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Trucker job needs rework

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so currently trucker job works whit player orders if orders place you can get a free truck and do the delivery. 
but the problem is you don't pay for the truck and you don't need to refuel it. and is not fair for players own a truck and is get abused a lot by gas station owners 60000 loads make you around 50 minutes (IRL) and payment is only 1k. and if you really own a truck you 100% you will not take that order because you pay for your fule gas and is a high chance someone steals your truck .but when new players take it or people never have done this job take it. because they don't have the experience so if you have a truck and you take 80000 loads for 1k and is take your time for 1 hour and you pay 600 for refueling you truck next time you will leave the order to gas station owner do it himself or change the payment .
i saw players just take these red trucks and use it for free ride vehicles. and when you ask them they tell you we are waiting for order to be placed. or some times they try to ram you.
and you don't make any extra payment if you use your own truck.
and if you look at the government jobs all  of them have access to unlimited loot and materials and if not have unlimited materials like (butcher, mining, ) you need to have a bag, knife, vehicle, pickaxe, and you need to have it or buy it. NOT FREE 

Different solutions can help 

1. you will not able to do the orders if you not own a truck (only truck owners)

2.you will be able to do the orders if you not own a truck but you need to in the start pay 8k (3k truck rent + 5k for returning the truck)and if you do not return your truck you will not get the 5k back

3.it does not matter if you own a truck or not. but if you using your own truck every delivery government pay you 1k(can be between 1k to 3k) bonus for saving government resource 



what you think !?

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The problem is the truckers are unwittingly taking jobs they should never even consider taking.  If the jobs included estimated time for completion (including travel time) I doubt most people would even consider most of these trucker jobs at $1k per 20-40 minutes when you can easily make 2-3x just doing the other freelance jobs (that is unless they really like trucking or for RP purposes).  In order to make trucking job even useful there probably needs to be NPC shipments in addition to PC shipments and the NPC ones should be priced to be competitive (or just less than this so PC jobs can charge the "correct" amount) with other freelance jobs in hourly pay.

This topic tends to come up a lot in suggestions, but I don't think it's really on the devs radar at all.  Unfortunately for new players they will continue to do this awful job without realizing how bad it is.

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3 hours ago, IAmTurtle said:

-1 There is a bug with gas deliveries. It has been reported on and will get fixed

also people should not have to own a truck to it being a freelance job

butcher mining are freelance jobs is they give you free vehicles or free knife or pickaxe or crates ,bags????? 

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