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Poker ongoing issues.

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Hello, today I manage to loose more than 16k on poker due to the ongoing issues with the poker system.

As you can see in the screenshot below I haven't received anything in that hand while I had the same cards as the person that Won 32k.

Both of us had two pairs but he won and I didn't.

Now please can you return the money that I lost as in normal circumstances of poker.. this wouldm't happen.

You have to dedicate a good 2 hours to make 16k in real life on eclipse by working.

Thank you.



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54 minutes ago, Heisenberg65 said:

He got A&K means the kicker is K, you got K&A, means the kicker is A, so in this case he has the higher cards

There is no suit ranking in hold 'em (and the table does not abide by any type of suit ranking). Also, the order of the two cards in your hand makes no difference...kicker just refers to the cards that are outside of the scope of your maximum hand. As the OP has cash still remaining then, according to the table rules, he should have split the secondary pot or $32,025, so he was owed $16,012


I think the correct route to go with this would be to create a refund request (under Transfer & Refund request section), however as your losses of 16k did not meet the 25k threshold I can't imagine it being accepted. 

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