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Ritchie Stones

cars, and mods

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i wonder why eclipse dont import other vehicles from aswell gta5 and also modified fan art created vehicles over the internet for mods in gta, 
since ecplise is already a game on its own now,
i feel as if its would mean no harm, also eclipse has developers of its own so you could limit speed and certain things on the vehicles even slightly modifie them(brands/logo's)
nd many of those mod cars on the internet are for free use.
im just genualy wondering. 🙂

ps i know nothing about programming but how dope would these cars or even items be in eclipse





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+1 to adding more cars and allowing players to add logos/brands to vehicles and clothing.

-1 to adding nonGTA/custom/mod vehicles, especially if they don't follow lore or aesthetics that follow the game. Just like @JakeInnit_ referenced. (more reasons listed below.

  • They're more assets to download.
  • They break easier.
  • They look out of place.
  • They don't follow lore (if they are real world vehicles).
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