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American Muscle Club

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It was an average sunny day in Los Santos when Sonny called his two friends to meet him at the old factory next to the Scrapyard. Freddie and Holden both agreed and arrived in no time - each of them driving an American Muscle car. When looking at each other’s cars they all got an idea. Almost at once they began to discuss how the club was going to work, together they founded “American Muscle Club”. They talked at the factory and found that they all had equal love for muscle cars. The thought of this put a smile on Holden and Freddie’s faces as they both nodded in agreement. With their previous experience as a club, Sonny knew that they would succeed in making an American Muscle Car here in Los Santos.

As the days passed by, Freddie eventually called Sonny to meet some of his previously found friends who he knew would contribute lots towards the Club. They set up a time and place and went to meet each other. To Sonny’s surprise they all showed up with muscle cars.


After talking with the newly made club members, one of them stood out to him. Sonny could tell that Kieran was a natural leader and almost instantly promoted him to “Enforcer” this gave Kieran the role of recruiting new people which he instantly engaged with, recruiting 1 new member on the same day as he was promoted.



 They talked about where to do races, and Freddie came with an idea to do just Drag Races. So we started to look for places where we can do that for now just for fun. And the locations were found after searching for a while. The airport in Los Santos and Airport in Sandy Shores were perfect for some drag muscle racing. 


After having some fun, they headed to the bank to get some hard working salary. In all the deals they made, one was agreed, that we will try to stay out of trouble, and work as ordinary people and race as professional drivers. 







The responsibility of the Club President is to overview the management and administrative operation of the club and to provide leadership and support to all its members. 


Vice President 

The Vice President is the second man in the leadership. He will take all the action of President if he is not available 

Sgt. of Muscle

He is the third guy in the club and very loyal to the President, with big trust. He is in charge of the security of club meetings and will always stand by the President left side. 


The Secretary will be in charge of leading finances and management of the club, advice the President in future purchases. 


Enforcer is in charge of the new recruits and teaching them how the club works. His main task will be looking for new possible Muscles. 

Real Muscle

Is a official member of the club, who will participate in races and will be in front line to race. Before they can get to the President and higher command. They will accept challenges. 



Is an unofficial member of the club, who will need to show his loyalty and engine power of his car. 


  1. Try and make a name of ourselves around Los Santos
  2. Try to make friendly connections with all major factions illegal and legal ( as we are not a gang) 
  3. Try to gain at least 10 Real Muscles
  4. Try to hit the treasury up to 1.000.000$
  5. Try to connect with other racing club and make deal that will bring benefit for all of us
  6. Try to get in the new Car Magazine 
  7. Try to make a car show for Muscle cars
  8. Try to gain 20 Real Muscles
  9. Try to get a sponsorship for a future events
  10. Try to get a property or a clubhouse for future plannings
  11. Try to get official status around Los Santos, as wide known car club






*minimum of 5000 experience points 

* Must show good roleplay abilities 

*Must act mature and respect everybody on the server (no OOC insults) 

*Must show no admin punishment in the last 15 days


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The President 


Vice President

Ryan Petford

Sgt. of Muscle

Freddie West 


Kieran Forrester 

Road Captain of Muscle 

Cameron Sant

Real Muscle 

Jamie Ramsey 

Josh Mercer 

KJ Schofield

Sam Deemo


Charles Kajinski

Andy Mason

Diego Lionetti


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17 minutes ago, Pegasus_ said:

Should maybe choose another name that isn't so similar and with the same acronym as an already official faction.

Good idea, btw i never wanted to use LSMC as a short but yeap i will change it tomorrow 😇

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Meeting with Johnny Dejigalo 

On a usual day, fishing day, as we have as a club a relax day from all that driving and speeding and burning tires, Sonny and Kieran were talking about old badass muscle cars. They were talking about the Gauntlet Classic, Clique, Tulip, Ellie , Rapid GT Classic etc. 


Ryan then still recruit, called Ken that there is maxed Gauntlet Classic for 170k  at the HE, Ken smiled and said "Yeah okey maybe next time". Sonny asked him how much he has and that the club will help him. They rushed to the bank transfer the money while Ryan was sitting in the car at the High End Market, pretending to check the specifications and engine oil. Still at the market Sonny got an interesting text on his phone from unkown number saying that he wants to meet and that he is from MIDNIGHT CLUB. Sonny remembered that he met before Richard at LSC , and Akio also texted him but they were never in town in the same time. Sonny asked if Johnny is free at the right moment and to meet at LS airport, parking lot next to City Bee, Johnny with a fast reply that he is on his way. The club rushed there to have this so long meeting at least with someone from the MIDNIGHT CLUB.  They introduced themselves and started to get to know each other. Sonny explained some things from the Muscle Club. Johnny that friendly nice persona, was talking about his Club, and of course the goal of the meeting was completed, we got our name between them, and they got their name between us. Races will be for sure. With a smile and a handshake they said goodbye, we will meet at the tracks. 


After the meeting the club when to race or try the new track that Sonny showed them. Under the Palomino Highhills, there is a road with few specific spicy turns. Sonny told them that this is different form Drag Racing, and it will be more difficult to do it, but where is the fun without the danger.  After going one by one, they made a deal to race 4 of them without betting , just a friendly club race. And THIS IS WHAT HAPPEN WHEN YOU SAY NO FRIENDLY RULES. 


But nevertheless the race was fun, nobody got injured , and the car was able to roll slowly to her hospital at LSC for some repairs of everything. 

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Something about "US" racing.

Our new Road Captain, organized our first more official race, where more people came than before, we are starting to make new friends and everybody is the club is excited about it. It was at our standard drag location the Sandy Shores Airfield. We had nice run so far, the guys are pretty excited and the Pres is happy about the atmosphere in the club. We upgraded our cars, we started with some Sabres and Dukes, but we grow and upgraded in Gauntlet Classic, Deviant, Tulip, Vamos. Sonny was pretty happy about his family.  Here are some pictures about US draging with some new faces, new friends. We hope that all of them were satisfied and had fun doing that. 





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We won't speak a lot of our actions, because there is no words of how glad we are that people of  Los Santos are coming around and having fun, more and more. Every race is better then the one before. We even manage to make it legal race as the Sheriff department have no problem with it, if we just ask them nicely. I won't write a long story, see by yourself thru the pictures and our first VIDEO. 








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