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Atlas Industries

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Our Story - From the Garage to the Boardroom

Atlas Industries (AI), headquartered in Rockford Hills, was founded in January of 2020 when three long-time friends and colleagues set-out to prove they could make their mark on the Business world. Jabar Williams, Joel Weatherby and Tyrone Cox worked alongside each other at Bayview Mechanics for years, where they were able to build their reputation in the local community as trustworthy and respectable citizens of Los Santos. As Mechanics, they brushed shoulders with the cities Elite on a daily basis, which aided them in garnering valuable connections for the future.

When the New Year was ushered in, they couldn't help but feel the need to pursue something bigger. Each of them brought unique talents and personalities to the table, which was an invaluable asset when they founded AI. It wasn't long before they made their first business acquisition, by winning the auction of a loan company. They purchased International Online Unlimited (IOU) from respected businessman Bob Beans and took their first steps into the Business World. IOU is currently one of the most active loan companies operating in Los Santos, from it's Headquarters in Rockford Hills. Since taking over the company, AI has managed to more than triple the previous quarterly earnings.

After bringing great success to this venture, AI decided to pursue the acquisition of a gun store to help bring in further profitability while at the same time, diversifying their portfolio further. After months of negotiation they were able to secure a deal with the owner of the gun store closest to their headquarters, which lead to the acquisition and inception of Guns "Я" Us (GRU).

Atlas Industries is always looking for opportunities to expand it's Horizons, all the while striving to bring our clients a level of service never seen before in Los Santos.

Our Board


Our Subsidiaries


International Online Unlimited - Helping you buy what you can't afford



Guns "Я" Us - Because even Adults need Toys


Our Goals

  • Increase business activity in the Rockford Hills locale
  • Energize stagnant markets
  • Increase quarterly earnings
  • Further diversify our holdings


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Atlas Industries - Mapping a Brighter Future

At Atlas Industries, we believe every solution must be tailor made, much like the loans and financial planning advice of International Online Unlimited. To that end, we embarked on a complete interior redesign of the IOU office. In partnership with Hayley Swan @majesticsimmer, we proudly present IOU's new office. No cost should be spared when making a lasting first impression.





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