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Old character lost

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I gave the 'Search' a try but I couldn't find anything similar to this but it can't be unheard of. I used to play back in 2018 & I had two characters. The names were Miguel_Raza & Miguel_Roza. However today I sign in & I do not find them. Was there a mass restart or such? 




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Date and time (provide timezone): GMT +1

Character name: Miguel_Raza & Miguel_Roza

Issue/bug you are reporting: Missing/Lost Characters

Expected behavior:  I would just want my characters back ideally. I don't like that I might've bought something with credits with _Raza as well. If all was okay and it was just lost, I would appreciate a compensation of the losses I suffered.

Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate: Don't know what I can find regarding evidence. I might have a picture there & here with a bike & car I owned.


Seems like a long shot 😕

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9 hours ago, Osvaldon said:

@Mika_Roza a common mistake is that people make a second account and log into the wrong one, please make sure you're logging into the correct one.

Thank you for this and I am curious to try. However I only remember making one e-mail. This forum account I assume would be the same e-mail. Would it be possible to receive the email address that Miguel_Roza & Miguel_Raza is registered on?

- I am unable to think what possibly could be the e-mail address as I only mainly use one and another one. It says that the account is not found when I try sign in from Panel.

- I will check if I can login with the character name Miguel_Raza but I doubt it. (Obviously unsuccessful)

I checked my e-mails to see that I signed up my forum account through my main current e-mail. I tried to sign ingame with that e-mail and it's saying 'Account Not Found' 

Ingame I log in with Mika_Roza(And I know email). Which is the same as my forum account tied to my main e-mail. I didn't create this account recently. So I don't know what e-mail is assigned to Miguel_Raza & Miguel_Roza. I'm very confused. 


I believe the account which I signed up using an e-mail I'm aware of has been deleted. I've been inactive since August 2018 .. Any help? :c

---- Is there someone I can speak with through discord maybe? Try help him find something idk but Id pay something haha id appreciate at least

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