too long. Even if you try RP it is going to be some ve
  4. Date and time (provide timezone): 15.00 (CEST) Character name: Andrew_Fergusson Issue/bug you are reporting: Cannot drop-off bodies at drop-off point in Paleto Bay Expected behavior: Earn money from delivered body. Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate: None as of this time. Will edit if I get another request. Edit: Administrator MarcoD has witnessed the issue. Vehicle license plate number*: XDU0PT0H
  5. Greetings mods and Admins! I am replying to this report as I am ID 309 Kasper Hansen. I am uploading my POV for the incident to support the reporting party's case. My POV can be found here: I will not reply to this thread anymore unless requested by Server Staff.
  6. 1): True. However, with proper training and good faction communication this is not a huge issue. 2): As a previous poster mentioned, you are not allowed to do crime while on faction duty. 3): I'll make sure to post a video next time I am absolute inches from being injured (or worse) next time I am on tow-truck duty. Looking forward to see what will happen to this suggestion
  7. If the car that hits you has enough speed it can injure and potentially kill you. Would we do the same in the real world? Leave road maintenace without protection?
  8. Why not? They run the same risk as PD and SD. Are you afraid some will forget to remove the barricades? I am sure LSC and Bayview can make the proper training for it. Thank you for the support!
  9. Often when I am given a towing duty I find myself exposed to the mercy of people on the highway. There is a high risk of me being hit by a car which is hitting the car I am attempting to tow, thus injuring or potentially killing me. I feels NRP to be attempting to tow a car in the middle of the road with no protection whatsoever. The ability to deploy barricades and cone would extend the RP in the area and give a more realistic setting of road maintenace. I am sure every mechanic out there can agree with me. I hope you'll receive this suggestion positively. Should be a small tas
  10. A great place to work. Pick your shift when you want. Exciting duties. Professional colleagues. Relaxed environment.
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